The Right To Choose is Yours

Note: For some reason there are duplicate images. I don’t have time to figure out why, or maybe it’s WordPress issue but I apologize for that. 
Your life changes over night. It’s only then that we realize how much we took for granted. Each country is different. Each culture has different perspectives. Each person has different needs. There is no such thing as ” global Unity”. It’s not possible. Because we are all so unique, amazing isn’t it? Billions of people on this planet and not one is the same, with the exception of twins, but I’m not a genetic expert to confirm it.
Our world is a view from our eyes and our perspective. While many in my country are going stir crazy, just as many are not affected because they sit on the couch all day doing nothing anyways. You see what I mean?
For people in retirement homes, perhaps not much is changing in their daily activities other than the inconvenience of not being able to touch anyone or be touched by a loved one. Some don’t know even know what is going on outside their world because of their mental capacities of dementia, alzheimer’s and other disorders.
As I was waiting outside in line to enter the Pharmacy, I listened to a conversation of two people. One, who had no protective gear on and the other had some out of this world gas mask and talking about madness in the house. He said his family was about to ask their doctor for some anti anxiety medications because they were arguing all day long. I doubt this has anything to do with confinement but rather egotistical standpoints as we Dalmatians (Croatian coastline) are known to be argumentative, hot and always right.
So, we’re all dealing with the ” New Normal” as it’s slowly being repeated. It means that the New Normal is controlling when we can go outside, where we can go etc. There is open discussion and the Media is promoting this that our phones are now being tracked for the purpose of this Coronavirus pandemic. No, this Pandemic was designed to slowly train us into accepting the “new normal”; to watch our backs, to fear our phones or better yet, leave them at home as I do anyways.
I have taken many things for granted. Since I can’t go to the mainland and shop, I’m out in nature and finding things I never knew existed. Here is a photo of a Morel; from what I knew, Morel mushrooms grow under Slippery Elm trees in a forest like environment, so one must ask: What the hell is going on? How can this species just end up in the Adriatic Sea region growing in a rock garden?
My island is tiny, I can ride from one end to the other in 15 minutes. Yet, we are blessed with so much.
I found wild peas, wild leeks, wild garlic, wild lettuce. All these wild plants are actually either the original species or our ancestors seeded the island and they now just proliferate only in smaller sizes. Hard to say, but it’s taught me so much. If I ever have to survive and forage for food, I now know what and where to find these plants. I’m grateful for this opportunity to have more time for me, to connect even deeper with nature; to appreciate what it has to offer and from now on, watch where I step because I could be stepping on a plant that might one day feed me.
Morel Mushroom, a little bit dry as I found it too late and by accident in my food forest.
I’m so fortunate to live on a botanical rich island, as I thought of it as a big rock. It’s true that most of our islands are big rocks, but millions of years of evolution has been intelligent enough to seed humanity. I still find seashells and snail shells, which confirms that this island came up from the ocean bed. It’s a cycle that has been evolving for billions of years.
A Cytinus plant. It’s a parasitic flower that feeds on roots.
Climate change. What? True. Climate change is here, but the fact is, it’s always been Climate Change. Just as everything in existence changes, so does climate. We have scientific and geological proof of this that every 10 or 20 thousand years a new climate cycle comes through. It’s constand climate change, we are always in a state of climate change. Instead this term is being used to evoke guilt in us, making us feel responsible for this. As if Mother Earth can’t cleanse herself from humanity and that we can cause so much damage. It’s not true. If that were the case, we would have destroyed Earth at the beginning of the Industrial era when our ancestors were burning wood and coal to power factories and transportation. Although I am not a scientist, I use common sense.
Scooter saddle bag filled with Rosemary, Rock Roses and other herbs to replant into my food forest.
I have been writing for years that the future depends on us, our actions. It’s not natural for man to be managed or controlled. On the other hand, when we were genetically modified to emotions and negative acts of violence; we have been controlling ourselves from harming others. I compare this to males. They are biologically designed to procreate, yet our societies, cultures and religion insist that they should love only one female and procreate only with her. Well, in most societies, but you get my point. It’s not women that suffer from their bodies throughout their lives, sorry ladies; it’s men that suffer because they have to constantly keep themselves from going against their biological nature. I’m sure you have heard it before: ” Sorry, it just happened, but I love you”. He wasn’t lying. His biological impulse was stronger than his mind; the mind that is programmed to be faithful and only love one woman at a time.
I bet you never thought about this did you? You have been too busy being controlled, told what to do, how to think, what to believe, to get an education, to find a JOB; to shop, shop shop and spend money to keep the economy going. You’ve been too busy chasing your goals but never stopped to think about your purpose here.
Things are changing because CHANGE is a natural progression; where it will go will depend on humanity. A self determined humanity, one that sheds its ignorance and chooses to be in control. A humanity that wakes up during this EVENT and starts thinking about their lives and most important their POWER within. Opportunities always come to us; the Universe throws us challenges all the time to wake us up; but we fall short because it’s just damn easier to take instructions and not have to think about how to get there. It’s time you grab that Map and start plotting your new Journey because we are failing and falling behind.
In fact, as a Civilization, we are meaner, more violent, more aggressive and selfish than ever before. We have never stopped killing each other and we are the ONLY species that kills its own. You will see animals fighting for females or territory; but you never see wild animals just attacking their own for the hell of it. It’s what we do. We kill, we attack, we occupy, we do whatever it takes to achieve our selfish goals and we may just end up like Atlantis. We will self destruct because we thought we had a handle on it.
I feel very powerful  and empowered because I CHOOSE what I want to do today and how I want to live. I may not have a lot of money, but I am so wealthy in other ways as you can see yourselves.  The power lies within you, the Universe will give you what you think and not what you don’t have.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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