The Infinite Invisible Power Within – Magic

I’m not just Ines. I wonder what my mother was thinking when she named me. I know throughout my childhood that she consistently look for fault in me. She wanted me to be perfect but used Reverse Psychology. Instead of encouragement, she called me names and expected me clean and wash at the same level as her. Imagine a 12 year old child expected to wash dishes the same way as a mother who’s had over 40 years of experience?

I’m not just Ines. I’m a mother, sister, daughter, life partner, gardener, photographer, herbalist, healer, psychologist, researcher, writer, blogger, housekeeper,  cook, pet lover, observer of nature, and many other things. You are too. Our identity is not based on just our name or what we do for a living. Our identity is about everything we are and humans are multifunctional beings. We don’t need diplomas or degrees to be considered experts.  The Matrix set this up so that at birth we’re issued a number (birth certificate) and like farm animals are forced to tread through life acquiring skills and diplomas that don’t create much for us except debts.  Our entire lives, we are programmed to believe that what we do/create is who we are. I am not a machine, I am Ines, the Creator.

I am also power, invisible and unnoticed, I come to realize this every new day as something new and different happens. I don’t live with a schedule, I simply live each moment looking for miracles and creating what I want. Looking back into my life, I have always succeeded in getting what I want but only now realized because I was unknowingly focused on it and visualized it until I made it a reality. I thought it was just luck all those years, but I realize now, I had the power to create and knew how to use it.

Which leads me now to my Cannabis plants and how I became aware in the last few weeks how I can change nature simply by my thoughts. When I first planted the 14 Cannabis plants outdoors on April 11th, I didn’t know the sex of the plants. It’s almost impossible to know the sexes until they form 3 or 4 nodes at least and there is a specific way to identify them. Because they were so small, I used my Pendulum to identify the males and females and placed a marker beside them;  because regardless that I trust the Pendulum, I always leave room for mistakes. According to the assessment, I placed the males and females separately so that when the time came, I could pull out the males. This requires constant attention to watch their development as they grow because if the males open their pollen sacks, they will pollinate the females and the result is smaller buds and lots of seeds.

Although I read and experts claim that pollinated females and male plants don’t produce good quality bud, I don’t care because it’s for Medicinal Use and last year being my first time, I let all males and females do their thing and I can tell you that I got so high from the Oil that it didn’t make a difference to me and my partner has healed. Regardless, I wanted to do it the way the experts advise to get the best quality Cannabis Oil.

According to the Pendulum, 3 males and 11 females. Out of 20 seeds that I germinated, 14 sprouted so this in itself is a high percentage in male/female germination rate. They say it’s usually about 50/50 and given that I had no idea what strains they were, I was at bigger odds.

Each day I would greet my females plants with “Hello my beauties”. The males were on the other side of the garden and so I had to go them and would speak to them differently. “I wish you were females because I will have to pull you out, so please don’t grow so fast”. I was really sad that I had to do that and each time I watered them or fertilized them, I would keep repeating this mantra.

A few weeks ago it was possible to see the sexes and the Pendulum was accurate, with the exception of one male between the females and as soon as it started to form the pollen sacks, I removed it and made some Cannabis Oil. Despite what the experts say about it’s quality not being as good as the bud part, my partner could feel the benefits and it was just in time because we ran out of the Oil from last year’s crop. He’s been taking such small doses over the year because I didn’t have much oil to start with and I wanted to ensure that he had consistent medicine albeit it being a small dose.

So, you’re wondering by now where this is all leading? It’s leading to the fact that the males, or at least I thought they were and they looked like they were males started to change. I thought I just made a mistake and waited to see what would happen. But it doesn’t end here either. Although I am a newbie at growing Cannabis, I was able to grow a few plants last year as mentioned they were males and females. They grew very thin and tall, I didn’t really take care of them because someone gave me the seeds and I wanted to see if they would even grow in this Mediterranean climate and soil.

During the winter and spring, I spent all my free time reading, studying and contacting medical cannabis experts and growers to ensure I would get the best quality crop.

The males, turned female. That’s it in a nutshell. In other words, with the exception of 1 male plant I pulled out and processed, I now have 13 female plants.

Logical thinking tells me that I either didn’t know enough to identify the males, the Pendulum was wrong, the strains were different and therefore, could look different when developing sexes; or the power of my thoughts and daily communication with the plants made them change or switch to males.

When I greeted the male plants, I would often say: “I wish you were females, because eventually I will have to pull you out, I’m so sorry that I have to do this”. Is it really possible to change the sex of a Cannabis plant through thoughts?

The Innate me knows that the power of thought with a deep desire to have females switched the plant sexes from male to female. This wasn’t about wanting more bud material, I never ever thought about it this way, it was a feeling of compassion that in this case of producing medical Cannabis Oil, males don’t contribute and therefore it’s recommended they are pulled out and thrown out.

Honestly, each plant can yield between 300 to 500 grams of bud.  500 grams of bud according to the producers can yield from 60 to 120 grams of Oil concentrate. Since my partner is well and his disease is in remission, we only need 2 plants to supply us both for a year or until next harvest. The extra plants would be used to help others and sell a small portion so I can cover my costs. Producing Cannabis Oil is not cheap, so I had no material desires, it was all about healing my partner and others.

