Dumbed Down and Drugged

My usual morning routine is to make my coffee, sit at laptop and turn on RT news to see what madness is happening and where it’s happening. After watching what is going on in the US, I thought about writing a Dear American post but then thought it would not be appropriate because most of you that read this blog are not as stupid, ignorant, violent, disrespectful, hateful and drugged up or dumbed down as other Americans are. To make matter worse, I find this message below in my FB Messenger. My first reaction after reading this was sadness. I didn’t take offense to this, it didn’t bother me that someone would go out of their way to find me and then leave something like this because there is nothing to get upset about. I feel sad for all Americans that think and feel this way. What happened to the “Beacon of Light” America once stood for?

This person obviously doesn’t have much respect for fellow human beings, doesn’t value different views and opinions and unless you’re agreeing with him, he will label you as something. It’s just sad, really sad because as I often write, this is not going to end up very good. Trump is just another diversion to keep you chasing his problems, while things are being planned and done in the background.

There was a time when I was hopeful that humanity would finally open it’s eyes to the problems it’s caused and find a way to come together, but as each days passes, I am losing hope. Not for me, not for humanity, but for Americans because THEY, the Americans will decide the fate of their country. They can blame anyone they want for things going wrong, but this kind of hatred and violence will only bring more of it and this is what the cabal wants. They want chaos, they want disorder so they can bring in Marshall Law and bring in the big tanks.

There is no need for me to give out advice because each one of us are creators of our own realities, but it’s obvious this is the path Americans have chosen and I’m sure there is purpose in this, nothing happens by chance. And finally, this man that I won’t leave his identity obviously didn’t like what I wrote though he didn’t refer to any specific post so not sure what it was that triggered his deranged anger, but it must have something to do with God or god; whatever, let’s just hope he realizes what he’s done and has done me no harm, only to himself and contributed to  lowering his frequency.

“I just read your blog on OUTOFTHISWORLDMATRIX. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hereby dub you as the NEW-UNSURPASSED BIGGEST MORON WHO’S EVER WASTED OXYGEN ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET! ( Yes, I was yelling – I had to make sure your dense little pea sized brain could absorb it. ) You fit right in on that site with those whacko disinfo new age artists! Have you ever considered suicide? Honestly, that is your best option at this point. When this hits the National media airwaves, I promise to make sure your name and facebook page is listed as well as the morons who own the blog site. People need to know delusional idiots like you are really out there. See you on the tube… moron.”


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