Just Saying Hi


We sure have messed up haven’t we? I see reality for what it is; it’s been difficult to come up with a topic to write about because there is no judgement in my reality. It is what it is. But it doesn’t mean I don’t contemplate about this reality and how we got here.

Did we set it up ourselves before we incarnated? Is there a master plan? Or did we just choose to create a reality where we believe something or some ONE is caring for us? The thing is, we are an intelligent race. More so, we are gifted with imagination and creativity. How could we get this wrong or did we choose to create what is before us?

I often write about Terminal Madness, it is now upon us and we are in the Eye of the Storm. Where black is white, wrong is right, morals and virtues don’t exist. In fact, children raised today have no idea what they are.  Looking back to the time we can record wars, we are still warring with each other, colonizing, occupying and removing Dictators. Nothing has changed, the only difference now is that we can see it all real time, it doesn’t take months to cross a continent but we can watch it unfold and happen. This Madness is a sickness, a horrible disease, it’s manifested and mutated into such masses of tumours and boils that it has affected all sense of reality. I am Obsessed with avoiding the frequencies. I have protectors all around my technology and no longer carry my phone with me or on me for that matter. If I am not expecting a call, I leave the phone at home and work in the garden all day without hearing the stupid notification beeps. There is a deep sense of knowing that this invisible force of G4 and G5 and soon to come G6 is frying our brains and altering our natural body biorhythms, for a while I was feeling strange and realized it was the Wi Fi frequencies. We are much more advanced in Europe than US and Canada. Europe developed Wireless technologies much sooner because of need. For example: Split, the city I am born in is over 1300 years old, much of it’s original structure is intact, the infrastructure was difficult to change or add, especially when TV and Radio became popular, it was too difficult and costly to dig roves and canals for cables, so Europe started with wireless technology much sooner.

If I look at pictures of the US cities, I am shocked because I see telephone and Electric Power Poles. How primitive! Most of ours is underground, again, because cities are small and covered in stone blocks, there is not enough room to erect a huge pole, so in those instances everything was dug down.

Do we have a goal? Did we come with purpose? Is this all that we planned out and intentionally set out to do? Or, in order to learn about love and peace, we had to create fear and war? It would make sense given that we live in a duality. Fuck free will, look where it got us?

I take personal responsibility for my share, but I don’t feel that I have created any wrongs; I feel that this is where I need to be and what I should be doing. How do I know? I am at peace. I am grounded, I took out my contact lenses, I see it all before me and it’s not pretty. But, the difference of where I am today and where I was 20 years ago is that 20 years ago, I wanted to change the world. I thought I could make a difference, that if I taught by example, I would create a better world. I believed that I could convince people of my beliefs and that it would improve their lives. I truly believed this and it all backfired, but it was the lesson that I needed to learn.

Today, I feel that I am Creator of my own reality. This Unity or Mass Consciousness movement was another New Cage philosophy. We are individual souls, and though we needed each other to play out the game, we are here on our own merit and therefore, carry our own karma, not the Karma of the entire world or reality.  Today, I see Venezuela on the brink of war thanks to another intervention, but I no longer see it with emotion rather with a sense and knowledge that it was created for purpose.

I often write about how it will get worse before it gets better. So long as we have a roof over our head and food on the table, we are less inclined to fight for something better. Yes, we can share our thoughts and feelings on Social Media, but truth is, we are still in the same spot tomorrow, nothing changed. I don’t speak for myself as I write this because I don’t feel that I am part of this reality anymore. I have become the Observer, and because I am the Observer, I have no opinions, thoughts or predictions. If I said I knew what is coming, I have no way of proving to you how I know. If I said I just know and trust me, again, I have no way of proving that knowledge. After all, this is my reality and it’s far different than yours. Each reality is different because each of us is Creators of our own reality. The Soul Group creates the Core mission, the Soul Family creates the helping hands and we are the center of our own reality. Although many Souls participate in this reality, each neighbourhood looks different, each Ethnic group cooks differently, each Country has its own language, but as Souls we can travel to those places and learn about them.

