Are You Ready?

The thoughts that were going through my mind this morning were about my shopping list and if I had everything on it. As I have now collected/purchased all seeds that are beneficial to my family, I’m now focused on the non-essentials. Should something happen to us that we lose electricity, I’m pretty sure we have everything to survive. From a battery  powered Colloidal Silver generator, stock piles of Lugol’s Iodine and Pottasium Iodide, Moringa and Cannabis Plant seeds, I don’t dare share the list of all the things we have been collecting over the years but it’s essential to know that having stocks of food isn’t enough, you will run out eventually so you need medicines and food that you can grow yourself.


Are we heading towards a Nuclear War? Possibly. They will do everything they can think of to ensure wars continue and they create fear among humanity. Fear is what they feed on not money or power. The power to change any existing reality to work in their benefit. It’s now pretty obvious to most that MSM has nothing to do with truth nor does it serve humanity but they haven’t succeeded into convincing us they are right or have the truth.

That said it’s time to prepare because we’re on the cusp or cliff edge of anything possible. From economic collapse to Nibiru though I have never supported that theory of an economic collapse even though the pundits and alternative media have been warning people for over 5 years now. Just do a search on YouTube and you will see the thousands of videos on this possibility. Now,  some say it’s June, some say September for sure. Give me a break guys, are we to really believe anything you have to say? How do you know and why do you keep insisting it’s going to happen? Who’s side are you on? The fact is that it’s a just another fear mongering event. There isn’t going to be an economic collapse because the economy as we know it doesn’t exist. The Controllers have their fingers on the keyboards and they simply input whatever they need to make it look like we have an economy. Most people know it’s rigged so how can you collapse a system that is artificial?  You can’t collapse an artificial structure where 1% hold and own 99% of the world’s wealth. They control it, manage it and collapse can only happen in countries where there is no central bank. That’s why the invasion into the Middle East, these countries were not under the control of the Central Banks and therefore, needed to be destroyed. If it does collapse, it’s a controlled collapse they need to achieve their goals.

As for what is waiting us, well, it can be many possibilities. Fear or the level of collective fear determines the outcome. If you fear a war, and enough people fear a war, collectively it will manifest. Simple as that.

You see, it’s not about not wanting or wanting, thinking about war in a positive or negative manner or thinking that war is not part of your reality. Any thought be it good or bad has the potential to manifest if enough of us focus our thoughts on War.  Don’t think about it period.

As for other possibilities, again, it’s all depending on what we manifest. The latest interview with Marshall Masters is about Nibiru being near, that 2 suns can be seen, that the Georgia guide-stones clearly indicate that 2/3 of the population has to be annihilated. Hold on here for a second. There is nothing in the Georgia Guide-stones that states Nibiru is coming. But Marshall insists that shit is going to hit the fan and unless you’re straight with God and are prepared you will die. Sorry Marshall, like Ed Dames himself who charges thousands of dollars for his killshot seminars; how the fuck do you know where a safe place is going to be and how the fuck do you  know HOW and WHEN this disaster might potentially happen? I would love for you two to answer these questions for me. As for the Georgia Guide-stones, they are the same as the bible. We don’t know who did this and for what purpose.  Do you think they would put something in public such as killing off 2/3 of the population if it was true? Give me a break.

Many years ago I chose not to be part of this reality. Even Jesus in the bible supposedly said that he was not part of this world (reality). It took more years after that realization to figure out how to manifest this.

Just saying or thinking you’re not part of this reality isn’t enough to manifest change but it is acknowledgement of your need and desire to remove yourself from it and this is the beginning of this process. Not being part of this reality is the afterthought, like now once I’ve completed my process I can say and think this. This solidifies or cements the created reality and reminds the mind and ego that I am firm in my position of where I stand.

