Peace to All

It is said and I believe it to be true that while under the influence of alcohol, we show our true selves. Are the rules the same as Cannabis? As I write this, I’m under the influence of Cannabis Oil; feeling relaxed and maybe even a bit vulnerable as I’m open to negative influences. I have just had a cup of tea made from Cannabis stems and I must tell you it’s an incredible experience. When you see a happy drunk, he’s a happy guy. When you see an aggressive drunk, he’s one unhappy and angry person. Our true identity is revealed under the influence and if you want to know someone before you start a relationship with them, get them drunk first and then you will know who they are.

But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to tell you that I was right about the mass hysteria from full moons, blood moons, economic collapses, the Rapture, and this most recent total Eclipse that only the US got to experience this time around. So, what happened to all the bible thumpers now? Did god change his mind and decide not to avenge himself upon humanity? Did god decide to give everyone a second chance? I didn’t pay much attention to the Eclipse because it’s just another sensationalized event. It happens as a natural occurrence although I didn’t see anything natural in it at all. It just seemed too perfect for the moon to cover the sun. Despite the distance between the Sun and Moon and it just happens to cover it perfectly? It just happens to travel across the US? Doesn’t this sound like a construct? I’m going by my intuition here as I’m not an expert in Astronomy or physics, but I do have common sense and logic and something stinks about this Eclipse.

Perhaps we’re just more aware of our environment, we ask more questions, we don’t take everything for granted as true, we just question things.

So question this: Didn’t Americans have better things to do in life than stand out in the sun and wait for this eclipse? Could they not see it from their homes? Isn’t it more important to stand out in front of the White House and demand disclosure? Have we lost track of our priorities?

This fear mongering has been going on for centuries. Remember way back in the 50’s when they started to demonize Cannabis? Wasn’t that about the time when pharmaceutical companies started producing drugs? Did you ask yourself the question: If we know that Chemotherapy is just business, the doctor knows it’s just business; do you ever wonder if they are psychopaths? Psychopaths kill without guilt, they make people feel bad without guilt. Are doctors not psychopaths when they intentionally pressure you into chemotherapy and know it’s not going to kill the cancer. When they know the poisons will not only kill cancer cells but all the healthy cells?

Have you asked today why the sky is no longer blue? Why in the middle of summer there are floods and hail? Did you ask yourself what would happen if you put away $1 everyday for the next 20 years how much money you could save?

What are they going to think of next to make us fearful? I’m not talking about me, I fear nothing. In fact, my now deceased mother used to yell at me for being so fearless. Yes, I would jump in the fire like Trump and then realize it was hot. It’s called being stupid, but at the time, my mother thought it was due to a stubborn nature. Sure glad I was stubborn because I don’t think I would have survived everything I went through in this reality.

There is no lesson in this post, I’m simply sharing my thoughts. The feeling of total peace and serenity should be on everyone’s menu. Make some cannabis stem tea, thank the Universe for all that you have and for all that you don’t have. It’s an ugly reality out there, but if you can find that spot within, even bombs coming down can’t change your mood. And that is what life is all about. We find our inner peace, our inner sanctuary because it’s the only safe place to be when things get rough. Live from the heart and act from the brain. Remember, our brains don’t serve us, they serve the body and we are not our body.

Remember who you are old soul; quick, time is running out.


2 thoughts on “Peace to All

  1. Your words are so much appreciated. I know how difficult it is to be able to explain something which can only be felt. Words can do no justice to the love waiting for us on the other side.
    Thank you..I am sorry..PLease forgive me..I love you..Ho’oponopono


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