How can intelligent humans get it so wrong you may ask? We are a reality of “saviour” mentalities. Whether it is a God, or Government we rely so heavily on external resources and with that, gave away our power to those that we believed would do well for us.  Nothing has changed in this reality, we are still seeking external pleasures and looking for the next fix, barely understanding the Nature of Our Reality. So powerful and yet so stupid not knowing this.

Again, I ask is this intention? Did we know this before we incarnated? Was this the plan? Were we challenged to create this reality and see if we could find our way home? Or is this just another Reality we chose from a Screen in the “Incarnation” screening room? There are many versions today of how we got here or why, but all I can say is that I am feeling good about where I am and don’t feel that I should be doing something else.

If I separate from people, does it exclude me from the game plan? If I don’t participate in this Madness, does that make me a Coward? Should I be doing what everyone else is doing? These are questions that I contemplate while working in the garden. This is an exciting time of year when the soil is being prepared for Life. Last year the Strawberries got mad at me for transplanting them in the sunshine. I could feel them, for generations they grew in the shade and I wanted to display them better people walking in front of the house. And even though I could hear them, I chose to keep them there all summer. Guess what? They died. All those that remained in the shade grew and multiplied while those that I moved over for selfish reasons, died.

I’m very tuned into nature. I wrote once how the small garden lizards love me. A few years ago, I saw on sitting the wall and noticed that he was shedding his skin. I came closer and closer, he didn’t move so when I finally got to touch him, I realized his back legs were paralyzed, so I gently lifted him up and placed him in one of the holes they live in. The next day when I entered the garden, all of a sudden, many many lizards came out and I could feel their message: “ You saved our boy, thank you, the Cat got him really good”.  From that time on, they are always around me when I am working there and come up really close and I can see their little eyes staring at me. Oh you should see the joy when I am watering, they start running under the water. Do you get my point? I have become what I came to be, Nature, connected, peaceful and secure in the knowledge that no matter what I “ think” I should be doing, I FEEL that I am where I should be. Then I feel guilt. “Shouldn’t I be out there helping others and teaching others? Isn’t this selfish to just enjoy this reality by myself?” Honestly, I do contemplate those things because even though I am a Soul occupying this Human Body, this body is operated by a Brain and it often conflicts with my true nature. Remember, the brain is part of this vehicle; it’s the computer that manages the body functions. Once we enter this body, we sit behind the wheel and the brain takes over. So, the struggle is always about the “logical mind” versus the “ true nature of self, the thinking versus the being. It goes on all day, especially when I am outdoors.

We need to learn to shut off when it’s necessary. I’m fortunate to have the life that I have and I’m not talking about financials or material wealth. I’m talking about living on a tiny island in the center of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by raw and untouched nature, clean air and water, birds singing and the smell of Ocean in the air. These are the “abundance” that I appreciate, my quality of life. Money comes and goes, we spend it and make more. We need it to survive in this reality, but it doesn’t give us the inner peace. There are more wealthy people today than ever before, but does that make them happy? No, it makes them deranged and lost in their own Ego’s, always wanting more, living in extremes and constantly worrying about getting more. It was never my desire to have a lot of money, rather, it was always my desire and wish to live a simple life connected to Nature.

It will get much worse before we see any changes. Like any natural disaster, humans come together, so far in communities or regions. In order for humanity to come together a whole, there has to be something far worse and ominous in order for us to finally learn what we came to learn. It is like the night before Babylon collapsed or before Emperor Neron burned down Rome or the mass shooter walking into a crowded night club shooting everything in front of him. We have yet to reach that point but I feel it will be a natural disaster that will turn us around. Man has done everything there is to do, there are no wicked or evil things that man can do, we have done it all. Now nature will teach us that great lesson and when you wake up the next day and have no water or electricity, only then will we appreciate what we had and regret doing the things we did to mother Gaia.

