Veronica Keen – Case Closed – Guilty

Note from Ines: Michael has given me permission to post this email and I copied an attached Word Document where you will find all the links to my older posts about Veronica and Monty Keen. This has been in my box for a month now at least, but I wanted to find all the posts I wrote and then noticed tonight that they are all in the attached letter. I can only hope that Veronica will not get away with anything anymore, she’s like an Energizer Bunny, she keeps going and going.
Hi Ines,
I enjoy reading your blog. I find it informative and practical.
I met Veronica Keen briefly in Ireland a few years ago. I was until recently working with Veronica Keen and a group of Irish people to raise funds for dave mcann to get him legal help and get him released from jail in california. Veronica claimed he had been wrongly accused, framed and jailed by the cabal. We raised a lot of money online and offline, about 16,000 euros. We needed $25,000 to hire a lawyer and investigator for dave mccann. Then some woman called jane mccaul told veronica she would lend veronica the balance between 16,000 euros and $25,000 to pay these legal expenses. The funding web site and banks charged fees for the fund raising and we could not get the full 16,000 euros, it was reduced down to about 14,500 euros after the fees were paid. Veronica went nuts and she and jane mccaul refused to pay the balance to bring it to $25,000. She started giving out and accusing people of this and that, and getting extremely angry. Then some people told her to pay the balance from the 81,000 pounds she received for the healing centre in Ireland which was never bought and veronica went crazy. She and jane mcaul started attacking everybody and falsley accusing them of many things.  This showed us all veronicas true character. She is a fraud, a backbiter and backstabber, a gossiper and a slanderer and she is dishonest and a total scam artist. Veronica attacks peoplewho help her, and uses others such as jane mccaul to launch these attacks. Veronica uses people to attack people often behind their back, but this turns everybody against her. She said some very nasty things about you.
Veronica claims that she and dave mccann will save the world by activating the ark of the covenant on Tara hill in Ireland. Dave Mcann is a plumber from london accused of double murder in fresno in california ; he is uneducated, confused, very naive and with no knowledge about the world. He is incapable of leadership. Veronicas story is complete delusion, complete nonsense and shows her a as a childish character with no understanding of the world. She does not realise that change requires hard work, dedication, high intelligence, honesty and truth and working with people not against them. She has much to learn. If she continues on this path she will destroy herself.
There have been new developments in the last 2 weeks. She has closed down the Foundation as a result of my post on the fund raising web site, exposing her as a fraud. Too many people got suspicious of her.
Veronica Keen’s hero or messiah, Dave McCann, the man who will save the world and save humanity is still in jail and is accused of double murder in Fresno in California in May 2016. He is accused of murdering his wife and mother in law, both Jews. He is in serious trouble as the murder weapon has been found, there are witnesses and there is blood and dna evidence. Yet Veronica claims he is innocent and has been framed. Several lawyers have been hired and fired by Veronica and Dave since 2016. They have a new lawyer daniel sheehan, who demanded $25,000 which Veronica and many others raised online and offline. However Daniel Sheean is a devout catholic, was taught by Jesuits, is friendly with Jesuits and has Jewish friends. He does not know about Veronica Keen and her views about these people.
I have made contact with this lawyer by email and informed him all about Veronica Keen and her scams and frauds and lies and attacks against others. I have attached a word document containing this email. Have a good read of the attached letter, it raises many points which you and others raised in your blog, and provides additional material.
Its time to stop Veronica Keens lies, slanders, scams and frauds and her attacks against others.
MIchael Duignan
His letter attached: 

Dear Mr Daniel Sheehan,
I have been informed that a Veronica Keen has asked you to represent a Dave McCann in an ongoing legal case in California. I have been investigating Veronica Keen and her activities since 2016 at the request of other parties. It is important for you and other involved parties and the legal authorities (in California) to be provided with important information about Veronica Keen and her involvement with Dave McCann and the ongoing murder case in California. This will give you a more comprehensive picture.
The following facts and evidence about Veronica Keen have been established.
1. Veronica Keen has been engaged in anti Jewish or anti Semitic activities for over 12 years. She blames the Jews for everything, and claims that they are working in league with the Vatican and the Jesuits to create wars, banking crashes, economic crisis and depressions, political and legal system corruption, paedophile networks, child murder networks, social breakdown, etc.

She claims that the Jesuits are secret Jews, and that both are working together to destroy
humanity. You can view her anti Jewish rants on
. She does this through “received messages” from “Monty” her dead husband who died in
2004. There is reason to believe that it is not Monty speaking but Veronica or some other
agent appointed by Veronica. Her rants amount to incitement to hatred and violence against Jews, which is also racist and both are criminal offences here in Britain and in the USA.
Incitement to hatred and violence and racism can and often does lead to more serious
criminal offences such as assault and murder. The Coopers in Fresno California were Jews and Veronica Keen hated them. She encouraged Dave McCann to cultivate a hatred and distrust of the Jews also, and this affected Dave McCann’s relationship with his wife and in laws who were all Jews. This may have played a part in the murder of the Jews – Tierney Cooper and Judith Cooper in Fresno in California. The legal authorities and courts in California will be made aware of this.

