Flat, Round and Manifesting Reality


I may make a fool out of myself with this post, but it feels right so we’re going to talk about the Flat Earth. As this post shows: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/questions-about-flat-earth/, I wasn’t concerned so much because it wouldn’t change my life in any way, it didn’t matter if it was flat or a sphere; but Michael Tellinger helped me decide in the above video because it’s based on Empirical Evidence. There is more proof showing the Earth is flat then there is about it being a sphere.

Michael Tellinger:


I can’t seem to link a YT video called ” Under The Dome”, good watch!

Most of our science and physics is based on theories and lies. Scientists would have to literally travel from Earth through the various atmo/strato/blah/spheres, through the Solar System and out into deep space to be able to ‘ prove‘  their science is correct.

The mere fact that we have no photos of the Earth other than what NASA admits to fabricating an image based on fragments of images the satellites collect then create a composite of what they think Earth might actually look like or want us to believe.

I’m not a scientist nor am I am expert in anything related to these topics, but I do have good intuition and common sense. I have seen enough to be convinced that there is no curvature in the horizon or looking at an object from a distance. Even from an airplane, I have never seen any curves in the distance. Even the clouds are flat and not rounded at the far ends.

So, this alone is good enough for me. If the Earth is round, then why don’t we build curved bridges? If we travel at approx. 50,000 m. per hour around the sun and then together with other planets move towards the galactic center, how come we don’t feel anything? The truth is what you see. If Earth travels at such speeds, how come chemtrails don’t disappear in a second? How come cloud horizons are level?

So, based on my research, I am now out of Denial and believe that we’re living on a flat Earth, encased in a dome and that we are like a giant terrarium for the rest of the living beings to observe us. It’s like being in a fishbowl and you know that story. The fish know there is a world out there beyond the glass but can’t get out and even if they could, they couldn’t survive. They’re aware that a world beyond what their eyes can see exists and can only speculate because even if humans knew they couldn’t communicate that to the fish.

Maybe we are an experiment as some people claim. Maybe we wanted to create a duality world, separate ourselves from Source to see if we could figure it out but had to be isolated otherwise someone could tell us the truth and it would ruin the experiment. This doesn’t seem that logical because the truth is being hidden from us at all costs. In other words, someone does know the truth and is going to great lengths to keep us away from the truth.

If the Earth is flat then so many things change. It means the pole shift theory is false or made up because it goes along with the round earth lie. If the Earth is flat, it doesn’t have North or South poles. Magnetic poles don’t exist and since we’re not allowed to travel to the North or South poles, it’s obvious they are hiding something.

Logic and common sense dictates that when you stand outside and look up to the sky, you don’t see or feel movement. I always thought this gravity theory was crap. We’re moving at thousands of miles per hour and then together with other planets in a spiral movement outwards towards a galactic center yet oceans don’t fall over or slosh around? Now when I think about this, how the fuck can gravity keep massive amounts of ocean from not overflowing?

South Americans would be standing sideways looking at the map with US/Canada in front of us, but water pours into their glasses sideways because of gravity? How does gravity know what’s East or West, gravity isn’t selective and it only works up and down not sideways.

The Pole Shift is about fear. Although I have always believed it to be an impossibility, and for the last 10 years so called experts and researchers have been warning about this happening any day, instilling fear into the masses because this is what control is all about. If this is the case, why don’t we get hit by meteors and space debris? If there are thousands of satellites in the Earth’s orbit, how come we never hear about one being hit or falling to Earth?

But wait a minute. Alex Collier has been in contact with Andromedans since the 70’s and I don’t remember anything about them telling him the Earth is flat. If it is, then Alex is full of crap or the Andromedans are not who they claim to be. How would he know anyways? It’s not like he hangs out with other Andromedans so he can discern who is real and who is a fake. I don’t think that Alex is dishonest, but I think he’s been duped because I have always believed that our right to not be interfered with must be honored and that those that do contact humans are not of the light but are dark entities trying to confuse us or keep us from finding the truth.

But wait a minute. Barbara Marciniak has been channeling the Pleaideans for over 40 years and I have been with her from the start, but I remember on a few occasions where they have said the Earth is not flat. If the Earth is flat, then Barbara is either a fake or she too is being duped into who the Pleaideans are really.

