Individualism or Communism?

My children’s generation is no longer in the loop about what Communism is or was for that matter. Today, Communism is defined as “dictatorship”, but as I contemplate about the geopolitical events during this Fake Pandemic, I realized something.

I don’t have the terminology of defining a difficult subject so I can only go with what I think it is and what my parents thought  and Europe itself thinks about it.

True Communism is “Community and Collective”. Some countries such as my former Yugoslavia used it fairly and regardless of what anyone thinks, many Croatians I talk to today say that their lives were much better under Communism than anything after it.

Today, Communism is “demonized” because it actually represents true community. It is Capitalism and Globalism that is the DEMON and the forces behind it have almost successfully convinced humanity that it is good for us.

It seems that many Political Leaders are now contemplating their own Capitalist systems because this Pandemic has exposed the flaws in every level and every corner of our societies.

In a True Communism; everyone is equal, nobody is denied anything. You put the time in, you are rewarded for it.  If you don’t work, you don’t get anything unless you are old or young or ill.

Thousands of books have been written about these subjects, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they If have done a great job of explaining political aspects of it, but they were not high frequency beings, they lived and thought like humans, probably believe in some form of God and thus, having only one life here, we must maximize our profits in order to be considered successful.

Yeah I know it’s a very simple explanation but my point is this: The Pandemic may have caused chaos, destruction of human ability to earn a living and death, but remember when I wrote that in order to want change, we have to hit rock bottom?

I think this Pandemic was the catalyst because we were taking too fucking long to make changes.

My ancestors worked the land on this barren soil and solid rock island. They lifted stones and rocks bigger than themselves and laid them on lines where their property lines were and our entire island is fenced in these stone walls. They were looking for soil, almost every rock and stone on this island was turned over or placed on a wall so that they could work at self sufficiency and survival. There is evidence this island was first inhabited during the Roman Empire and around the 3rd century. They spoke of hard times, they were dependent on rain in an arid region; no rain, no crops, no olive oil. Anyone who became of age had to contribute, from sunrise to sunset, they toiled their fields.

I often would sit with the old timers now in their late 80’s and 90’s and they saw their lives as very hard; difficult, challenging because when modernism arrived, the propaganda is always that new technology will save you time and money and eventually they believed and still do today that that life was difficult but that today’s is not so much. It’s not true. It was what they were told to believe, because when I think about that, it is how I am living now and it is how many many people that have tasted success and modernism now want to have a homestead and be totally self sufficient for whatever reason. It requires a lot of work, trust me. I don’t even have farm animals and I spend at least 5 hours in the food forest everyday.  Mulch can’t break down here in the arid region like it would in Washington state or Wisconsin or Sweden, so I have to constantly feed it water and when there are strong winds, I lose a lot of it if it’s dry.

We are returning to mother Gaia again and she’s happy about that. She too  is now happy during this Pandemic because she’s able to detox for a while and her holes are healing. You and I both know that we could not go on like this forever, we would either destroy this Earth first or it would destroy us.

I want to see the positive in this Pandemic and I believe that our collective consciousness caused it because including myself, I have known that something was coming, we could feel it and it sure wasn’t Jesus coming, it sure wasn’t Prime Creator, it sure wasn’t Aliens to save us from ourselves.

I wrote many posts on this “saviour syndrome” and all those including Peter Kling  promising us Jesus anytime.  The Law of Nature doesn’t allow interference.  We created this scenario, we are now fixing a few scenes.  This has to be the Catalyst for change, for whatever reason or however this Virus was released doesn’t matter. We need to ask ourselves: What is more important? A bank full of money or a healthy life? You don’t need a lot of money to live a good decent life, we don’t need huge mansions that collect dust. The Tiny House movement has taken effect here in Croatia as well, but I’m more interested in getting some land and placing a few mobile homes for me and my family.

As soon as my legal battles are over, I am selling the house and getting that land I want.  My partner’s children filed a Criminal Complaint against me for quackery. They threatened me, basically told me if I didn’t hand the house over, they would criminally prosecute  me for something. I have been under investigation for over a year now but unofficially, and the DA  told me to go home and enjoy life. The Lead Inspector even laughed, but he said he had to do his job and that it was obvious the Criminal Complaint was filed a few days after the Estate Hearing.  I think they considered me to be stupid and not put everything in writing, just like I did with all natural medicines that my partner took. It’s ludicrous to think I would be that stupid knowing what happens to those that practise Natural Medicine. But, it’s an obstacle for me to move on and it’s just a matter of time.

The Food Forest is an added bonus to the value of the property and I am still learning so by the time I get that land, I will be able to build up the Food forest quickly.

Think about it, Communism is demonized because it’s actually the natural way to live. True Communism where everyone in the community has equal rights and equal share of everything.  It will go back to that but they won’t call it Communism, they will call it Collectivism.

Watch this one, sounds really good.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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