David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake Bailey, still going strong.

The links below are just a few, some dating back as far as 2014 that you can check out yourself. I think I posted the video below once before, but I didn’t post these links to my older posts to show that everything I wrote about a few years back, is now in the open as being false/fake/disinformation.

I don’t have time to research much anymore, and even way back then, research is not my strong point because I’m not a political analyst, simply feeling truth or lies with energy.

I totally agree with Clif High only because I said years ago what he’s saying now though he uses different methods to research and prove his point.
Clif says something that really resonates with me and something that I have been writing about for years. THERE IS NO SAVIOR. Nobody is going to hand out cash and make this world a better one because cash or loads of money for everyone is not our problem.

So we all get a huge bag of cash tomorrow. Let’s just assume each human being receives $2 Million dollars into their bank account or cash. Ok, great, now what? The only thing money will change is that we may no longer have homeless people, no beggars, more food production because more people are buying it, more manufacturing, but that’s about it folks. The madness continues, this was my logic years ago when the Nesara crap came out and the dollar revaluation schemes were going on and still going on. Money is not our issue. Money is our GOD. Without it we starve, the only thing money will do is keep our bellies full but they will still continue to do what they have in plan for us.

You don’t need to read through the posts, I have  just set them here to show you that I have known about these folks long time ago, it’s the FEELING I feel when listening to them or reading about them. It doesn’t take an intelligent human to figure them out. It’s really about what you WANT to hear. If it sounds good, you can either accept it as truth or not, but you need to do some critical thinking and ask yourself what their motive is. Now, after all these years, we know these guys are full of crap because they have been claiming to have sources, intel, deep state connections yet nothing happens.

What are these guys still in this business of deception and how come the rest haven’t figure them out yet? Probably because they so badly want to believe that good things are coming. Wilcock has been talking about mass arrests for years, where are they? It’s time to shut these guys down and get them out of our faces and lives, they do no service to humanity.



What is Jordan Maxwell’s Rose in The New World Order Rollout?


During this morning’s infoscan, I came across something that caught my eye…
…It was a link to this old Jordan Maxwell interview posted by a known disinformation peddler called “Lion” (a.k.a. Lyin’) who operates on the Rumor Mill News site.

Since Jordan Maxwell is an interesting fellow to listen to, I went ahead and started to watch the video, and I noticed two things right off the bat:

1) The interview was being conducted by Kerry Cassidy, a person who has a long history of promoting very questionable information to the awakening public (for money), such as suggesting Comet Elenin might be an alien spacecraft…

…and promoting the Veterans Today disinfo coming out of Gordon Duff
source link

…and his Adamus Group
source link

…as well as treating the ridiculous Leo Wanta fraud like it’s real…
source link

2) Sitting off to the side while the interview was being filmed was David Wilcock…
…and given a comment he made at the 3:59 mark, “my roof, my rules, alright,” the interview appears to have been done at his residence.

Wilcock is another figure who has been promoting hokum to the awakening public, including his famous promotion of the 2012 prophecies and his propagandizing for the BRICS New World Order. For an example of the latter, have a look at these two entries from my second blog:

David Wilcock and the Real NWO, Part 1 of 2

David Wilcock and the Real NWO, Part 2 of 2

So with these two questionable characters (Cassidy and Wilcock) being in on the interview, I asked myself a question: “What disinformation is Jordan Maxwell knowingly or unknowingly passing along that makes them such big fans of his?” You needn’t listen longer than a few minutes into the interview to find out: he is promoting the “good alien versus bad alien” dialectic.

Starting at the 1:43 mark of the video, Jordan begins making a series of statements which support the elite’s “good Anunnaki” narrative:

“You know, I can’t stand it when people say that this is all high technology of our government. No, I don’t buy that for a minute. What I’ve seen with my own eyes — I don’t buy it for a minute.”

“If it has anything to do with our government, then what I have actually witnessed with my own eyes, if it is — has to do with US government, then that means that the US government is in league with extraterrestials…”

“But I am totally convinced that there is now on the Earth — again for a lack of a better term — alien presence, which are the enemies of the human race, and they are obviously enemies of the whoever the original creators of us — because of the things I’ve been told.”

“…That the people or the entities who created us — the gods who created us — have enemies out there in the universe.”

“And so I’m saying that I am totally convinced, beyond the shadow of a doubt, for myself, that there are such things as reptile aliens…”

“Be aware that there is a war for your soul.”

So the public promotion of a supposed war between “good aliens” and “bad aliens” is what Jordan Maxwell, Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock, and Gordon Duff all have in common. They are saying that there are bad aliens (reptilians) who are working in league with the US government and have taken control of the Western governments and Israel, and that they are fighting against good aliens (humanoids) who have taken up with the BRICS powers. Supposedly, these good aliens are our original creators (the Anunnaki/Elohim), and they are working with the BRICS to take the planet back from the bad guys and bring us “truth, justice, and the globalist way.”

Needless to say, this is all a gigantic lie. Even if ET/EDs really are on Earth, historical accounts suggest they have the ability to appear to us in any form they wish (human, reptilian, angelic, demonic, etc.). So to create an “alien” dialectic conflict, all they have to do is appear on one side of the planet as benevolent-looking humans while appearing on the other side as malevolent-looking reptilians. With their supposed ability to shapeshift, they could pose as any number of “alien factions” to support whatever agenda they are implementing at any particular place and time.

As I’ve painstakingly shown in previous entries, it was not “good aliens” who built up the BRICS over the past few decades; it was the Illuminati. And the Illuminati (also know as the “Dragons”) openly proclaim to be the bloodline descendants of Anunnaki who mated with humans, so is it any surprise that they are presenting us with a narrative that makes the Anunnaki slavemasters look like the good guys?

(By the way, Jordan Maxwell often tells a story that he had a girlfriend whose father was an alien who had mated with a human wife. So who is leading him around by the nose, really?)

If you want to know more about the Anunnaki and the effort to overhaul their image, you might have a look at this entry from my second blog