I Am Who I Am, You Are Who You Are

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The bodysuit I now occupy. Should have chosen a different model!  

I want to thank my reader Anthony for this creative post. As I was answering one of his comments with my morning coffee, the response became so long and yet I wanted to add so much more, so I’m going to do a complete post here.

The subject we were covering was about visions and dreams. We have a lot of visions that are the same. I think I have unraveled the mystery of dreams and visions once and for all. Although I have written about this in different posts, I’m going to do this in more details.

I have visions. Visions come while I’m awake with my eyes closed. It’s usually when I’m meditating or just about to fall asleep. In other words, when I’m in a relaxed state, I will see movies behind the eyelids. Visions are NOT your imagination. Visions are NOT some kind of symbolism. Visions are actual events taking place somewhere.

I also have ‘dreams’ as most commonly known, but I call them experiencing and being aware of my different realities. 

Both serve the same function, depending on what state of consciousness you are in. For example, if you believe you dream or that your brain makes up stories from your memories then that is what you will believe, you will use the dreams as kind of symbolism or future event. If you believe they are true states of another reality, then you will know that you’re not just here in this reality.

The brain doesn’t imagine while you sleep. The brain doesn’t collect and scramble your memories of the day or your life and make a film for you to watch while you’re sleeping. The brain can only collect data, store it and analyze it. Your brain is an archive. The brain/mind isn’t capable of taking your feelings of guilt and then creating a film for you to feel even guiltier about. Period.

Our creativity comes from higher realms. You can call it whatever you want, but the mind doesn’t create, it doesn’t have that capability. If it does, it was turned off long ago when they messed with our DNA. Although scientists claim that they only know 10% of the brain function, they will never find out the rest because it’s not physical in nature, it’s a space of frequencies, energies, signals that connect to our creator/all other realities/our higher self and our Mother Soul Fragment.

I wrote once before that WE as Souls as we mature and gain experiences can fragment and have multiple reality experiences. I can remember from my ‘dreams’ at least 9 different realities that I exist in. These are just Earthly realities, I assume there are more but we are disconnected by the shield around the planet and the earth’s magnetic field. In other words, we can connect with realities that are within this earthly sphere.

The Original Soul always keeps itself on the other side. So, if we have 10 different realities happening at the same time, 11th stays on the other side of the veil because should we get lost or forget who we are, we won’t be able to find our way home. A fragmented soul is a tormented soul that might have to relive many many lifetimes until it figures out it has a ‘mother fragment’ waiting on the other side of the veil.

In my different realities that I am conscious of while sleeping there is NO negativity or duality. I have experienced huge earthquakes where my house was traveling with the ripples of it and I just stood at the window observing this movement without any feelings of fear. I have stood in a window watching a huge tsunami wave come over the left side of the island I live on, pass in front of my house and I’m in awe, amazement. I don’t feel fear, I don’t feel anything negative. I have walked across hundreds of snakes and instead of being afraid of them, I was very careful not to step on any of them.

Some people will say: “You know, I dream because I saw my mother or my friend in the dream”. Yes, you may very well seen that person in that dream but that’s not the real physical person from this experience. We incarnate into realities with our Soul Group and Soul Family. Personally, I have seen my family and friends in my other realities. They don’t look the same as here, but I know who they are and I have asked many people if those people in their dreams look the same as here and they usually say: “I can’t remember or I know it was them”.

Visions are different. You are basically consciously plugged in or connected to the magnetic field which then is connected to higher realms. These are not visions where you sit down and wait for them to come. They come when your energy levels or conscious state is aligned with the magnetic field energy. This is another reason for the Chemtrails, they are trying to block the data from coming and going so that we disconnect permanently within the magnetic field and higher realms. They have the technology to create a resonance or frequency that will block our signals.

I know this because there are days when my pendulum simply doesn’t respond. It’s disconnected from higher realms. How they do this I don’t know, but I’m very sensitive to these energies and have spent the last 15 years studying my visions and dreams, recording them. These visions and dreams are simultaneous events that we can access either in a deep consciousness state such as sleep or in a deeply relaxed state.

Most people can’t access these visions or dreams because they are too toxic with negative emotions. Every negative emotion such as anger, hate, anxiety, FEAR is a negative frequency that blocks access to our higher selves. Take a wire, snip it just enough to cut off one small wire in the plastic tube and your device won’t work. It may have 12 tiny wires inside, but with just one cut, nothing works. This is how we work as well. We have many connections to various realms and sources of origin, but if negative emotions block this, we can’t access anything. For some it’s here and there, once a year, once in a lifetime, these are just rare moments when your guard is down and you’re having a fantastic happy day and that night have charged up the batter enough to access higher realms.

