Contagious Thoughts I Hope Will Help


My two beautiful boys, Kuko and Lilo. Cuddle up and love someone, that’s who you are. LOVE, LIGHT and Pure Energy.

Do you know what is in my thoughts 24 hours per day? It’s not the Virus; it’s those that are still in darkness, that don’t understand what is going on, that view death as an end to something.  I’m very well informed as to the global events in politics and happenings through CNN, Fox, RT News, Press TV and Al Jazeera. I switch from one to the other because I can assure you that Americans  know very little on what is going on, not only the Pandemic but events in general. US outlets spend less than 5 minutes a day briefing on world events/this pandemic. I think that this is where this “We’re the best” comes from, not being able to compare your country to other countries. It’s not just America and I don’t want to pick on one country, but it is the Epicenter of the Cabal/Deep State therefore, it as in THING projects itself to its population first then the rest of the world through wars, occupations and most recently not removing sanctions from Venezuela and Iran as if their people are at fault for dying.

For those that keep hearing Trump claim America has the greatest, the best and the likes of which you have never seen, it’s a LIE. The world is filled with amazing people and experts and if that was the case, then why are so many dying right now? But, for those that have no idea what is going on outside US borders, they will believe this. Just wanted to clear that up.
Croatia is a country of 4 million people, we’re still a developing country and a Social country, but did you know that the Capital City in Zagreb operates the MOST heart/lung transplants in the world? My point is, each one of us is good at something, but NOBODY is good at everything.

It’s sad for me to see humans totally empty and void of any understanding of a wider or broader understanding of the world, let alone the events going on right now. This is how fear is created and it’s working well.

Death is not a funny matter, in fact, most Religions today use Death to control humans through these lengthy services, funerals, tombstones, memorials and the reminders of their death never ends.  So, here is another question for those that belong to a Religious organization. This is really meant for the Middle East audience but applies to everyone.

I watched many times funerals in Iraq, Iran, Yemen etc., as Muslims must bury their dead within 24 hours and I hear the language: Ala Akhbar, hope I spelled it right. It means ‘god is great’. Their countries are devastated by war, and now ravaged with disease, poverty and early death yet continue to call God GREAT.

How is god great? Can someone explain to me how god is great? What has god shown to do for humanity? Has anyone received an answer from a call for help or prayer? How can god be great when he’s not showing himself, not answering questions, allowing terrible things to happen to his children? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. And I think that these people have never Questioned this. I think it’s a form of denial because otherwise it would be too painful to admit that their god has done nothing.

I’m an Empath, so bear with me. I feel the pulse of humanity, I am overwhelmed with their fear and pain; it’s a throbbing throughout my auric field and at times enters into my body so that the body is throbbing from head to toe. Sometimes, especially when going to sleep, I put my hand on my heart because I think that my heart is thumping abnormally fast, but it’s not. It’s calm, at peace and in the knowing.

I don’t like being an Empath and I don’t think that I have ever shared this with you. People that know me say that I am sensitive and emotional. No, I’m empathic, I feel your emotions especially the negative ones. You can’t lie to me, I can feel that energy.

There was a movie I watched many years ago and I wish I could remember it’s title, but it started out with a mouse in some fall leaves and an old man sitting on bench in that park. He was very old, maybe even over 100. I will never forget how he answered when he was asked: “How does it feel to be that old?”. He answered: ” Terrible. To outlive your own children and to live alone without anyone is a terrible thing.

The movie ” The Green Mile” with Tom Hanks in it was also something I will never forget. As the colored man who was a prisoner falsely accused of raping and murdering was a healer. It came down to the same question. Eventually he was released for healing, but his answer was similar to what I would answer: ” I feel horrible constantly, because I feel everyone’s pain, anguish and suffering. I wish I never was born because I don’t wish this upon anyone”. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the actual words, but you get what I am trying to say.

Although I don’t feel like this healer felt, and I don’t regret being born, but I have had to reconstruct my energy field so that I don’t feel everyone. I FEEL in the Ether, I can watch someone on my laptop and FEEL what they are feeling, not thinking, but feeling and I have this acute sense of whether they are being honest or not, and if you have followed my blog since 2015; I don’t think that I was wrong about any of those people that I exposed to be frauds. I had to stop because it was a waste of time, I came to an understanding that it was not up to me to save the world and that each one of us was responsible for seeking truth. But it also burdens my heart and soul and these people were not worth that trauma I lived each time I listened to them.

If I would have written this 5 years ago, you may have thought I was just another fraud, and I don’t like to grandize myself because I am equal to you and everyone else. I am merely here to do the work, whatever that may be and Empathy is one of those things that I chose to be.

YOU, are no different than I am. WE are light beings, having a human experience, get over your human suffering and be who you are, the Light and pure energy that you are. This illusion that we live in here, in this physicality is not real, we designed this and we knew before we came into our human bodies that it would be difficult and once there was a Veil placed around the planet, we were disconnected from the memory bank, and forgot who we were. YOU Old Soul don’t deserve to be suffering when you have a choice to be who you truly are. How else can I explain this?

You may ask: How do I switch, how do I become a Soul in a human body?
Very simple. You start with your relationship with your body. It is NOT your body, it is a BODY or vehicle. When I have a headache and want to tell someone, this is what I say: “This fucking head is causing pain to my being. Or, the body is doing something that I don’t like or it’s telling me something”.

Start thinking: I am SOUL living in THIS body. It’s like you have to constantly do this every second you have time to THINK. Just change that relationship, and start being the Soul in the body. Once it becomes a natural thought and you see yourself as the Observer, other things fall into place much easier. This is how I did it. I doubt it’s the only way or best way, but it’s my way and for the sake of communicating to Humans, I have to change the wording because I don’t disclose to people that I am not near as  to WHO I really am.

If you watched the movie Avatar; there is a comparison where the military get into those robots. They walk around in those machines, they have inner controls and use those controls/computer to navigate. It’s the same with Soul. It enters into this vehicle, attaches itself to the vital organs mainly the heart and brain and navigates this life.

So, be the SOUL that you are, shed that human victim state of mind, you are so powerful and this war waged against us is because we are starting to realize who we are and THEY are terrified. They will do whatever they can to stop us, but we’ve already won. The glass has shattered into billions of pieces and like a wounded wild animal, they are striking with whatever they can to stop us from waking up.

Like the “experts” or Epidemiologists say that just because we managed to stop the curve from going up, that doesn’t mean we have to stop being complacent. The same goes for us in this war. We have won but if we turn our backs too soon, the disease will catch us off guard.

There is no need to fear what you don’t know. How can one fear something that doesn’t exist? Doesn’t it seem illogical to fear something you know nothing about or fearing what tomorrow will bring when tomorrow is not defined?

The FEAR is what they are using against us because as I wrote many times, FEAR is our greatest enemy and the very things we fear, manifest. DO not fear, manifest love, compassion and do your part whatever that is, whatever you feel that part is.

This is what I feel 24 hrs a day, your fear, their fear, everyone’s fears. Stop it! Fear holds you in place, it doesn’t allow you to move, it’s a program, it’s a deadly virus and only you can stop it.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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