I had to focus on the world or reality that I wanted to exist in and through this start changing the way I existed and behaved. Interestingly, after watching the documentary “Back to Eden”, it was something the gardener said: “Go into nature. Observe. Have you ever seen uncovered or bare soil? No. In order to grow organic food, we need to imitate nature”. This started me thinking about our reality and how disconnected we are from nature and Mother Earth. The world that I visualized and wanted was being one with nature, a world absent of wars, duality and judgement. I saw myself communicating with all living organisms, sharing our thoughts of how we exist as flowers or trees or lions or rocks.

I had to first BE the vision and start with removing all negative thoughts, behaviors, friends and even family. Everything that would prevent me from or slow down this manifestation of the reality I wanted to be in.

You have to start with yourself and the most difficult aspect of this first phase is your “mind”and “ego” that are comfortable with their existing position and relationship with you. I was amazed at how my  mind automatically did things without me being conscious of it and kept me in a state of wandering around in millions of thoughts that I didn’t command consciously. It was all automatic, you know what I mean. So you start with observing self, mind and ego and turning all non-beneficial thoughts into beneficial ones. I say non-beneficial because the term Negative can be beneficial and non-beneficial. We can both look up to the sky and see dark clouds coming. One will say “Oh my god, a storm is coming”, while the other may say “Wow, look at the beauty of the storm”. Personally, whenever I hear thunder in the distance, I put down whatever I’m doing and head to the solarium. I make myself comfortable there observing the power and magic of the storm. It’s awesome. Others will hide under the bed or freeze from fear from the sound of thunder. So, we can view this as negative or positive but in terms of growth and expansion, I prefer to use the term “beneficial or  non-beneficial”.

Thinking that you’re fat is a negative thought but it’s also non-beneficial because it doesn’t serve you in any way. If you see yourself fat and feel resentment, that’s purely a negative state of mind and self. But if you just look at yourself as a fat person and don’t feel resentment or any other negative feeling that is a beneficial state of mind. In other words you see yourself for what you are and there is no bad or good. I’m overweight too, but I love who I am. Freedom for me was 5 years ago when I stopped coloring my hair. I no longer had to obsessively look for new gray roots coming up, the chemicals that were poisoning my brain. It’s so nice not to have to think or worry about it and I was lucky enough to have salt and pepper hair and not pure white which looks good.

So, my point is that the challenge is in re-wiring how the mind and ego think. You have to work on it everyday and at the start, every waking moment because the mind and ego will insist on thinking what they want to make you feel insecure and unsure of yourself. Mind and Ego come with the vehicle you chose to incarnate with, therefore, they are not YOU, they are the machinery required to fuel the body to function. Being that this bodysuit was genetically manipulated, it was reconstructed to serve them so the ego and mind are not on our SOUL-HEART side, they are on their side.

The ultimate goal is to convert all negativity and non-beneficial thoughts/things/people/habits into a more positive or neutral observance. You want to expand from within towards the aura by raising your frequency so that it becomes powerful enough to protect you from the negative forces.

I’m fortunate enough to live in nature, far away from the city and pollution. Not only do I just produce organic food but during my time out rests, I sit down and observe nature and then try to incorporate that into my life as well. I love watching ants and the activity of the ant hill. It reminds me of humans. Each one has their own job. You may find this funny but I have literally observed an ant steal my watermelon seed that I sowed for germinating and is carrying it on its back. This seed was bigger than the ant and the tragedy was when it had covered so much travel to the anthill, the seed couldn’t get through the opening. I watched a few ants approach the disappointing ant, and then this ant picked up the seed and moved it away from the entrance. A few minutes later some bigger ants came and started to what it seemed break down the seed.

gusterA few years ago I found a small lizard (see photo) on the wall of my garden and when I approached it, it didn’t move. These lizards are tiny, about 5 cm in length and are not dangerous at all. They are beneficial because they eat large insects. Anyways, it allowed me to come close, touch it and when I picked it up, I noticed half of it’s lower body didn’t move. I figured it was hurt and I knew where their home/hole was so I took it there and put inside. A few days later, I noticed that when I walked into the garden, these lizards came out of nowhere, all around me. Since then they are around me, they come so close to me I can reach down and touch them. I picked up some telepathy from a small one and he said “My dad said you’re the good guy and we have nothing to be afraid of”. It must be true because they keep me company. When watering, they all position themselves for me to sprinkle them.
This is nature, observing it and imitating it. Instead of showing fear towards them, they made me their friend.