But don’t worry; it’s all part of what we came to do. There are no accident, no coincidences, we created this reality, I haven’t yet figured out why or how, but I know that we are the Masters of this Reality and as crazy as it may sound, who else are you going to blame? If you say: “They did this”. I can respond by saying: “Why did you let them do this, you’re far too intelligent to let it happen”.

We are a unique race, living in a unique reality, who knows; maybe this was the first of its kind? Maybe it’s just an experiment to see how long humans can last?

I leave you with something to contemplate on. Have you told someone you loved them today? Have you done a kindness today? Do you go to bed with a final thought of “gratitude”? That’s all we have, being kind, letting those we love know we love, and thanking for all that we are and all that we will be. I do it every night and when I wake up, I think: “What day is it?”. No thoughts, no worries, no nothing, just living and being.


It’s been 7 months since my partner passed away, but it feels like a few weeks. He’s here, always with me, guiding, giving advice and sometimes even arguing with me. I wish he did that when he was in his body. He’s my Soul Mate, totally different than the human he was here and I feel so safe and secure knowing this. I like this part of him, but then we all played different roles just as he did too.

Hours after he passed, he told me: “I didn’t go to the light, I thought: “ I want to go home, and in a split moment, it became beautiful here”. I asked him what it’s like and he said he’s everything and everywhere. A thought takes him into being that thought, it takes time to adjust but he said it’s familiar. They go through a Soul Restoration process before moving forward. I will share more in the future about our conversations.

There is beauty in everything, keep on trucking and remember: You are a powerful Being, a being of Light, you are immortal, eternal and a Creator. You are ALL that IS.

7 thoughts on “Just Saying Hi

  1. Just popped in to see if you are still, letting the ‘wind ruffle your hair’ my dear. You are. Rock on…kiddo.It’s a ‘zoo’ out there and it is wise to stay ‘close to home’…Spiritually.IMHO, nope. It is NOT ‘cowardly’ to ‘go inward’ if that is what your Spirit says to do…and it clearly does.

    Instead, look at this as serious Spiritual growth, on your part…and being way more attuned than you once may have been…that you have a better understanding of ‘wot’s wot’. You are learning to avoid, man-made ‘electronic messages’ and replacing same with NATURAL INTUITIVE ONES…wonderful stuff.

    Q: How Spiritually SMART is that? A: Very! I also came across some stuff you wrote on ‘Veronica Keen’…and I DID…tell you…’rotten to the core’. Greed is fear…nothing more, nothing less. Shafting others to ‘get ahead’…loverly.

    I had also warned her about Dave McCann…but she is very stubborn and had AGENDA’S and I told her so and ‘hit the road’. Delighted you are in tune with your partner….what I said is the unvarnished truth. Nobody loses anyone…like much in this world it is a dreadful, cruel LIE.

    Stay groovy and BE YOURSELF (you will)…sending much love, good vibes and groovy thoughts…till next time darling girl. Cheery-bye Annabelle xo


    • Hey you,
      Missed your messages. I accidentally deleted your email and wanted so much to write to you. Can you write me an email, not for public. Doing great…as always you’re correct, but wanted to ask you a few questions. Love you!


      • …have sent an email to your email address that was in my contacts and some pix of a Lizard buddy and also replied….to your lovely message. Love you to kiddo…stay groovy, always Annabelle AKA Aunty A xo


  2. Hi Ines, I’ve had a few dramatic changes here in the past few days. Will be going offline for a while….and heading ‘bush’ for a time also. This means no emails will be received…until I return. It may be a couple of months.

    All will be well…I just didn’t want you to be concerned…I’m not know for ‘going quiet’…but as of later on today…I shall be just that.

    Stay groovy and don’t worry about your ‘questions’ for now…ALL your answers are WITHIN anyhooo…bye for now…gotta keep packing. Always with Love, Annabelle xo


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