Billy Meier was told by the Plajerans they gave themselves that name; but that there is no such race as the Pleaideans. This would confirm something that I write about from the start of this blog. We are not allowed to be contacted; the law of non-interference must be respected, therefore the only conclusion I can come to is that those that do contact Humans are not of the light and don’t wish us well.

Nobody has ever traveled far enough into space to take an image of Earth. The same globe we look at in photos is the same from 100 years ago, only touched up a bit because of technology. We have satellites that can scan your eye retina yet we can’t get an image of Earth?

Because we’re restricted within a Dome/Matrix and like in the Truman Story, if we ever figured out the truth, we would cause a global civil war. Problem is that even if we found out the truth, we can’t make the Earth round. Does it matter whether it’s round or not? Is this really about whether the Earth is flat or spherical? No.

Nothing would change and this is why I wasn’t concerned about it; but if it is true that I live on a flat Earth then the question that will be driving me crazy is: Why are we being lied to? Was that part of the experiment that our goals were to figure it out? Why is this being hidden to us? What do we have to gain if we find out the truth? What does anyone have to lose by us finding out the truth? What difference does it make flat or round? Scientists have made many wrong assumptions or theories and have come clean many times and corrected their data.

We all know what even science and medicine can make mistakes. We also respect them when they admit to it and remedy the situation or correct the data. What is the problem with them telling us their research was incorrect and that they now believe the Earth is flat?

There are thousands of images drawn and painted from ancient history and civilizations depicting the Earth as a flat dome. They were not primitive civilizations. Some were much more advanced who lived before us. They built the Pyramids that we can’t figure out how they did it and we can’t duplicate what they built even with the technology we have today.

They lied about our history. They lied about how old our Earth is. They lied about the Pyramids, about alien gods and civilizations. They lied about everything. Why?

Because they don’t want us to know or find out we are powerful creators? They used us for their agenda. They hijacked our minds that they actually created (genetically altered the human body suit) and then used us to create their reality because they know how the mind works. They created dissonance in us so that we would believe the lies and through our thoughts create their reality. How?

Simple. They want to continue to rule and control this planet. They make up the story of N. Korea being bad and is a dictatorship. Because very few people are allowed in N. Korea, there is not much solid evidence to prove that Koreans are not hungry and that generally they are very happy. They have continually misinformed us to believe that N. Korea is a threat and this is then transferred to our thought processes and if enough of humanity believes that Korea will be attacked, IT WILL. This is how we manifest for them, which leads me to believe that if they need to use us, it means those that control us don’t have what we have.

I can’t say enough times that you are a powerful being and instead of being obsessed with finding the truth that you start learning how to use your power to improve your life and existence while you are here. Slowly, we will stop creating their reality and we will collapse it. When we collapse it, the dome will fall and we can finally free ourselves from this prison.

I may not be able to change this reality alone; but by using my power to create, I have created the life that I want. By focusing all my energy into what I want, eventually it manifests itself. The speed all depends on how much energy I give it. Usually, and lately; if I spend most of the day thinking about what I want, it manifests in a day or so, so it all depends on how much power you give to your thoughts.

Here is an example of something I want to manifest. How to and how NOT to.

How to manifest a greenhouse. After deciding that I want the greenhouse, I have to manifest the money to buy it. I don’t focus on the money, I focus on the intent. So, like anything, you build the thoughts to build the concept. I imagine and think about the space I want to deliver it to. What I need to do in order to clear that space, visualize the greenhouse itself. I draw out plans on how I want it to function inside. Do I want a keyhole shape raised bed or do I want half side raised bed and the other side as a working space. I see myself working in the greenhouse. This is what I write about, think about and see myself as.

What not to do or think: You can’t manifest by wishing something. I wish I had a greenhouse. I wish I had money for a greenhouse. I need money for a greenhouse. Will I be able to find the money? Will I be able to get it this year? These are non-intent thoughts. Universe isn’t getting instructions, it doesn’t see your plan or visualize the greenhouse. Wanting, wishing and hoping are all non-intent thoughts.

