Just a RanT

I have been really slow in approving all the comments that wait for approval. Just so that you know for those of you that are new, your first comment needs approval, after that, it posts automatically. I don’t feel that I need to control every comment because it doesn’t make this a free thinking blog then. So far I have been lucky that in 5 years of keeping this blog I have only had 2 trolls or bad comments. I guess it’s because even the typing has energy.

Can you accept that everything is energy? Everything is energy/vibration/sound so even me typing this post right now is energy and  I believe that the not so happy readers don’t stay on this blog too long because they don’t feel comfortable with happy and joyous energy. Just my thoughts on that.

But back to approving your comments. It’s a one time thing and I’m finding it very difficult to come back and write on a regular basis. Some may ask  me why? I receive a lot of emails if I don’t post something in a few weeks. Some readers are almost petrified that I won’t be writing because they enjoy what I have to say and so at times I feel obligated that I need to write something.

After my partners death, it was much easier as I had an excuse, but as time went by, life changed drastically. For years I was living a schedule and so I gave up doing a lot of things because I can’t take my Camera and go into nature knowing I have one hour to photograph. Now, I can get on my Scooter, grab my gear and just ride until I find something to photograph. I don’t need to look at my watch knowing I have to come home to take care of my partner and the household, it’s amazing to feel so free. So, the blog was part of that escape at night when I could not go out anywhere but couldn’t leave the house because there was a time when my partner needed 24 hr care. The blog became my Journey, sharing my thoughts and experiences, I could sit at my computer all night if I wanted to and share.

This is a Scorpion about 1 cm in length, my first Macro shot. 

Now, I can sleep as long as I want and be outside as long as I want, so the blog kind of fell by the wayside. But, it’s important to me because you dear readers give me acknowledgement and I think that every writer seeks that.

Look, things are getting really crazy, it’s January and trees started growing new leaves in November, some are fruiting but also dying because it’s too cold. Nature is confused, and if nature is confused, then what is humanity?

Maybe nature isn’t confused. Maybe it’s just adjusting it’s biorhythms? Can Nature be confused? Isn’t Nature our guide? What do you think? I feel Nature’s confusion as I walk through it. I live in the middle of Nature, from my Sun-room I am surrounded by nature and as I sit there observing, I feel confusion. After all, why would an Almond tree blossom in November instead of March? Or does the Almond tree already know it has to change it’s cycle? If we are use Nature as a guide, then perhaps we should take heed that Winter is turning into Spring and Vice Verse; it means that we should adapt to Nature. How can nature be confused? Can the frequencies that are being emitted by those Cell Towers and all the other technology damage nature and thus it’s confused? These are questions I think about while I am out there walking because everything is different and I can’t figure out if it’s because Nature is confused or is Damaged. Whatever the answer may be, neither one is a good one. Confused or damaged doesn’t lead to anything good.

I met a new kitten today, a Feral cat that my girlfriend was feeding and while all the cats ran off, he came up to me and so he’s being delivered in the next few days as I was on my Scooter today and could not bring him home with me. He’s that Felix Cat on Purina Felix pouch foods but has a beautiful energy. This is what I got for thinking about using a Feral cat to test my negative manifesting!

Your thoughts are welcome!

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