2. Jewish organisations and many Jewish people in Britain and the USA know all about Veronica Keen and her anti Jewish sentiments. They dislike her and they have the financial resources and legal power to investigate her, expose her, prosecute her, and halt her attacks against the Jews.
3. Veronica Keen has also been attacking the catholic church, the Vatican, the Pope and the Jesuits for over 12 years. These attacks have been serious and involve criminal, occult and terrorist allegations against the catholic church. She has a particular hatred for the Jesuits and the present Pope. None of her allegations have any evidence to support them. She does this through “received messages” from Monty her dead husband who died in 2004. There is reason to believe that it is not Monty speaking but Veronica or some other agent appointed by Veronica. You can view her messages or rants on . She or this “Monty” claimed the Vatican and
catholic church would be destroyed in 2012 and she was overjoyed about this. Read
She or this “Monty” also made a similar prediction in 2015 and it proved false, and have
made many predictions about the destruction of the Vatican and the catholic church for years now and they have all proved false. Veronica and her dead “Monty” have an obsession with destroying the catholic church and the Jesuits. She has a wide audience, consisting of many thousands of people worldwide. These rants amount to incitement to hatred and violence against catholics, the catholic church, the Jesuits and the Pope, which is a criminal offence in Britain. The catholic church authorities in Britain and in the Vatican have taken an interest in Veronica Keen and her activities, and know all about her. They too have an interest in halting her attacks.
4. The messages from “Monty” on her web site, when investigated and analysed over many years, contain slanders, lies, contradictions, false predictions, mean comments about others, false allegations, hatred and anger, and incitements to hatred and violence. There are several cut and paste repetitions in Monty’s messages over the years. In addition to the parties mentioned in points above, Veronica (or this dead “Monty”) has attacked anyone who disagrees with her. Many people have been subject to her personal attacks via emails and the “Monty” messages. She (and this dead “Monty”) are very sensitive, thin skinned and intolerant, and go into immediate attack against anyone perceived to disagree with them. I attach links corroborating this.
Google Veronica Keen fraud
Google Veronica Keen scam
5. There are big discrepancies between what Monty actually said and published when alive and what is being published in his name after his death. Monty was a gentle, polite, mild, positive and inoffensive man, he was professional, intelligent and articulate, and based his research and work on facts and evidence. The alleged messages from the dead “Monty” are the opposite of this and are nasty, mean, rude, very negative, fear inducing, accusatory, and quite vicious and lack supporting evidence. You can see this on her web site at . The evidence strongly shows that this dead “Monty” is not communicating with her and that she or her agent are staging this to make it appear that “Monty” is communicating. There is also the possibility that demons are communicating and impersonating Monty.
6. In the teachings of the Catholic church, Protestant churches and Christian churches, Jewish
religion, Muslim religion and other religions, there is an onus on persons to question and
interrogate the spirits and their messages, and in many cases to disbelieve them. The
scriptures of these religions state clearly that evil entities or demons / devils often
communicate through channelings, ouija boards, mediums and alleged afterlife
communicants. This has been known for thousands of years. Veronica Keen seems unable to understand this.
7. Veronica Keen is basing her evidence for the Dave McCann case on received messages from
this dead “Monty”. She claims Monty saw what really happened on the night of the murder in Fresno, California and told her. She also uses psychics and channelers to get information relating to this. You can see the many lies, slanders, prejudices, and delusions in these channelled messages from “Monty” in the message section of her web site at and other web sites. This forms the basis of
Veronica’s legal defence for Dave McCann. This type of “evidence” is inadmissible in court.
Though the content of these messages will be brought to the courts attention in Fresno,
8. Veronica claims that Dave McCann was mind controlled. This is an outrageous allegation, with no evidence and proofs, and she is using this to claim that Dave McCann is innocent.
9. Veronica is claiming that she and Dave McCann will save the world and defeat the cabal (also termed ‘illuminati’) by performing a ritual with the ark of the covenant on Tara hill in Ireland.
This is crazy stuff. She fully believes it though. She sees Dave McCann as a modern day
messiah. And that the Jews and catholic church are his enemies and trying to stop him saving the world. So there is a war between the Jews on one side and Veronica Keen and her messiah Dave McCann on the other side. In reality, Dave McCann is a plumber from north London in England, and has very little education and knowledge about the world, and is very naive and gullible. And she also claims she reincarnated with him in the past, and they lived as kings and princes. This is the type of delusional stuff one sees in psychiatric hospitals.
10. Veronica Keen has delusions of grandeur and believes that she and Dave McCann will save the world, save humanity. This has influenced Dave McCann’s thinking and state of mind. This delusional ego trip and accompanying paranoia and accusations has created many enemies both real and imagined for her and Dave.
11. Veronica or this so called “Monty” recently published a very insulting message about the Irish Prime Minister and government, which is meant to stoke up political, religious and racism tensions in Ireland. Her messages are read by a lot of people in Ireland. Ireland and its Peace Process is at a very delicate stage at the moment, and interventions like this (from Veronica and so called “Monty”) can cause trouble and further difficulties. This has been brought to the attention of the Irish government and Irish authorities.
12. Veronica raised funds on her web site for a “healing centre in Ireland’. This was the result of
messages received from “Monty” published on her web site, saying that the centre was
necessary in order to save humanity. The future of humanity and the world, including saving it from disaster, destruction, corruption and enslavement depended on this centre, according to the Monty messages. That’s an extraordinary claim to make. This “Monty” claimed that this centre would be built / purchased and be a great success in the future. She claimed the centre in Ireland would cost 450,000 euros. Records show that she raised 81,153 euros between 2014 and 2017. Though there was no proper accounts kept of monies received by mail and over the Internet. She could have got 300,000 euros or more but not declared it. No healing centre was purchased with this money. No deposit was put on any property and no attempt was made to acquire property in Ireland. In late 2017, she stopped raising funds online for this
healing centre. When questions were publicly asked about this healing centre and her
Montague Keen Foundation on the Internet in Spring 2018, Veronica closed down the
Montague Keen Foundation a few weeks later in 2018. Nobody knows yet what happened to the 81,153 euros in the bank account of this Foundation. There will be legal issues around this in the future. I attach evidence of this to the email.
13. It appears that Veronica Keen uses these so called messages and channelings to delude others and make them think and behave in a certain manner. She preys on the naive, the gullible and the weak minded. She uses this to acquire money, fame, prestige and self importance.
Though times are changing as several people online are accusing her of frauds and scams. I include articles about this on the Internet below. These corroborate much of what is stated in the above points.
Google Veronica Keen fraud
Google Veronica Keen scam
This will give you a clearer picture of Veronica Keen and her relationship to Dave McCann. The legal
case for Dave McCann is weak, and has been weakened further by the delusions, incitements, and
paranoia of Veronica Keen. Would any lawyer wish to risk his or her reputation by becoming involved
with Veronica Keen and her many sinister activities ?

