Are We Not Extremists?

Extremism means, literally “the quality or state of being extreme” or “advocacy of extreme measures or views. This term or explanation has been misused within the context of the current terrorism trend we are experiencing.

I am writing off the cuff. In other words I haven’t done any research to write this post, simply all from memory. You see, we here in Europe learn geography, history, geology and Languages during our first 10 years of schooling. By the time I was in grade 7, I knew every US state and it’s capitals. I knew every country in terms of production, population, culture, religion etc. We are educated about other countries during those 10 years. This is what ‘being cultured’ means folks.

A trend is a fad. Extremism is being extreme. Islamic Extremists are not murders. Not all. The Matrix will have you believe that extremists are dangerous. Are we not all dangerous to ourselves? Do we not go to extremes in certain cases? Isn’t a sex addict an extremist?
They will have you believe that these Extremists  want to kill and attack us because of our way of life. I listened to a pundit today on RT and he says that these people that go around causing terrorist attacks do it because they hate our way of life. Are you kidding me? This guy was a person of color, I will guess Afghani or Iraqi descent as he spoke born British well.

As I wrote in the last post, they are doing this because they are revenging what has been done to them. What brings someone to being an Islamic Extremist or Terrorist? Do you think we just wake up one day and decide to kill some people off? Where are the psychologists explaining what stands behind such extreme actions?

Then there are those that will say that Extreme Islamists want to kill anyone that doesn’t accept their ideology or religion whatever form it may be.

Let’s now insert Extreme Islamist Radicalism. There is no single profile or pathway for radicalization, or even speed at which it happens. Nor does the level of education seem to be a reliable predictor of vulnerability to radicalization. It is however established that there are socio-economic, psychological and institutional factors that lead to violent extremism.

This is what we are supposed to be afraid of, though this is nothing new. It’s a fancy terminology for someone who is pissed off and wants to revenge himself in the name of others or their god allah. What causes someone to become a radical? I can tell you one thing, we can’t blame someone for convincing me or you to become a radical extremist. There are certain weaknesses in a person that would cause them to become one but it certainly isn’t because they “just decided to become”.

I guess we haven’t spent enough time interviewing these folks that consider themselves to be extremists, but then they don’t see themselves as extremists or jihadist. We, in the Western World never really made an effort to understand the Middle Eastern Culture just as we have never made an effort to understand why a 12 year old Indian Girl gets married. In that culture, once a girl has her first menstrual period, she is considered to be a woman of child bearing age. In our culture, this modern fucked up culture, we consider that to be an act of rape because we or someone defined at what age we should have sex, what is considered to be rape, how old we have to be to drive or get married, what age do we consider to be under age or over age for something.

We have not made the effort to consider the fact that each culture is deeply rooted in their beliefs going back thousands of years before America/Canada and Australia even existed as countries. We consider ourselves superior because we have systems and laws in place that determine when you’re going to drink or piss.

In India, a young woman can marry at any age. Parents arrange the marriages at any age when they find a suitable husband for their daughter, BUT she is not allowed to be touched until she reaches maturity. Did you  know this? So, yes, in all respects, this young girl whether she is 12 or 11 or 14 is considered mature to marry and bare children. She is prepared for marriage as soon as she can walk and talk. She consents to this marital sexual act;  therefore, how can it be rape?

Extremists are people like you and I that had everything and one day lost everything. The media is coming up with stupid explanations or convoluted explanations because it has to avoid the subject of “why” extremists are attacking their enemies. Yes, we are their enemies. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries in the Middle East have not attacked any other country in centuries. They have been peaceful nations. Different tribes and different religions lived side by side. Syria is most well noted for this. It’s a Muslim and Christian Country. Muslims would celebrate with Christians during their holidays and vice versa. There was great respect among these people for their different beliefs. Even now after it’s invasion and over 5 years of wars, do you see the different religious groups fighting and killing each other? No.

So, what we do is we use our western minds/brains, our way of life, our culture and then judge other countries. This is simply wrong. The MSM and western governments don’t teach you about other countries in school because they don’t want you to know that these countries have a better quality of life, get along with each other, don’t have problems with racism, use natural remedies, marry off their daughters as soon as they have their first menstrual period, live in  societies where education and Health Care is free. All of the countries that our governments have destroyed except for Yemen, had a better quality and standard of life than we did. Libya was the richest of all. Each Libyan was given free education, even paid for overseas University or student exchanges, they had free medical and I mean their Health Care system far surpassed the modern West. Libyans were sent overseas if they couldn’t provide the level of care they offer.  Libyans were GIVEN land if they wanted to farm. So, this is why you’re not being taught about these countries. They were far better and enjoyed true peace among themselves.

