Save Yourselves First

Last year, we converted our balcony into a solarium. It is now a glass room with sliding doors and windows facing the South. We spend most of the winter in that space as the sun heats the room and there is no need to turn on heating. It’s my favorite space when storms comes through. While relaxed in my recliner I watch the lightening travel through and I can feel the incredible energy it spreads to us.

While we have our meals, I bring in the Tablet so we can watch T.V. We’re not typical TV watchers. We have a package of over 500 channels, but our favorite channels are Discovery and Animal Planet. We chose a program called Lion Queen. It’s about a woman in South Africa that while temporary helping out a friend, adopted 2 newborn Lion cubs. The experience prompted her to move to South Africa and a few years later she adopted 18 Lions all in different stages and ages. Most of the lions were bottle fed and they are treated just like house pets but do live in enclosures as it’s impossible to keep track of them I suppose. This show prompted me to think about the choices we make in defending or protecting wild animals as it relates to how nature functions. There were quite a few things I didn’t like what she was doing and I didn’t agree with her hypocritical philosophy, but it’s what it is and I don’t have to agree anything. The biggest point of the story was that I didn’t like was that she was so against the killing of lions yet she had no problem shooting a horse in the head to feed her lions.


Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. If you visit my Facebook pages, all you will see is animals and plants, photos of my cats and my deceased and beloved dog Max. I have many weird insects visit my garden and I was told that they actually live in the wild and because my garden is organic, they like to reside where it’s pesticide free. I once found a spider in my lavender plant about 5 cm with legs spread out. It looked like a yellow zebra. Fascinating creature and yet it is often found in our wild fields here, but it was nice to know that my garden is pure enough for him to reside. After a few showers with the garden hose,  I guess he didn’t like that and left elsewhere.

My male cat Nero slept in my potted African Plant today and I didn’t have the heart to remove him even though he damaged a few leaf stalks. Why? Because squirting him with water doesn’t work, he always comes back and because that plant and soil is being denied to him as a house cat. I’m depriving him of his natural surroundings and he doesn’t understand that my house plants are precious. I have 2 choices: 1. Remove the plants or leave them there and take my chances.

Animals also have a natural evolutionary process. Although I don’t believe in the human evolution if we are accept the stupid theory that we evolved from monkeys, how come we haven’t changed since Modern man came on to the scene? Animals evolve. We had a cat that had his fifth or thumb claw inactive. It just dangled. That claw was used long ago for him to climb trees, but as his environment changed or he was removed from his natural environment, that claw was no longer used and it atrophied. So, this is what I mean by their evolutionary process. Animals can adapt.


Who are we to decide who should live and who should die in the animal kingdom? Extinction is a natural process because these living beings either couldn’t adapt to their ever-changing environment or humans destroyed their habitat or polluted it. If we have removed their natural habitat, how can we then save them and keep them alive in a non-natural habitat such as zoos, reserves, aquariums? Isn’t this the same as me keeping my cats indoors and trying to provide a natural environment for them? First of all, it’s impossible to provide it. Although I grow grass for them, try to give them healthy food, provide toys and tree branches, often they sit on their towers and just observe the outside world. I feel bad at time and torn at the same time because I would rather they were free to go outside, but we did that with 2 previous cats and both got hit by cars. Domesticated cats don’t know of the dangers and are at risk of getting killed. Am I not keeping them indoors for selfish reasons such as fear they might get hit by a car?

Should we not be shooting the hunters and poachers that kill animals to sell their body parts instead of caging them and basically causing them suffering by doing so? Yes, they suffer because they’re not free and have to live the way humans determine.

The so called activists such as Greenpeace will have you believe that we must save the whales. Really? Yet, when their day is done, they will sit down to meals of beef, chicken or pork. What’s the difference? Isn’t a pig a living being just as precious as a whale, lion or horse?

