The Terminal Madness Fully Exposed

In my reality, I can see the direct and open preparation for a war no matter where, no matter what and no matter how many die. For those that are living in the new reality, it’s as clear as day.

A few days ago, P.M. Teresa May openly stated that if she had to change the law and remove Human Rights to help defeat terrorism that she would do that. What the heck do Human Rights have to do with Terrorism? A few days ago, the US Ambassador to the UN openly and publicly stated that the US is considering leaving the Int’l Human Rights Commission. Trump is best friends with Saudi Arabia, one of the worse human rights violators. Can you add 1+1+1? It’s 3 you idiot. They are openly removing our Human Rights.
I was right about Trump. During his pre-election campaign I said if they don’t assassinate him right after his election than he is no different than the rest. Trump is taking Americans down the road of death and destruction. It matters not whether he’s compromised or he’s threatened or whatever. This man promised the American people he would work for them and for whatever reason he’s turned against them doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re not going to like what I am about to say, but if you don’t stand up and do something, you will be heading down the hole just like Trump. He has no intention of protecting your rights let alone giving you jobs. This is no longer about the ELITE or the Cabal, we all know their agenda. This is about Trump knowing about them as well and he’s caved in for whatever reason. Make no mistake the attack in Iran yesterday is the doing of the US Administration and the Saudi’s.

This isn’t about politics, this is about your life and if you don’t stand up and do something, you won’t have a life. If for some reason you survive, you will be left with watching your kids eat dirt because there will be nothing left of you. It’s time to stand up, it’s time to get in the streets. I’m sure you can take a day off from your JOBS and get out into the streets in masses and stop these killers from killing your future. The Cabal is intent on destroying America and it sure looks like we’re in the final round. Open, in your face political games that’s obvious to the rest of the world. You don’t need to know a foreign language to read foreign newspapers. You have, copy and paste and read for yourselves.

Look, I don’t care either way what is going to happen, I’m safe where I am; but I care about humanity and the needless suffering. Why does it always have to take a horrific event or major catastrophic event for humans to wake up? I didn’t know 15 years ago why I had this urge and strong motivation to leave Canada and return to Croatia. I just knew there was a reason for it. I can now see the reason why. I would be out in the streets throwing eggs at politicians just like my dad did during Yugoslavia’s rule and he too was an activist. I would be in your face and probably get killed doing so. I’m safe here because nobody gives a hoot about Croatia. We are a small country with 4 million population, we’re insignificant and tossing a bomb or EMP over us wouldn’t be worth the trouble. They have nothing to gain by hurting us here anymore, we have nothing to offer other than a beautiful coastline, a destroyed economy thanks to the EU membership.

I’m feeling that something dark is coming your way dear Americans. I’m not picking on you, I’m warning you for the last time because in a few days I will write my last post. No, I won’t delete the site, but I’m too busy and having started my Croatian blog, I can’t deal with all the work especially during summer time. My clinic is very busy, the garden is expanding and I also need to take care of myself. My partner is downstairs in his woodworking shop building things again. Yes, he’s on the road to a great recovery!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you go back into this blog, you won’t find contradictions, you won’t find wrong predictions, you won’t find anything other than what I have been feeling and have been pretty accurate. There is a dark cloud over the US; I have seen them in my dreams, I was there understanding why I left Canada, the dark clouds showed me a path out of them.

There is always something you can do; always. If not for yourselves, what about the rest of humanity, what about the children that are not yet born? Sometimes it can be pretty lonely in this reality where everything is clear as can be. You do have choices, you always did. Question is: Are you willing to shift into the new reality and at what cost are you willing to stay in the old?

Stay strong, stay in truth and love, stay in justice to all and equality to all of humanity.


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