There are those of us like me who have worked hard over the years to cleanse ourselves of the negative emotions, who have accepted themselves as Eternal, Immortal Souls and can access higher realms in a state of relaxation. You can do this yourself by going into a dark room, put on earplugs if you have to, but isolate yourself from all external sounds and lights. Look for yourself, you’re in there somewhere. It might take a few minutes, it might a few hours or days or weeks but you will find the baggage and slowly dive into those emotions. Those negative emotions are the blocks that prevent you from accessing higher information. I find this to be the easiest method to unblock your wires and restore you to a higher state.

When you were first born, you were in a higher state of being, as much as you can be due to dangerous frequencies in our homes and  hospitals. From the moment someone has held you, you will be imprinted with whatever that person carries in terms of energy. By the time we’re 12 years old, we’re already toxic with energies that don’t serve us, I’m not even counting the programming our parents, teachers and rest of society record onto our brains.

This is what is blocking your access to your other realities. Everyone here on this planet is an OLD SOUL, therefore, everyone has multiple realities and experiences. Only OLD SOULS were allowed to come here and help the planet. This is how powerful you are.

Where does creativity come from? Do you believe it comes from your brain? Then why do only certain people have creative abilities? Are we not all the same? Creativity is access to higher realms. Ask any creative person where they get their creations from. Most will tell you they don’t know, it just comes. The brain isn’t a device that can create anything, it’s simply a recording and storing device. How do we create music? How do we feel pain from someone on the other side of the planet? How do we feel our child is in danger? It’s all about the connection and how strongly we are connected. Ask someone who believes in an old bearded god about this and they will tell you that GoD gives them creativity or that GoD determines their destiny. I don’t think so.

When you believe/know and accept how powerful you are, nothing can knock you down, nothing can upset you, nothing and nobody can take away your true identity. This is the state that I am in today. I’m happy to be here, I’m not happy about the state of this reality, but I’m happy, excited because I finally know who I am. It’s beyond words to try and explain this phase of my existence but I know this because in 1981 I left this body and returned to the realm of my creation, the realm where I was first created as a Soul. Some will say during an NDE that they saw God, I didn’t see god, I experienced godliness. I have now backtracked to the origin and can confirm that we are powerful beings, lost in this  matrix when we got trapped by the dark forces. We will find our way home, but you have to do your part as well. Truth doesn’t arrive at your doorstep, you must seek it.


7 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am, You Are Who You Are

  1. Hi again,

    Great post! I have visions much like you do, when I’m either falling asleep or half-awake in the morning. I agree that we are probably seeing other realities or parallel worlds, though sometimes I wonder if that ‘bleed-through’ is meant for us to process so we can create a better present reality in this moment. We could probably talk about this stuff for days, it’s all fascinating!

    Interesting what you said, too, about having visited ‘home’. I’ve had a similar experience when I nearly died from a high fever while fighting chicken pox in my twenties. I also had a vision – which was more of an awakening in another reality, it seemed so real – where a black man that I recognized as an angel/guide from this life (that’s another story!) came up to me, grabbed my face and looked into my eyes as he said: “We are getting out of here – we are going home” while he nodded at me, with a grim look on his face…and I woke right up in this reality like it had actually happened.

    Since then I’ve often, in those moments where I am half-awake, heard songs about ‘going home’ like “Get right back where we started from” (Maxine Nightingale, 1976), among others…so, we are indeed close!!


    – Anthony


    • Perhaps your idea/concept of going home is correct, I can’t argue that because I can’t be sure either, but my interpretation is death or leaving the body is basically connecting with our entire Soul Fragment and being in the presence of what created us. It’s where we go each time we leave a physical reality to regroup or re-energize as the lower dimensional realities are exhausting.
      I read some fascinating books by Michael Newton called “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”, and it really started me thinking about this way back in 1994. That’s how long these books have been out.
      I believe that each time I complete an existence that I return to source. The exception is Earth, for some reason not all souls can return as there was an Archon trap and souls were tricked into believing in reincarnation and karma so they keep returning to EArth. For some reason, I don’t get caught in this trap and from what I see, you don’t either. It means we know the trap exists, it means that we have existed before the Archons were created.
      I think going home is not about ending this reality so much as it is that we individually have done what we came here to do and are feeling that our end is near and will be going home soon. That can be a sudden death and usually it is because it’s the less traumatic way to leave this reality. Just my 2 cents worth. I have the books if you want to read them, just email me.


  2. Excellent post Ines!

    I also receive visions I have always called flashes. I have precognitive dreams I call texture dreams as they have a different feel to them and those are never wrong.

    I think those of us that have connected are very advanced and this connection is imperative to what is coming up soon.

    So dream on people. xox


    • The one thing that humans were gifted with was dreaming and imagination. No other races or living beings are able to do that. This comes from the Gnostic texts. The Gnostics knew about the archons and warned us about them.


    • Remember years ago sis when ‘dreaming’ was for those that didn’t know where they were going in life and or smoked a lot of pot? hahah. Keep dreaming, keep on trucking and keep being who you are!


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