I do hope you will enjoy this series as much as I have. Everytime I think I know it all, something new comes along, but that is what we are here to do, learn, experience, understand and create a better world. Although I don’t agree with everything in this series of videos, I have to admit that it has given me a lot to think about, a lot to reconsider about my current beliefs and it’s made me stop in my tracks and start untangling the whole idea of how I see my reality.


  1. Both sites are the same person, same energy & still stalking. Notice the obvious change in color, background and font…Pathetic as she writes to herself as she professes to be a “group of people” too much. Ignore this person, she needs professional help and or medication for OCD. She will move on and find a new person and start over again, that’s what they do.

    I am sorry you have to deal with this type of person and chaotic energy. Keep a log of IP addresses, etc. for your proof of stalking/harassment/slander. Look at old emails for headers and IP’s for your records. Keep a file of all of it with copies of both her sites. You may want to contact her local police department, file a complaint. No doubt there are complaints on file from others, this is not “new’ behavior.



    • That was my mistake last time. I deleted everything that had negative energy in it, I never keep records of anything Terry because I don’t lie about anything so there is no need to keep anything, but from now on I am going to be watching. I have contacted my cousin at Interpol and he is on it too. He can’t do anything but he can give me the person behind the IP address and I can take further action.


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