If whales become extinct it’s because they can no longer adapt to their changing environment, or we have polluted the oceans and/or destroyed their food sources. But it’s ok to capture them and have them swim around in tanks? Isn’t that like prison? Don’t you think they suffer as we separate them from their pods/family but we convince ourselves that we’re doing the right thing?


The Lion Queen  needed an equivalent of 2 cows weekly to feed her lions. She fed them cow meat from farmers that found them dead and horse meat because they were old or sick. That’s not their natural food source and because they were hand raised, they may not survive living in the wild if they were set free.

What right do we have to deny any animal their right to live in their natural habitat, regardless of what condition it’s in? What right do I have to keep my cats indoors despite the fact they may not survive outdoors either? I don’t have that right, I just feel that their chances of living a long life outdoors is slim because they have never caught a mouse or bird. In fact, my cats don’t even like raw meat or fish. By the time I adopted them at 5 months they had already developed certain eating habits. I’m sure if they had no choice or were really hungry that they would be forced to eat anything to stay alive but my point is that their survival rate living outdoors is slim. I live in a country where cats are not yet considered pets. The locals put out poison for them because they like to dig in the soft soil for their toilet needs. They come into my garden as well so I have to put nets over everything. People keep cats outside for the purpose of catching rodents but when I tell my friends they sleep with us, they are aghast at that thought. So, if I let the cats go out to play, their chances of being poisoned are higher then being hit by a car. This is how I justify keeping them indoors. We live on the main road or the only road going through the island and we have lost 2 cats to the cars.

I struggle with that every day because I want to so much for them to be in nature. I take my male cat out on a leash because he has some digestive problems and this way he can eat the fresh grass.

The Lion Queen didn’t have a problem shooting a horse and butchering cows to feed the lions, but she had a problem in letting them animals go free after they reached maturity. She’s in the wilderness of South Africa and yes there are predators, but that’s how nature works; yet she imprisons these animals because she believes she’s doing a good thing.

We need to stop deciding what animals should be saved and what animals can be slaughtered for food. Nature works perfectly. We may not understand it and believe me, even the experts don’t understand it. Nature doesn’t speak to you so these experts are just guessing at a lot of things based on their observations but Nature is not a language or image we can read and understand. Nature is nature.

Saving a certain species from extinction is merely satisfying or justifying our actions, or repressing the guilt we feel for destroying their habitat and these animals are better off just dying/leaving their bodies than being caged, restricted and denied their right to live/roam free.

Protecting a species by caging it is no different than imprisoning a human being. I have yet to hear or read anyone say they enjoyed their prison term and yet the first thing they will say when asked how they feel after being released is: “It feels great to be free again”.

Look at us. We can’t take care of our own species yet we feel we have the right to determine the fate of other living beings. We claim to be intelligent humans by ‘saving animals’ but if we were truly intelligent, we would understand nature and that our interference with it has not only destroyed the planet but the habitat of all living organisms.


We are divided by continents, countries, borders, regions, culture, language, religion, social issues, various traditions and government policies and instead of us determining the fate of living beings we should focus on uniting and removing everything that divides and separates us. We treat animals better than our own species. We save dogs and cats and a multitude of different animals we take in as household pets that should never be caged in the first place, we spend millions of dollars supporting various ‘animal protection’ organizations yet some countries in the West have children going to sleep hungry, a huge homeless population, what’s worse, a huge prison population.


Where are our priorities? I think we got it all wrong. When did this go wrong? I’m sorry but taxpayers shouldn’t have to carry the burden of taking care of animals that nobody wants. We shouldn’t have to feel guilty reading about or seeing abandoned pets that need homes. What should happen is like predators and pedophiles; create a database of all people that have owned pets and failed at it either by abusing them or bringing them to organizations because they can no longer care for them. I don’t give a shit what their reasons were. By recording them, they should never be allowed to have pets again. Period.

