Starving the War Machine – Let’s Try This Again

It’s very simple, crash the system by not spending money. Hundreds and thousands of people in the Alternative Media and the great researchers, truthseekers, wanna be gurus and Cult leaders that come from all walks of life pride themselves for the knowledge/information/intel they acquired. Their knowledge is shared through the media, posts, books, DVD’s, Webinars, Seminars and YouTube programs, yet I have yet to find one person who suggests an action of sorts to end this madness.

Where are the solutions? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if we close our bank accounts or don’t use our debit cards and don’t buy anything that is not for our daily survival for just one week, we would crash the system.

A few side effects of our actions could result in putting the entire financial system in chaos. Banks put out financial statements based on deposits. If a bank has 10 M in deposits for the day, it can lend out 100 M and it’s this amount that determines share prices. I’m not a financial expert, but from what I have read and listened to, they report the potential they can loan out, not the actual deposits they have on account.

It’s an inconvenience to close a bank account, but your action is what would crash the system. Mile long line ups to access cash, panicked bankers, no loans approved, not enough cash to serve the clients that don’t use their debit cards, merchandise sitting in storage because we’re not purchasing anything that we don’t need.

Companies only have 1 or 2 day supplies of food; we don’t buy food for a week, it rots and is wasted, millions in losses. It would create such a domino effect that I believe would take less than a week.

It doesn’t matter if your paycheck is direct deposit; wait until you get paid and then close the account. Take out what cash you need for a week, you can always open the account later or change banks. If we succeed, we won’t need a bank account anyways.

So, for years the truthseekers have been sharing their knowledge and it turns out that those 99% can’t come up with a solution to stop the 1%? Which leads me to the next question: Why are they not coming up with solutions?

I have been on this idea for years and kept a blog on WordPress called ” Starving the War Machine”, those that have been around for a while know this. Why don’t people want to sacrifice a few days of inconvenience to free ourselves from this slavery? What good is all the information we have if it doesn’t serve a purpose and bring us closer to freedom?

Knowledge is power. I have been using it to empower my life. Knowledge allows me to make better decisions and I have worked over 25 years to remove myself from the Matrix as much as possible. Without relying on the government for anything, I have become self sufficient. It takes many years to work on this project, it’s not something you can start today and be done with in a few months. Unless you have assets you can sell, it’s a long journey of saving money and not buying things you don’t need. In other words, living a simple life.

I studied and practice natural and modern medicine, grow my own fruits and vegetables, so the point is that it’s possible and there are solutions but if people like Peter Kling, Steve Quayle, LA Marzulli, David Icke, Jeff Rense, the Nibiru folks, the biblical prophesies folks, Alfred L. Webre, David Wilcock and his gang of thugs offered solutions, they wouldn’t make a living, it would stop.

What other reason do any of the Alternative media, researchers and truthseekers in the Truth Movement have for not offering solutions and creating movements to activate solutions and the one I have is just one of many? If they offer solutions they would then spend time in the action and lose their income. If you have an answer as to why solutions are not being offered, please share that with me.

Many victims don’t benefit from healing and so they choose to stay victims. They choose to stay victims for many reasons. It can be for attention, manipulation, fear of the unknown, fear of change, financial, not knowing how to heal or not getting support. They don’t like being victims but whether it’s conscious or subconscious, they stay away from solutions.

Solving a problem doesn’t always benefit us personally, but if these folks that spent years sharing their knowledge with us and claim to be of service to humanity, then why are they not working on solutions to help humanity? If you ask me, they all pass the buck and hope someone else will offer the solution because it always comes down to loss of income and inconvenience; yet they don’t know that they would be the new leaders, they would be the ones people would look up to and trust.

They are egotists that feed on our approval and admiration for the knowledge and if we found a solution, they would become irrelevant and their own fear of the unknown is greater than the desire to act on the solution.

I have always believed that the best way to crash the system is to use the same thing they use against us and that’s money. Why did the Cabal destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria and other African countries? Because the leaders of these countries refused to join the Central Banking System and wanted to trade their oil in their own currencies. Period.
The Central Bank is the Center of the their world so the best solution is to use it against them.

So, this is now the million dollar question to all of those many folks who have spent years researching humanity and those that rule this planet. Why are you not focused on solutions? Now that you have huge followings, why aren’t you organizing movements to implement solutions?

If we can gather a million people on a certain day for Mass Meditation, then we can organize millions by working together collectively to set a date for stopping using money, closing bank accounts or just stop using your debit cards for a week, stop buying Starbucks coffee, stop buying the latest and greatest for a week.

Banks use our deposits to launder money for buying weapons, banks are the major player in buying/selling killing machines. What is so fucking difficult in not spending money for a week? Can’t your new iPhone wait for a week?

When I first proposed my idea to Alfred Lambermont Webre a few years ago, he laughed at me and suggested that I read his book, yet when he polled his followers, most of them thought it was a great idea and supported it. Why didn’t Webre use that momentum and start putting together a group that would help organize it? What do we have to lose by not using debit cards and not buying anything unless it was a necessity?

The implications of this denial that there is no solution is huge. Could we have stopped the murders of innocent civilians across the planet? Could we have enabled the production of free energy devices sooner? Who loses by creating a solution? Those that benefit by selling their knowledge. Those that sell books, that claim they have higher sources or intel about what is going on. I compared them to the same people that are still promoting Dinar Revaluation, they are still selling this crap and have been conning people for over 15 years now that it’s just around the corner!