Another challenge is keeping the balance between the old and new reality I’m creating because for now, we can’t fully remove ourselves as money is GOD and so in order to exist and provide for our families, we have to exist in both realities. We can do this successfully once we have reached our own personal transformation. They key is not to respond or be affected by the old reality. We can still be a part of it but spiritually and emotionally not. We’re not connected with that, that includes people you may have to work with, people that are negative or non-beneficial to you but you’re not going to socialize with them. You will feel compassion for them, not judge them for being in that state of mind, but feel sorry in their suffering even though they aren’t aware of it.

You may see chemtrails or MSN for what they really are, those in the old paradigm are in denial because they can’t accept responsibility for what led to that. So long as people are blaming someone else for their misery, it means that they have not yet comprehended who they are and what kind of reality they live in.

Let me remind you that we create our own reality and ultimately have to pay the price by remaining in it. The Controllers know how to get us to create the reality they want. They keep talking about wars, we keep focusing on it and voila, eventually if enough people start thinking about wars, it happens folks.

Those of us that knew since childhood that we were different already knew that change was imminent so we started our journeys very young in life or had experiences that led us to that awareness. For me it was the Near Death Experience in 1981 during the birth of my son. We can guide but we don’t lead nor do we want to lead. We can help in many different ways but like the great men of our times like Buddha, Ghandi, Jesus; they were the example of what they were teaching. They never, nor did they want to be seen as leaders. They came here to teach and remind us of who we are and what our purpose is here.

It’s not easy in the first phase trying to overwrite the program with new information, thoughts and visions, but once you get past that; everything falls into place because you start attracting the energy required for the new reality.

I leave my home once a month to travel by ferry to the mainland, it’s a 45 minute sailing. We shop for groceries and other everyday needs because the island I live on with a population of 1200 people simply can’t provide bigger shops. Each village has a small convenience store with the essentials. We have a pharmacy and basics with very little choices. So, we shop in the city and fill up the car for the month. Since I basically buy what I need and grow the rest at home, I don’t need to go to the market unless I forgot something. Of course, we have doctors appointments and things like that, but I have really stopped socializing with people that don’t understand me, don’t fit into my paradigm because it leaves me drained. I get nothing beneficial from these interactions and stick with people that have the same views as I do and that is a very small number.

So yesterday we went to the mainland. We dread this trip because we know that we will come home feeling exhausted. Upon each return, as we wait in line to board the ferry, we always agree that it’s nice to get out but it’s even nicer to go home. This time around, we both agreed that it’s no longer enjoyable to go anywhere and that home is the only place that is real and harmonious to us.

One teller in the bank serving over 30 people waiting in line. We waited 30 minutes to access our money that they use to lend out to others. How humiliating. But the person in front of us didn’t see it that way. Her response to the waiting was that people are now going on vacations and thus the reduction in staff. Really? In Canada, you don’t take vacations nor are you allowed to if that means providing less  service to customers. During a peak season in any business you don’t dare ask for holidays. Well, here in Croatia from June 1st to October 1st, EVERYONE takes their vacations. The government literally shuts down. In the peak of tourist season, a country filled with guests, ONE teller is servicing clients.