Best Regards
Michael Duignan

9 thoughts on “Veronica Keen – Case Closed – Guilty

    • Hey sis, have you moved? Sending you lots of love! *She’s my soul sister for those of you that think she might be my biological earth sister*


  1. Yes I moved in April. Love the new place.Own it free and clear. Sending you All my LOVE and keep up the great work. Also glad you found CW! He cracks me up and it is great to see others calling out the scammers like we have been doing for years!


    • I like the way he dissects things. Yes, his videos go on for a long time and he does ramble a lot, but I love his last one where he challenges Corey Goode and shames him by saying: What are you going to tell your kids? I wish I had time to listen to everyone, but it’s summer now, busy in clinic and garden….but it only takes a few emails from my readers to bring me back! My daughter is arriving in 22 days!


    • Many of us have asked her to disclose but obviously she doesn’t feel obligated to do so. This alone is enough to discredit any work that she does. She’s probably spent it in costume jewelry and clothes, she’s got a fetish for trying to look wealthy.


  2. I am amazed at the shallow thinking of some people who have but a few facts, do you really know what Veronica suffers? What she has been put through, part of the truth is only a fraction of the truth and who is it who holds himself judge and jury? A luxury life style indeed??? That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this person does not know Veronica Keen or her commitment to humanity at all. I feel sorry for such a narrow and negative outlook which does not help Dave in the least.. I have met Dave McCann, this man is incapable of murder, it is not in him and if it is not in a person, they simply can not kill.. I will put my name to this, though it has been mis used it is Jane McCaul

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    • I’m speaking my truth based on verifiable research. I have a right to my opinion and so do you. I think I will now post the hundreds of emails from people who have met Veronica Keen in person and have a lot of nasty things to say about her. Veronica Keen is making her own choices, she is here to do the work as you and I are. If she can make some money doing it, all the power to her, but I do believe in Karma and if she’s done bad things or done wrong, it will come back to her. If enough people agree on a subject, it usually means they are right.


  3. The Vatican for sure is one of the most evil places on Earth and undergoes satanic rituals, pedophilia etc etc. So anyone that supports the Catholic Church with the Vatican as its head is obviously the delusional one! I suggest people make up their own opinion.


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