Self Inflicted Victimhood

I’m sure everyone reading this post has heard or read about Weinstein Hollywood Mogul and his downfall. I’m not a feminist. I don’t believe feminism was designed for the greater good. I believe it was designed to break families apart and if we look at its beginnings and where we are today, there is nothing good to say about the movement. In fact, I have read some stories about the founding feminists who are now 40 years later regretful as they live alone, no children and not much to live for other than the cause that failed.

I believe that all humans should have the same rights, same access to health, same pay for the same work, but I don’t agree that a 5’4″ woman should be allowed to be a firefighter if she can’t carry her own load. Truth is, we are not equal.

The Mortal Man was designed to procreate. It was never intended for him to be with one woman. It is our culture and religious beliefs that have made the rules, but innately, man is not a one woman man, that’s  not his biological nature. It is said and I have read this in many places that women carry the burden of life by pregnancies, hormones and giving birth. I think that men have it harder because each moment of their lives are in a struggle to remain within man’s rules/god’s rules while his nature is to procreate. He’s in a constant struggle within himself to remain loyal while his body/nature wants to have sex with every woman he’s attracted to. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s who we are. Get over it.

We are not equal in our roles, our physical appearances or the way our brains function. Man’s innate role is to provide for the family because he’s stronger and braver. He is the protector, he is the strength for women to draw upon. Women are innately designed to take care of family, to be the nurturer, to give life and raise the children.

Man and woman cannot love only one person. Love isn’t chosen, it’s energy that connects two people. A man will often have a fling and tell his partner that he didn’t know what happened, that he loves his partner, that it didn’t mean anything. He was more than likely being honest, but our culture and religion demonizes man’s wanderings as if it’s a crime or sin. If you have read the bible or at least parts of it, men didn’t have just one wife. In fact, they had many wives and everyone lived together and got along. There were no priests or government agencies that required you to get a marriage license (permission). There were no rules. The only requirement was that a man could have as many wives as he wanted providing he could take care of them. Did you get that? TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe women can be like men, I’m just saying that naturally, we are not equals in any way, shape or form. My daughter sometimes says that I’m old-fashioned. No, I’m not. This is not a trend we’re talking about. I don’t recall Creator making new body suits and changing our innate character and roles. You can’t take a natural form and twist its role or ability. You can’t take a man and force him to be loyal to one woman when he’s not biologically designed to be that way.

When I first met my partner 12 years ago, he was shocked when I told him that I would understand if he had a fling with another woman. Understanding the way men work, I could not FORBID him to go against his own nature. So, we try not to create conditions for them to do that. If a man is happy at home and his needs are met, there is less likely a chance they will wander, but I only wanted him to know this because I expected from him to be honest with me.

Weinstein. After saying what I said, let me start by saying this: There are no victims. Unless he’s forcefully raped a woman, there are no victims. These women chose their career over their own virtues therefore, they have nothing to complain about. I’m shocked at the experts and Mass Media pointing the finger at him as the bad guy. Sure, there are laws now that forbid that kind of behavior, but this would not have happened to these women had they walked out or refused. And if only a few woman did this, perhaps it may have changed the paradigm. So don’t come to me after 30 years and cry wolf just because YOU made a choice to allow this man to do things to you. YOU chose your career over your virtues and therefore, you have no right to complain. If he did rape you, report him to the police, but if you’ve managed to live with this all these years, I’m sure you found a way to deal with your own humiliation.

I’m sick and tired of women blaming men for everything that happens to them. Weinstein and other powerful men not only have power/money but are biologically designed to procreate. It is our choice whether to accept their behaviour or not. I’m sick and tired of every wrong being blamed on men and for every woman victim there is also a male victim. Males have now become victims to feminism and it’s no wonder they have gone AWOL (they became gay). No, not every male is gay because of this but I can bet you anything it has some role to play.

Everthing has been twisted and far removed us from our natural states, our innate truth. Adam and Eve didn’t get married, they didn’t promise anything to each other and in fact, I challenge anyone to find any evidence of a man and woman having to get permission to marry. It’s only when Christianity came into effect that changed the rules and turned men against women. Women have been downgraded, that’s true but that’s because feminine energy is powerful and it had to be subdued. In our reality, men and women should have equal rights, equal pay, equal respect but we are not equals in design and this is why we have so much divorce, so many broken relationships, destruction of the family unit, children that have different fathers. This is not normal or natural.

So, whenever you have an issue or need to find answers in this male/female relationship, look at the nature of it. Nature is true and correct. Men and men, women and women is not natural. It could be because of a hormonal imbalance, but you don’t need to have surgery to prove a point, just be who you are. If you’re a woman and feel you’re more of man, so be it, but you don’t need to go through that artificial process of becoming an artificial man, just be and feel who you are. Nature makes mistakes too, but it’s not natural to be with same sex people and I don’t give a damn whether you agree with that or not. Look at us. Did feminism, accepting homosexuality make us a better race? I think not. Has getting a marriage license and filing for divorce because a partner cheated on you change anything? No.

There was a book I read many years ago titled: “The Mortal Man”. Very interesting if you can find it because after you have read it, everything will make more sense.

Weinstein used his power and money to get what he wanted, but the women always had a choice. They could have said no, walked away or called the police. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Your thoughts are welcome!

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