I admit that I’m still a newbie at growing Cannabis. Although this is now my 2nd year and I have spent countless hours studying and reading books etc., there is room for mistakes, but I feel confident the sexes of the male plants were correct.

Lets look at another perspective. I germinated 20 seeds, of which 14 sprouted from unknown strains. Growers say it’s usually a 50/50 germination rate between males and females. What were the odds that I had over 90/10 germination ratio or 2 males and 12 females from 14 sprouted seeds? It’s unheard of.

So far and all these years, my pendulum has been accurate so I have no other logical explanation other than my power to create through thought.

My spiritual self acknowledges that it created the image and desire for those males to switch to females. Some may argue including myself because I’m a skeptic at heart that this is not possible biologically.

Dr. Bruce Lipton was able to show scientifically that living cells adapt to their environment; that the environment plays a mayor role in how a cell behaves. This Science that isn’t mentioned in the mainstream is called Epigenetics. There is truth to this otherwise why keep it a secret and why don’t we hear about this?

Our genes are activated by environment and thought. We’re not victims of our genes, we activate them through thought. Don’t take my word for it, research Dr. Bruce Lipton on his work over the past 20 years. Why isn’t Epigenetics mainstream science? Because if we knew this, we could cure ourselves and we would never get Cancer.

Do you have any idea how many times your body has fought off Cancer? We all have Cancer cells in our bodies, it’s really just a healthy cell for whatever reason turning against itself. The moment you think or have been diagnosed with Cancer you will either reject that concept and beat it or you will go home with it and die just as the doctor predicts you will.

Didn’t you every find it odd that Oncologists can actually predict how long you will live with Cancer? Don’t you find it stunning that they know what your odds of surviving are if you choose to accept their poisonous chemotherapy and radiation?

Our infinite power can either kill us or heal us. This invisible power is actually more dangerous to us when we don’t know we have it because our thoughts give the brain instructions and it then sends signals to the organs to execute our instructions.

Don’t you find it odd that the people you know that got Cancer actually talked about it and feared getting it? Fear attracts fear. Fear is just a brain function, it’s something we invented to control us. There is nothing to fear because it’s always about the unknown or possible future outcomes. When we fear those possible future outcomes, we are actually giving them power and they will manifest.

Our infinite power is dangerous when we don’t know we have it or don’t know how to use it. We get ourselves into so much trouble because we’re not aware of how powerful thoughts are.

50 years ago we started with “you have to think positive”. No, thinking positively like “everything will be ok” means nothing. What does positive thinking actually mean? It means foreseeing a future positive outcome, but what event are we talking about? There is nothing specific about “Positive thinking”. What Positive Thinking really is, is this: Instead of thinking that we will heal from the cancer, we have to change that thought to: “I am well and I am healthy”.

” I will heal from this Cancer”. The brain doesn’t know what to do with this statement. It’s not getting a command or instruction. This is a neutral thought. When you say “I am well. I am healthy. I don’t have Cancer”, the body then works on this. We’ve come a long way of positive thinking. It’s about giving instructions to the brain. When we want something we have to see it as already happened. I saw those male plants as potential females, I let them know this. Did I succeed or was I wrong about the sexes? I don’t know and I certainly can’t tell you for sure, but I do believe I did succeed. I just didn’t know at the time what I was doing and it took a few weeks to realize this.

This is what I’m talking about. We won’t get instant results. Our thoughts of something have to be constant, focused and we have to visualize that what we want. It’s a conversion of thought energy to creation energy. It’s believing you have this power but because we have been so dumbed down, we have lied and deceived about who we are, we have lost that ability and we’ve forgotten.

The next time you need to find truth in my story, use a plant as an experiment and I’m going to do the same. I am going to set aside a plant and not water it. I will talk to it everyday using words like: “You’re not dehydrated, you look great, your leaves are beautiful”. Do this everyday and every moment you have free and see if the plant will live and survive without water. Our plants die because we tell them they will. Go into nature, plants don’t die so fast without water because there is no energy out there telling them they are dying. Of course in time they will, but it’s 10 times slower and we look at our plants and our first thoughts are: Does it have water, oh my goodness it looks dry, if I don’t water soon it will wilt”. We literally determine the fate of our plants because someone told us if we don’t water them they will die.

And finally this: Does it really matter in the end how I got 13 females plants? It doesn’t. Maybe I want to believe that I created that reality. If that’s my belief, than my belief itself created the reality I wanted. In the end if you recover from Cancer and didn’t accept the toxic potions of modern medicine, do you really care how? My patients don’t ask me what my treatments cost. Most of them don’t even ask what I do. They want results. Some are curious and will ask what each method does or how I do certain things, but most came with a belief they will be better because someone told them they would. Did their power of thought or my hands heal them? Does it matter? The result is what matters.

We waste so much time analyzing and breaking down things yet in the end, what matters is that we get what we need and want. Our power of thought is a dangerous weapon when we’re not aware we have it. It’s also lifesaving when we know how to use it.

I have witnessed this myself over the last 10 years and to this day, after my patients leave with smiles on their faces (no pain), I still question this power. Did I really do this? You idiot comes the voice from within, get over this poverty consciousness and accept the power once and for all. The human in me won’t allow me to do that, the human brain is not designed to help us, it’s designed to keep the body alive. It has no relevance in who you are, the spirit/soul.

You are so powerful and don’t even know it.


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