Yes, You are an Impostor if you Claim to get messages from Prime Creator

Here is the proof that Prime Creator chose Alexandra to be the “only” person he channels through and anyone else is an impersonator. Did you hear that? I wonder how long this video will last. Do people actually believe that a Prime Creator will choose ONE person in this reality to channel to? You decide for yourself.

There is nothing new in this message that most awakened people don’t know or feel. I’m never dispute the information given to people, I dispute the “chosen” ones because we were all created equally therefore, we either all get the same messages or nobody does. What makes this person special? Did you notice that 2.5 minutes was spent on advertising and marketing? Judge for yourself.

I’m sure Alexandra is a good person and like everyone else has to make a living, but hey, I get messages too and my Creator doesn’t ask me to be his messenger.

Let’s see how long this video will  last before it’s removed.


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