So, when you want to manifest something, you literally manifest that in your mind, see it the way you want to see yourself. If it’s having a lot of money, see yourself counting it or sharing it with others. See yourself shopping for things you want. If you need money to pay the mortgage, see yourself at the bank making the payment, sitting in your home relaxed and happy. You literally have to ” imagine” what you want to manifest. If you have ANY doubts, if you’re not sure, if you have self doubts about your abilities, you will not be able to manifest.

At first it takes a while because you have to remove the self doubts and uncertainties. You have to ” know” you are a powerful creator and your thoughts have to be intentions or visions of what you want.

I live this everyday, although I spend less time focused on what I want because I have everything I want, but yesterday I started to manifest a protector for my new cellphone. Today, I went to the mainland and found one at a price I could afford/willing to spend.

When I manifested the greenhouse, I actually went out to the garden to the space I wanted to build it and measured the exact space for it. I drew plans, I created a list of vegetables/plants that I wanted to grow. I researched on ideas; all day long I just thought about that greenhouse and how beautiful it would look in the garden. A few days later, as I was making a batch of Cannabis Oil; there was much more oil produced than I thought and was able to sell it exactly for what the Greenhouse cost me.

Stop creating their reality of wars, death, destruction, racism and negative behaviors and start manifesting your own reality by focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want.

When you’re watching something you don’t like, you must ” think with intent” in order to not create their reality. They are using methods to deceive you and insert thoughts into your mind so that you focus on it and create for them. ” This is not my reality and I will have no part of it”; is usually what I think when I come across things that don’t fall into my reality. By doing this, we will eventually collapse the Matrix/Dome.

This has been a very long post and I thought about separating the Flat Earth and Manifesting but somehow they blended really well together. I’m not the fat lady giving advise to others on how to lose weight. I’m actually living what I give advice about. I have experience in manifesting.

Let me clarify something. Manifesting is not easy. Why? Because we don’t have an entire day to just sit around, meditate on what we want. We all have to venture into the world, go to work, take care of our children, whatever else that we need to do during the day so we have to find time in between to focus. This is the challenge. The challenge is to remove thoughts that don’t benefit you in any way. To avoid discussions that don’t benefit you in any way. To stop worrying about the little stuff like do you have enough vacuum filters to clean the house or will you be able to buy lunch tomorrow because it’s a holiday. These things are like weights on our minds, they clutter the space we could use for more beneficial thoughts. It’s a process that requires a lot of practice and remembering that we are trying to manifest. A simple phone call can throw you off because the conversation upset you or caused you to worry about something.

I found it much easier when I became the observer, I didn’t react to the external stimuli, I simply saw it for what it was without emotion or judgement. Our minds are cluttered with so much crap that we have to clear the garbage first, set our goals, make a good plan and then start practicing it.  Like me, you won’t get it the first time, you may feel at times that nothing is moving or nothing is happening, be patient. Just losing confidence will stop the manifesting. You have to get to a point where you already have what you want. The Universe just gives more of what you have.

Hope this helped and hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself on the Flat Earth but it’s not about whether it’s flat or round. I want to know WHY it’s being hidden from us. I want to know why we are not told the truth. So, I will keep digging and searching until I find the answers.


5 thoughts on “Flat, Round and Manifesting Reality

  1. As a four year old, I’d stand nth-sth and swing a billy of milk (full) in hand, in circles thru the pivot of shoulder. The contents did not “spill or slosh” over the edge I’d on an east west alignment, same action same result. Maybe just maybe ,,,, that’s the action wot keeps der oshuns from spill’n out and over!


  2. I so have believed in outer space and aliens for most my life, but after doing research on flat earth questions arise. It’s one or the other like you say… still trying to figure out. So what lies beyond South Pole. MAybe here is where these aliens reside…
    Where can I learn to produce this cannabis oil as I have a mother with sever pain and hates the opioids they give her. Thank you and much love!


  3. I live directly at the ocean on the island of Maui. The horizon of the ocean does NOT look like a flat line at all, but very much curved……. and ships slowly sink behind the horizon line of the ocean — I’m sure they are not just falling of the ocean, but keep going on the round earth, just out of my sight.


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