The Greatest Story Ever Told

One of the readers just commented on something that I didn’t even notice. This post @ 7.7.2017,  posted at 17:07 UTC. Anyone care to comment on the significance? I’m not very good at Numerology!


5 thoughts on “The Greatest Story Ever Told

  1. Ines, I hope some day very soon, I’ll get to thank-you in person on our “New Earth”, for helping to educate me (awaken me). You are no doubt one of the volunteers that are leading the way for a better humanity. I just hope all the beautiful wildlife and mammals make the journey with us, can’t imagine a “paradise” without them.


    • Thank you for your kinds words, and yes, I am one of the Volunteers but then you are too. ALL of us here were chosen for this journey, I write about it all the time. 95% are not yet aware but if you look at Hamburg at the G20, all these people are volunteers, slowly awakening to the tyranny. You know what they say: “Better late than never”.


  2. Hi I come to your side and this Greatest Story Ever Told in this moment on 07.07.2017 at 17.07 hour – wow,
    thank you!


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