The Ongoing War against Humanity

I am saddened by the loss of life in Las Vegas and yet not surprised. The entire US is taking a brutal form of attack for karma is coming back to bite it. When I refer to the US, I refer to the people running the country, as an entity by itself. It too is a living being.

The hurricanes have done so much damage and I have read many conspiracies about them being designed. I didn’t feel that at all. I felt an angry Mother shaking off and tired of being poked and prodded. I think I wrote about this in the last month that Mother is shaking off because she’s had enough of being poked, prodded and her blood set on fire. It is the law of nature that is always in effect, and these hurricanes were forceful energies clearing the negative energies that accumulated in that region.

Same with Las Vegas. I haven’t done any researching or reading into the conspiracies as to why this person did this or if he was programmed because in the end, it doesn’t matter. Many were wounded and many lost their lives. Gambling is not a good energy, stealing oil from mother earth is not good energy. But let me assure you this: This was necessary and for those poor souls that had no idea what happened, they were probably young souls not yet equipped to handle this timeline.

Personally, I started to feel different after the Eclipse; my scoliosis really changed pain levels and a feeling of lethargy came over me. I’m still struggling to get out of this pain cycle despite the fact I’m taking Cannabis Oil. On the other hand, I am noticing my very bad veins and varicose veins fade out and there is much less swelling so whether it’s the Cannabis Medicine or the body finally clearing itself of blockages, something is changing.

The hurricanes and now this mass killing is not about revenge, it’s about karma. Did you know that 57 million people died in 2015? I wonder what the biggest cause of death was? The experts claim it was heart disease, I dare to say it was terrorism and I”m talking about the Cabal destroying the Middle East. That is terrorism. When you drop bombs on innocent people or try to kill one terrorist by bombing an entire village, that’s terrorism.

What about people in the Middle East? Do they not experience terror everyday? Do they not wake up each day thanking their god they are alive? Syrians have lived for years with snipers, bombs and bombers raining over them? How come they are not mentioned? When Americans die it’s a terrible thing, but when millions of children are left maimed and without parents, I don’t see the Media talking about them, let alone insisting that we stop doing this.

The karma is now in full effect. There was a period of “Wait and see”, but obviously nothing changed, the Cabal insisted on bombing anything that stood in it’s way so now we have to pay the price. It’s not about revenge. It’s the Law of Nature, Natural Laws. Cause and effect. You cause harm, it comes back. You kill, it will kill back.

Maybe some Americans that have lived through the mass killing in Vegas might consider what it must be like for innocent women and children to run from snipers or watch their entire family die in front of their eyes. Death for the unawakened is a horrific loss. Death for the awakened is a transition to a new energy and timeline.

I have written about this much lately; that we will suffer very much, that things will get worse. Nothing will change until most of us finally realize we have been fooled and lied to. If you have a home to come to and you have a meal on the table, you’re not going to do much to make it a better world. When you lose your home and sadly even your family and have nothing left, only then are you motivated to do something.

The hurricanes united people, brought them together. In this unity there was no skin color, no religion, no political affiliation, it was helping humanity. In order for us to wake up, there has to be more hurricanes, more natural disasters, perhaps even more senseless wars before the masses realize something is really wrong.

Karma is not about revenge. Karma is the creation of your cause and effect. From a mass conscious perspective, karma works different in large populations. In a sense, it might seem that innocent people are suffering because of someone else’s karma. But if you take Texas for instance, where they say that everything is big. All that oil being sucked out of the ground, all the gas guzzling vehicles polluting our planet, these are are negative causes and therefore, manifest negative effects.

I believe that Mother earth is attacking where she is most vulnerable right now. She has so many holes in her that she’s starting to break up and in order to stop it, she had to shake and bake and bring forth some energies to stop this mass drilling.

Here is something I consider very funny. No sooner have the deaths started to pile up in Las Vegas, the pundits and politicians start screaming “more gun control”. Are you serious? Do people actually believe this? The US is the only country in the world that has such high murder rates and prison population while most countries have leaner gun laws and they don’t experience so many murders.

Croatia is a country of approx. 4 million people. We have gun laws but almost every Croatian owns a gun. We rarely hear of murders and when we do, it’s a shock. Switzerland is actually the most armed country in the world per capita and yet you don’t hear about their murder rates. They don’t have one!