I didn’t say their leaders were good people, but then what leader/president do you know that is good? Is it not a fact that most of the World’s Leaders are Dictators? There is no such thing as Democracy.  The majority of people had a good life, a good future and lived in good health. There was no huge imbalance between the wealthy and poor. Look around you in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and England. Look at the color of the skin of the doctors there. Most of them are from India, Pakistan, Libya, China etc. Why? Because your education system is too expensive and a smaller number of your populations can’t afford Medical School anymore. Immigrants get accepted easily if they are in the Medical Field, Engineering Field, Genetic and Technology. Instead of spending money on Education we now spend it on weapons of mass destruction and building powerful military. Meanwhile, roads and bridges are falling apart.

We have to get off this sick and dangerous trend of calling people extremists. Yes, they are extremists but only because they are extremely pissed off for what is happening to their countries.

Why do so many people become Radicalized? Who says that? Where are the Experts on this subject? Have we profiled these so called “Radicals”? How come we never see them on TV? How many people have the Fake News counted to be radicalized and if they have shown them, did anyone ask them why they chose to become our enemy and want to kill us? Most of these men, have lost everything, or were raised by parents that lost everything and taught their child to hate. To be able to kill someone or have the deep desire to kill one has to be traumatized or harbor deep seeded hatred and resentment. Another aspect of this would be their belief system and way of life. Ironically, their reasons are causal factors are no different than a murderer or Pedophile. Although I’m speculating at what makes a person murder another human, as a psychologist, I know that it is not a natural feeling or desire to kill another human being unless you have some sort of mental disorder or malfunction of the brain.

We can think about it. I have thought about killing my Ex. many times; but could never do something like that. I could if he attacked me and I had to defend myself, but again, it would be defending myself and if I killed him in the process, I can justify it. Radicalism is another form of Religion so to speak. Those that follow this Religion believe that ALL non-believers must be killed. But they don’t kill just because they believe this nor do they kill because they’re Radicals. We don’t know this. Everyone is merely guessing for the motives.

For those of you that live in the West; even Western Europe, you really don’t understand the Middle East Culture and way of life. For starters, each country has hundreds of different versions of Islam. Eastern Europe understands it much better such as my country Croatia. We have Muslims among us. They don’t bother us, we don’t bother them, we live side by side. We don’t consider them to be bad just because they are Muslims. Not all Muslims are bad. We can tell by the last name if someone is Muslim or not.

During the Ottoman Empire that spanned from the 14th to 17th Century, Turks invaded and occupied most of Eastern Europe so we are in essence of Turkish descent. Moreover, in order to feed their huge empire, their armies would come through our occupied lands and kidnap young children to serve in the empire. Most never saw their parents again, were given new Muslim names and became Turkish. We have a deep connection with Islam going back that far. Some of my ancestors came from Persia as many others as well. We are a mix of Persian, Turkish and Afghanistan, part German and Celtic….who knows how far back we have mixed with other cultures as this region was used as a passing through for thousands of years of wars going back to the 3rd Century.

We have a deep understanding of this Muslim culture or Middle Eastern Culture so it upsets me when I hear such bullshit about these people. Most of these MSM idiots have never traveled to these countries or talked to so called Islamists or Radical Extremists. We should talk to them, find out what they are all about and why they do what they do. I can tell you one thing. They’re not causing terror just because they don’t like our way of life. They enjoyed a far better quality of life because they rejected the modernism of the West and even today still use natural herbs to heal. They are still connected with Nature, this is why their way of life is better. It’s simple, it’s focused on family and a deep faith in their god. It matters not what their god is called. We destroyed all of this. We destroyed ancient sites and architecture that stood proud for thousands of years. We destroyed the cradle of our civilization where YOU also came from.

The so called Radicals and Extremists will continue doing what they do because they have nothing left to lose. It has nothing to do with going to heaven and dancing with Virgins. It’s about deep deep anger and hatred for the West for taking away everything that they believed in, worked on, built upon. Generations of Middle East people will suffer from cancers, from orphanages filled to the brim, with brain drain  and how dare we accuse them of hating our way of life. We inflamed all the different sects of their religions and have caused them to kill each other. We have demolished their structures and have no intent on paying for the damages. We close down borders after we bomb them and you wonder why they do this?

What would you do? What would you do if you were invaded by a foreign power? You woke up in the middle of the night and saw homes burning all around you because bombs were dropping. What would you do if you had to flee your home with just the clothes on your back yet had no place to go and nobody would take you in? And if that enemy that bombed your country did allow you into their country, would you love the people? Would you respect the culture of those people? Would you just say thank you and start a new life and forget about what you just went through? Ask yourself these questions before you judge. We are no better than our own governments because we remain silent and don’t demand that they stop killing.

I hope it never happens to us. I hope it never happens to you. Maybe only then we will understand why they want to kill us.

It’s time to take a personal inventory of who we are, what we have become before we start judging and wishing away the things we don’t want. It’s time we take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves this:”If my world falls, who will I blame?”



Your thoughts are welcome!

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