Cats and dogs have been domesticated and hybridized now for at least 100 years so they should be the only pets allowed in homes. We shouldn’t be allowed to imprison rabbits, gerbils,  snakes, spiders and lizards in cages. Birds should not be in small cages just because we think they are cute or sing nicely. It’s cruel, it’s humiliating to them having to depend on us to feed them. They can’t speak our language and can’t tell us what they need. We control and determine their fate. These animals were not created to be subservient to us nor was a right given to us to control them. Each living creature was created through intelligent, intentional creative design and each was created to serve or have a purpose here.

Any living creatures that harm humans or serve no purpose in nature like mosquito’s, poisonous snakes, cave bats were subsequently created on purpose to inflict harm upon us. These living creatures were designed to create fear, terror, pain and sometimes even death, this was not done through the original creation or seeding of the planet  process.


What purpose does a mosquito have other than to find a victim to suck blood from? It has no other function. Can you think of any other creatures in nature that have no function? Any living creature that can kill a human through venom is not from original design. Why would creator create creatures that harm humans? It’s one thing to go into a bees nest and try to steal honey, the bees will attack and sting you but if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you either.

In the first part of seeding the planet with biodiversity, there were no harmful plants or animals. This planet was designed to be a living library, but as you know, things went wrong, the dark took over and so many living creatures were then created or modified to hurt us. I don’t know how I know this but I just know. I have some vague visions and memories of being part of that group of seeders. Picking up packages at a lab and then travelling to certain parts of the planet to plant certain plants. Each entity was responsible for a group or species in the animal kingdom, same with plants and all other living things including rocks and soil.

So back to the subject of ‘saving animals’. I’m sure that these people believe they are doing a good thing, I don’t doubt that except for Greenpeace. It’s widely known they are funded by the dark side. They were created to propagate more separation and disagreements, to divide and to divert attention from what is important. Those lower ranking members have no idea about this just as the lower ranking Masons don’t know, but you can research this subject and will find the truth.

Before we make the choice or decide to join or participate in the act of saving animals, think about the wars and hungry children first. We need to take care of our own species first because the animals will die regardless of what we do so we need to stop the destruction of this planet and by this means, we will save the animals.

WE should be our priority because a destroyed planet will kill the animals, the very ones we think we are saving. If we want to save the animals, we should save them from US first because we did most of the damage and then cover up our guilt by trying to save them.

I know that some of you may not agree with my points of view and that’s ok. But if you have pets in cages then let them go or take them back to their natural habitat. It’s the least we can do if we want to save them. We are fooling ourselves if we believe that we should interfere with nature and determine what animals should be free and what caged. We’ve gone too far as we now treat animals better than the human species.

Animals like humans all came here to experience, all have the right to freedom, all have the right to self-determination. Hunters have and always will exist so long as people need to make a living. Poachers have and always will exist as long as a family is hungry and needs to be fed. It all comes down to us; so we need to fix humanity and the living beings will then be able to live naturally. Caging them isn’t for their benefit rather for our egos, status quo or whatever.

We live on a prison planet, how about focusing on how to free ourselves from this prison first? We should remove all living organisms that harm humans and have no role in nature. Has anyone every brought this subject up? Living creatures that can kill humans by venom; why do they exist and why would Creator put them among us? Has anyone asked why Mosquito’s exist and what their purpose is other than to spread disease?

Unwanted or incurable pets should be put to sleep with dignity and not peddled on to ‘compassionate’ pet lovers. Take in a hungry child or feed a homeless person, that’s more noble and compassionate than spending thousands of dollars of a dog or cat that may or may not survive and how do we know they are not suffering? Do you think it’s ok to visit an aquarium with your kids and pay to see the creatures, especially the Orca Whales in their restricted tanks?

Save humanity first, we should be the priority and we need to stop going to extremes in everything we do.


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    • There is nothing wrong with that. I would rather give that money to some underprivileged families and buy them a water irrigation system or tools; whatever it takes to make them self sufficient.


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