They want to take away your guns so you can’t protect yourselves from them. There are many ways to kill. Take for example the so called terrorists on 911. They used paper cutters to hijack a plane and kill over 3000 people? Yeah right. So, taking away your guns isn’t going to stop the gun violence. Americans *gov* simply need to take care of their own people and stop meddling in world affairs. Americans need to stop being the policeman in the world and start implementing the very democracy they are shoving down countries that have lived in peace for thousands of years. They don’t need democracy, they had peace and peace whether it’s an autocratic, dictatorship or whatever, means that people have everything they need and don’t care what type of government they have. This is not about democracy anyways, it’s all big lie.

I feel sad for the people that have lost their lives in the hurricanes and this massacre, but out of the ashes comes many better things. Through tragedy man becomes stronger and better; through loss of life humans forget their political views and just help each other. The American *gov*  I know has become a big bully and the bullying is over.

We know that the empire is crumbling, it’s been obvious to many and then watching this Russiagate comedy, the football players stand or kneel, as if there are not more important things to deal with like the poverty rates in the US, broken infrastructure and oh my goodness, American cities still use old fashioned electricity poles. Even we here in Croatia buried them with new fiber optic cables. I can’t believe that they still have these poles standing up like they do in Taiwan, in third world countries.

So, instead of fighting for the right to carry arms, fight for the right to travel unrestricted, to build your house freely without permits, to make medicine from plants that were given to us. Fight for things like stop meddling in other countries. The IMF has destroyed 27 countries by imposing strict rules in order to lend money.

Americans pay so much in taxes and most of that money goes into wars. Don’t they ever ask their government where their money is actually going? I don’t pay taxes because I don’t work in the system but we pay 25% sales tax. Yes, I’m serious, we pay that much!

We are all facing difficult and challenging times, but those of us that are awake also know this war has to happen. The war against humanity, the David against Goliath and we will win. It will get ugly folks but the sooner you wake up, the sooner it will stop. The war being waged against us is their final act of desperation because we are waking up and starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Look at what is going on in Spain. The Catalonians wanted their independence, 90% voted FOR independence yet were sabotaged by brutal police, they were thrown out of poling stations, old men and woman dragged down the stairs, all in the attempt to stop them from voting.  They are waging an ugly war against us, but in the end, we will win because we already know this, it’s what we came here to do.

The man that killed those people in Las Vegas, in my opinion was programmed to do this. Oh yeah, what about those that killed while using Prozac? Did they take Prozac off the market? Didn’t think so. I’m sure they will find something in his blood and claim that he was on some kind of drugs and lost it.

So, old Soul; we are in the middle of the biggest war waged against us and remember this: We have already determined the outcome, our mass energies going into the final awakening stages will bring forth demonstrations, revolutions and lets just hope they don’t take away your guns before that happens.

I’m with you, I’m always with you and I know you’re confused and uncertain about what is to come, just know that whether we beat this here or on the other side of the veil, victory is the only outcome.


8 thoughts on “The Ongoing War against Humanity

  1. I only recently found your site, so sorry if I am posting too much. You just got me to thinking, which got me to thinking and here is what I just thought:

    If it is all God, then it is all God. The government, the Cabal, Monsanto, the demons, the lower vibratory states, etc. It’s all God. What are we doing in the context of that? Are we treating them like they are God or do we reinforce separation thru demonstrations, riots, and classifying them as evil? What if we treated them like the expressions of God they are? I have found that a ton of responsibility comes with that. If they felt divine, would they start acting divine or are they too immersed in the illusion? If they are too immersed in the illusion, and we rise up against them, are we any different? Shouldn’t we still love them unconditionally? If we aren’t loving them unconditionally, then what we are really saying is that they are something other than God, which cannot be true. Maybe this is the reason so much time has passed an so little has changed. It is not them. There is no them. It is us.


  2. On the other hand, there is the idea that you will occasionally have to adopt what you are not as a statement of what you are. Even if you are a peaceful person, you may have to go to war against an attacker to establish peace. You may also have to (lovingly) rise up against a despot to stop him from hurting himself and others thru his behavior. The terms war and despot can be applied broadly. I think what Monsanto does is a war on our health. So maybe rising above them spiritually would be less effective than a punch in the nose. Ditto the military industrial complex.

