The Next Phase of Terminal Madness


I told you it would get much worse before it got better. The virus is not the problem, every so many years a new virus is found and it has to spread for humanity to create immunity towards it. Let’s get real. Many people get vaccinated each year and still get the flu. Why? Because you’re given a cocktail of viruses and it’s a prediction of what seasonal flu will come around.

We all have to get infected, just like every virus that has come and gone. This ” social distancing” is a program. It’s telling you to isolate yourselves from others. We should be doing ” physical distancing” not Social Distancing. I can still walk down to my neighbor and we speak over the fence, 2 meters away from each other, but we are actually doing more ” physical distance” socializing because this is the time when we need to support each other.

So, the next phase of this Terminal Madness will be food shortages. Think about it. I don’t know where you live, but Croatia signed a deal with the EU to import 70% and export 30%. Our farmers can’t sell a head of lettuce because it’s cheaper to import the pesticide/insecticide laden heads from Spain. For Croatia, the food shortage may not be so bad depending on this pandemic and how many people are affected by it, but eventually, the warehouses will empty and there is no transportation, or not enough people to harvest and pack; this is going to happen in the next month if not sooner, globally.

What do you at home now is crucial. I have been repeating this mantra for years now. Stock up on foods that will last a few years, grow a garden, a huge garden so that you can freeze and can your goods. This shortage will cause chaos and maybe even civil unrest.

So far, Croatia has done well. We are MANDATED to stay inside unless it’s for emergencies and food. Our freedoms are gone by good measures and by doing this, we have managed to keep our infections down to 1200 and 12 deaths, with a small linear growth but then we are a country of 4 million people.

Don’t hoard. Don’t take everything off the shelves, it’s bad Karma. Take what you need and be considerate of others. My methodology has always been to buy an extra item each time I shop. Over the years I have had to throw some things away because of poor packaging but have now learned to keep dry goods in airtight containers.  Take what you need and leave for others. What’s really important to note is medications, they will probably be used as leverage politically; so stock up on aspirins, and other things you think you may need. Have plenty of candles or lamps as days of darkness are coming soon.

I can’t say this enough. It will get much worse before it gets better. This is just the start of what is to come. Also, your Karmic life has even more meaning now as you will be tested as a Soul to do what is right and not harm anyone in your attempt to provide for you and your family. Our actions and behaviours will determine the outcome; and I speak from a Metaphysical standpoint not a physical standpoint.

The good news: We made it. We finally scared them enough that they had to do this to us and they underestimated every point in their plans. It was always destined for humanity to come out of this, but it was always destined to be Terminal Madness because as I always write in a logical way, man won’t change his ways until he wakes up with nothing to eat. The time has come, we’re all in this together, be safe, be kind and be considerate. Take what you need and help others even if you have to go without.

When things get really rough mentally, think of the millions of people in the Middle East and Africa that even before this pandemic had nothing to eat and now will more than likely die of malnutrition. Be in gratitude for all that you have and soon you will learn that you had too much, that you were greedy and foolish in spending your hard earned money on things that now have no meaning. Gratitude brings more of what you want, it will humble you and your compassion will raise the frequencies needed to overcome this test put upon us and to wake us to why we came here in the first place.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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