Then we head out to our first shopping stop which is a German based Chain store called LIDL. We love LIDL because it has a lot of western foods that we like such as bacon, tortellini pasta, real Arabic coffee, slice bread etc. The same thing happens every month. Since we’re shopping for the entire month of course the cart is filled to the brim. We get in line with ONE CASHIER and people start giving us nasty looks. We are the bad guys because we have a full cart of groceries. Then people start asking us if we will let them go by as they only have ONE item. Before you know it, we’re still waiting while all the ONE item customers have gone. Well this time, I said no. As usual, I started to yell for a cashier and then of course people look at me strangely because I spoke up. It’s a  nuthouse!

By the time we get home, we’re exhausted from energy deficiency, all those negative people are like parasites, sucking up every ounce of energy from us. We can’t relate to this anymore, so we only leave our home when we have to.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention while parking at the bank, someone parked in a way that we couldn’t get out. My husband started honking until the owner showed up and as he is approaching us starts yelling at us for being impatient. Imagine this. We are trapped, can’t get out, honking and hoping someone will recognize their car horn and then when he does show up, he’s blaming us for him being interrupted!

As you progress and start forming your wall of defense from energy parasites, you may find yourself isolated or feeling alone. People you once socialized with, even family start backing off. Like me, you may ask yourself why and if you have done anything to cause them to back off. Like me, you will soon realize that they didn’t back off consciously, they simply could not relate to truth. We speak our truth, we speak about chemtrails. We speak about the Controllers/the Cabal. We speak about everything that we feel will help humanity realize what is going on. They can’t deal with it and are not ready to accept it. But, like me, soon you will start attracting new people, people that share the same perspectives and visions as you. Stuart Wilde wrote about this in his book: “Whispering Winds of Change”, in the 90’s. He was absolutely correct about this process.

We’re on the cusp of something big happening but it can be positive or negative depending on how you see it. It’s humanity against the Controllers and the Matrix. The only way we can win is by not buying into their lies, not buying their products, not using their systems and not watching the false propaganda (programming). While at the same time working on disconnecting from the old reality Earth and shifting into the New Reality Earth. The old Earth won’t disappear or stop existing because those that choose to or just woke up too late have to complete their evolution. Some still stay behind because it’s their purpose to help those left behind.

Remember, we’re not alone and everything we do affects the whole. We’re but a small particle of the whole and each one of us determines where they go next. This is what the Controllers are trying to stop. Some call it ascension, transformation while I choose to call it the Integration. This is when all of our aspects of mind, body, soul, higher self and re-reconnect to Source happens. We become total awareness of who we are and can at will convert or be whatever we choose.

The controllers will do anything to stop us from getting to the other side and therefore, there is always that possibility of horrific events happening. We have to be prepared for anything. We shouldn’t be concerned about who they are and what will happen. This is non-beneficial information that doesn’t serve us in any way. We know that Controllers/elite/cabal exist, we don’t benefit from knowing their names or the details and should focus our energy on our personal evolution.

The geopolitical games and threats of war are distractions. Sadly, Putin is just another player in this game. There is no good or evil, there is simply assimilation into ONE government so that we can all be controlled easier. This is the goal because if they don’t succeed, we will eventually shift and they are finished.

This is what I learned through my journey. My obsession about “knowing” what was going on merely slowed me down, distracted me from the real work I needed to do. I came to the realization that no matter how much we think we know, it doesn’t make you happier nor does it heal your traumas. It’s simply information that doesn’t benefit our personal growth and evolution.

We can wake up tomorrow to a devastated planet. We may not wake up at all. We may be faced with natural disasters, nobody knows this and stay away from the prophesies, predictions and people like Marshall Masters and the Nibiru fear gang. It’s not about whether Nibiru exists or not, I don’t know that. This is about NOT KNOWING IF and when or if ever at all. It’s about not knowing what safe zones exists, it’s about making predictions that have nothing to do with God. This is our reality, we will create it and we will destroy it.

Let go of the “what if” and grab on to the “seeing this reality for what it is”. Everything that is non-beneficial doesn’t need to be collected. If you fill up your brain with garbage, there is no room left for truth. I know you can do this Old Soul, you just have to remember how you did it many times before.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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