Enki and Enlil in every part of our lives

This is probably one of the best interviews I have listened to in a long time. It talks about our true history, our true parents, our true beginning and how the time lines have changed or have been altered. I know it’s a long interview, but it’s well worth your time. As I listened to this, I transformed energetically, the plot seemed and felt familiar to me. Could it be because we are all genetically linked?

Been very busy lately and I apologize for not answering comments in time, but the weather is just now warm enough for working outside. Normally, by the beginning of March we are wearing short sleeved shirts. I just put on some summer outfits but by afternoon the north winds come along and I have to put on something warmer.  I don’t know about your part of the world, but I’m not tanning at all. I have been in the sun for a few days now, working all day long and have not seen my skin change tone at all. This is really strange! The chemtrails are in essence totally covering up the skies, it’s been going on for weeks. The weather channel will call for sunshine the next day, but by the next morning the sky is so riddled with chemtrails that we have yet to have ONE sunny day without films or clouds.
Enjoy the interview.


2 thoughts on “Enki and Enlil in every part of our lives

  1. The weather in northern Wisconsin is about the same, not warming up like normal and way too wet. Chemtrails whiting out the skies for seven to ten days in a row. Seems like the rain, storms,,high winds and hail are HAARP induced, things feel engineered.


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