What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

I have been following the next scare event or God’s wrath or Nibiru that is supposed to happen tomorrow, Sept.23rd. If I’m wrong, I guess you won’t be able to let me know because we will all be dead and celebrating our ascension to another dimension but if I were you, I wouldn’t count on anything like that, not this time.

The war is going on, war against humanity and god has nothing to do with it. Despite the thousands of bible thumpers trying to find truth in the bible and quoting verses that are written by who knows who; god is not coming, Jesus is not returning and we will be here tomorrow.

What concerns me is the man made hurricanes, the drying out of beaches in South America, the increased earthquake activity and land moving. All of these events are caused by technology to keep the fear of ‘god’ in us and it’s not whether it’s being done intentionally, rather why and what their motive/agenda is.

Yes, there are hundreds of different speculations as to why this horrific war is being waged against us but you can be sure of one thing: It will only get worse before it gets better and we are now in a full fledged war. They are  openly attacking us from all sides of the spectrum trying to keep us in extreme fear because if we can transcend the fear, we will win. All is energy/frequency. Everything is energy/frequency. They are using these frequencies against us because THEY are in fear of losing the war. Love is what they want to destroy but they don’t understand that nothing can destroy love, it can only be delayed or subdued. Love is our innate frequency from which we were created, no frequency is as high as love and the frequency of love cannot be destroyed. Fear will neutralize love but it can’t destroy it.

In other words, whatever they try and do to us, love will prevail. Love as an energy not this love your neighbor crap. Love as our innate inheritance can never be annihilated. So whatever they try to do, nothing can destroy us, only force us to leave our bodies and come back if that is what we want to do.

If tomorrow doesn’t exist, so be it, at least you won’t be able to dispute my thoughts, but I don’t feel it coming. I feel more extreme and dangerous weather, I feel the earth moving and shaking, I feel the oceans draining because the earth is expanding, but I don’t feel a sudden end to this reality.

So far I have not been wrong about my feelings and intuitions which may be comforting to you, but remember old soul: You and I were chosen to be here, we are ancient souls, travelers of all energies and frequencies, children of Love and there is nothing that can change that truth. Keep shining your light and if I’m wrong, well, hey, see you on the other side!


Much love,



4 thoughts on “What if Tomorrow Never Comes?

      • Let me add something about feeling the love. Last night as I snuggled under the blankets, I thought about everything ending today. I wondered if I had memorized what I need to think when I leave this body. It is said that whatever we believe will happen after we die, that it will happen. So, I thought: I’ve been a good human, I help people, I give things away and then get angry for doing it because it was my last pink sweater. I wanted to make that person happy. My goal in this reality is to learn and be a good human, to lift those that are falling and to give hope to those that have none left. I told my partner 12 years ago when we first started living together: Please don’t TELL me you want something. Ask me if I have time and I will gladly do it when it comes from the heart. I don’t do favors, I give from love.” In other words, I don’t do anything unless I feel it in my heart, anything else is just pleasing or doing favors. I don’t differentiate from one human to the next. We were all created equally. Man changed the rules and separated us. LOVE is the highest frequency. If you live in LOVE, you are shining your light.


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