Taking a Pause

My partner passed away on July 18th and I have been making a lot of changes in my life. It took me a while to release all the anger I was feeling. Sadly, my partner’s health was improving but they sent him home from his annual checkup with a clot in his leg and 3 days later, it killed him.

I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with you, but there are so many changes happening in my reality that I’m not prepared to continue for a while. I need to make those changes and adjustments that are important. When someone you love is gone, everything changes, including the path we’re on.

For those that have just arrived, please go through the blog and take what you can and for those that wait a while to be approved, please don’t be offended, I will get to it when I can.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Puppet Show going on in our reality, we’re close to collapse so this is all part of the game we have to play out. Be safe and be with love.

11 thoughts on “Taking a Pause

  1. So sorry for your loss Ines may your journey be filled with never ending love hope the adjustments go smoothly much love Julie xxx


    • Thank you so much, healing takes time, it’s been a long 4 years of illness and it’s incredible how much dark energy was in the house, I only noticed it now that he is gone. Have a lot of cleaning to do but this is the reality we live in here.


  2. My dear Ines…you have my immeasurable empathy, and total understanding. Please accept my condolences and kudos…on prioritizing YOU! Your beloved is ‘out of the crapola’ if you will pardon me?

    Now…you have an amazing ally in the next realm…he is not ‘gone’…merely…’gone ahead’.

    You have been an utter stalwart and ‘rock’ for this dear man…now…take time for SELF my dear girl. Whether Healing, or merely Coping, in Rage, Joy, Peace, or Trauma….challenged or otherwise you will always be YOU…and I shall think of you often and with great affection and admiration.

    Few…are like you m’love.

    Be at Peace… you have done much good work, here…and whilst the ‘books are cooked’ here…this is but ONE reality…your ‘Chief Scout’ just….went ahead to make a safe path for you. If you can, try to remember what I tell people…in my role of Grief Counsellor

    .’there is no Death’…merely transformation…and no-one REALLY loses anyone…only their current ‘form’. The truest words are these…Absolutely Everything Is Temporary…sending much LOVE.

    Always, Annabelle xoxo

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    • Thank you. I already know this and my partner was ready to go and knew the ” thought preparation” before he crossed over. He was to think ” I want to go home”. Yes, I always knew he was my Scout, I had visions of him before we even met, so I know he’s safe and he was around me for a few days guiding me and ensuring I continued and had fun. He left 4 or 5 days after and he released me from any guilt I had, I’m so happy for him and that his human suffering came to an end.
      Truth is, I don’t want to be on this computer after today, I bought new camera equipment, new bike and Electric Scooter and I plan to just live for a while for ME.

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      • Whack a dirty great big GOLD STAR on your ‘Report Card’ kiddo!! I am so touched by your reply and I KNEW…that you KNEW and SO DID HE.

        Hey…the scooter???? Look Ines honey…if one is riding a scooter one needs a bit of WIND IN THE …HAIR!!
        Might I suggest that is what The Divine was implying with a suggestion of ‘grow your hair a bit’…and when YOU want to come back to the computer…that is the right time to do so.

        BTW…”Scout’ is very versatile, and adaptable now…he was ‘home’ in a heartbeat and he can be ‘there’ and with you….anytime.

        Especially when your Heart is lighter…now…and I say this with Love and Respect…bugger off and go scooting with Scout’ around beautiful Croatia…and we can all get envious of the pics.
        It has been an honour and privilege to spend this time with you…away, away ma wee pal. TTFN (Ta Ta Fer Nooh) Always, Aunty A/Annabelle xoxoxo

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  3. Dear Ines, I am so sorry for your loss. You must take time to be angry, to grieve, to take stock and maybe in a few months make a descion. You will be sadly missed, I so much enjoyed your blast of fresh air and common sense, so sadly lacking today. I am sending you all the love I can muster, as after all that is all there is in this illusion we call life. xxx


  4. My deepest condolences, losing a lived one is always hard. But take heart that your lived one is always with and guiding you along. Take as much time as you need, even though I am selfish and wish you would stay. But i understand that you have to take some time out, and i am so greatful to you, for even starting this blog. Take care and until you return, know that you will be missed!

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