    I guess what I’m saying is I have no idea what is right or wrong. I know the light is supposed to shine equally on the monastery and the brothel, but if they’re wearing 70 SPF, maybe a fire hose would be more effective.


    • I like the way you view things. I think that as long as we keep focused on the fact that we are Creators and that we create our own reality. We have to stop looking at each other as humans and respect each other as Souls experiencing what we came to experience. This is the only reality that exists in a duality. Nothing in nature exists as a duality. A flower isn’t bad if it’s flower points to the east while other flowers point to the west. It just IS. We are here to have our experience. We also agreed to have our memories blocked before incarnating because we all knew that once we came here, life would be difficult in the sense that our experiences were in the physical. So, when you see another Being/human; give them compassion because although you may not be a beggar in this reality, that beggar maybe was everything and as a final gig wanted to experience that of being homeless. It’s very difficult to live that way because our lives are determined by societal rules and regulations.
      Here is a perfect example: In the modern world, having sex with a 12-year-old is a crime. Even consensual sex with a 12-year-old is illegal. Illegal. We consider this to be immoral, sickening and should lock up the person doing things like this. Who set these rules? Who got to decide what is illegal and immoral?
      In India and many parts of Asia, once a girl has her menstrual period, she is considered a woman and can choose if she wants to have sex or not. Mind you, their “culture” may want to marry her off, but the point is that we in the West consider it to be a crime, while in India, maturity is determined by a biological process/natural process.

      Christians bury their dead. Buddhists cremate because they “know” we are just a filthy stinking pile of meat and that the Soul leaves the body. Christians bury their dead and spend a fortune in graves and maintenance. You should see the days before Catholics “celebrate” the Day of the Dead. Flower sellers make a fortune, graves are filled with this shit…for what? I consider it to be a “money making religion”.
      So, each country has it’s own cultural and religious beliefs. Who are we to attack another country for it’s human right laws when we in the West need Permission to be bore, to die, to drive a car, to open a bank account. We have more numbers in our wallets than a hacker can identify with.
      The way you see things and view them is your truth. If your truth brings you closer to Source/Creator that’s all that matters.


  3. Some things occurred to me the other day when I was watching John Gilliland and he was talking about how some ET races are here helping us raise our energy/vibrational state because the whole planet is going to be raising its frequency and we want to be in sync with that. I thought, “Have I just traded messiahs?”

    Everybody is always talking about somewhere over the rainbow. It’s like we’re a bunch on immigrants stuck in some third world hell-hole and we all want to migrate to a better place.

    Then I thought, as long as there have been humans, there has been human caused suffering and strife. Then I thought, well, even before humans, everything was trying and succeeding at eating everything else in order to live and that still goes on today and a precondition for life. This place is a meat grinder.

    Then I thought, what if this is the purpose of Earth? To be a hell hole, where we incarnate in order to have very 3D experiences of pain and suffering yet still find moments of joy and things to love so that we can become stronger in our spirit. What if there is no ascension of this planet and Mother earth knows this? What if global warming is just a way of turning up the heat, so to speak, and it is not so much a revenge on the species as the Earth pushing us harder to see what we have got in us? What if Monsanto and the Cabal are essentially stage props for us to practice our spiritual chops and all of this Heaven on Earth stuff is wishful thinking? What if we incarnate here, over and over, with ever new kinds of suck until our soul is finely polished and has the radiant glow of a Christ consciousness?

    What if the wheel is here to stay and we have to earn our ticket off? If that is the case, it does no good to think that ETs or Gaia or anything else is going to sky crane us out of here.


    • You are correct. We created this hellish experience. Many souls that are millions of years old have come to have their first ‘physical’experience. How do we know bad without good? How do we know love without hate and envy? There is no savior. we are the ones that will save ourselves, we just have to break the spell of believing we are human and find our way back home.


  4. …and an other thing…

    What if all those light orbs, ETs, and all the other hyperdimensional bric-a-brac are in on it? I mean, if we are here to evolve spiritually on an individual basis, that probably takes a hell of a lot micro-managing. What if all those guys are here to make sure the game stays challenging and pushes us as hard as we can take it so we can make the most of our time here?

    And, if this is an auto-scaling proving ground, there is only one question that exists: Have I proven myself?


    • Have I proven myself?

      Only you know that answer. What is that you need to prove? All I need to prove is that I am the light, the light shines when love occupies our energy field. Without feeling love, there is nothing to prove.


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