Am I supposed to let my partner die because of my fear of getting arrested is greater than my desire for him to live? Are a few days of inconvenience more important than participating in a unified global action to stop the War Machine and stop them from destroying what little is left of this planet and humanity?

I didn’t incarnate here to wait for a Savior. We are the Saviors, we just haven’t figured it out yet. I didn’t come here to wait for you to decide if your inconvenience may change your life for a few days.

There is no excuse and dear Mr. Webre, how do you know it won’t work if we don’t try it? And who are you to be the authority on something that has never been done? And what has your knowledge gained or your Multiverse theory done to change the paradigm? I’m not picking on Mr. Webre, but he was the first person I turned to with my solution. I figured he had a big enough following that he could pull this off since he keeps bragging about how he is serving humanity.

This is solution isn’t about shooting someone and missing the target therefore ending up in jail. This is not about doing anything illegal or immoral. This is about exercising our free will and choice to close a bank account, something people do everyday.

It’s about crashing the system, creating panic in the financial markets because they never experienced it, don’t know how to handle it and have no idea how far it can go and how many customers would catch on and do it. The sheer panic alone could crash the system because banks simply would not have the cash. They only have 10% cash on hand, the rest is just computer digits. It’s about psychological warfare, the warfare they have used on us for Eons. Letting them know that we are smart and that we do have solutions and that we the 99% finally figured it out and will destroy them.

I have been plagued with this idea/solution for years now trying to figure out why people that can help are opposed to this idea. I can’t prove it will work, but you can’t prove it won’t work. But, if you agree that it’s a good idea, what’s stopping all these gurus, experts and researchers with huge followings from organizing and trying it since we have nothing to lose?  The only thing it might cost you is time having to travel to your bank branch and waiting in line to pay bills or withdraw funds.

You’re not being serviced by the bank. You’re doing them a favor. You deposit your funds with them so they can profit but they charge you a fee for withdrawing and having an account. How silly is that? That you must wait in line and be treated like you are the customer for withdrawing your own money? They use YOUR money to lend out to others. In other words, you’re the banker, lending money out to other people and the banker is the sales agent who charges you a commission on the sale.

I no longer respect those that spend hours everyday interviewing and sharing their expertise. They should be looking for ways to get us out of this mess. What difference does it make who and how the pyramids were built? Will and does it improve our lives for having that information? Knowledge is power, but this truth movement should now shift to offering/finding solutions.

We know we’re a slave race, we know who rules this planet, I don’t give a shit if there are 10 or 20 or 30 of them, I don’t even care what they are called, it doesn’t change my reality. It’s enough to know that we are a slave race and that someone is ruling over us.

It’s time to start calling these people out, especially those that make money sharing their knowledge and information. We’ve had 50 years of discovering new facts and information about our true history, isn’t it time we start implementing solutions?

This is what you should be thinking about. Who is out there that is providing solutions and or seeking them so that we can get off this information overload train?  It’s now difficult to know what is truth anymore and what is not. I could give  a crap if Trump is the good guy or not. He’s not part of the solution and my life isn’t going to change knowing that. All politicians or wanna be politicians are puppets, NO honest person can enter politics, this is why only corrupt people are allowed in that circle because they have dirt on them to blackmail.

I’m tired of reading about biblical prophesies that never happen and imminent dangers like the Killshot, Nibiru, Annunaki returning, major earthqakes, pole shifts, red and blood moons, blah, blah. Its’ time to stop finding excuses why we’re not coming up with solutions and implementing them.

You set a date, you act, you create chaos and become a master in psychological warfare and let them taste their own medicine.

What’s so difficult about this? If you feel you have a legitimate excuse for not closing your bank account, then you’re not ready to sacrifice your own selfish needs for the benefit of humanity. So, this question: ” Why are people unwilling to inconvenience their lives for a few days?” this plagues me when I hear reasons and excuses for not trying the solution, any solution that might change or shift our paradigm.

If it’s inconvenience, hell, aren’t you already inconvenienced by so many laws that you can barely breath from the restrictions placed upon you? Is your fear of being seen in a bank line waiting to withdraw money greater than your fear of being shot down in a terrorist attack or a stray bullet?

Do you know that your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are lesser than being killed by prescription drugs? If you live in fear, then don’t you fear that the next prescription drug might kill you? How do you know what’s in the next pill?

Even your fear is relative nowadays because like memory, it’s selective. My girlfriend is dying from Intestinal Cancer. She’s had 170 chemotherapy treatments over the last 2 years, yet she’s afraid of using Cannabis Oil because it’s illegal. How logical does this sound? How justified is her fear? Maybe if she stopped using pesticides and herbicides sooner, she may not have developed cancer, yet she continues to use it and afraid to try Cannabis Oil. My point is that fear is selective today, the mind is warped, it’s controlling her sanity, there is no other logic in her given situation and she’s not the only one I know like this.

This is how I see humanity today, fearing things that could end up being positive. Personally, I’d rather be in jail and healthy, than dying from Cancer.

Even as a child living at home, I would disregard my father’s threats and do it anyways. I didn’t fear his punishment. My mother often cried in panic begging me to stop doing things that were forbidden. She would would often accuse me of being fearless as if it was something punishable, but that fearlessness kept me alive. In between child abuse, sexual abuse, my child being sexually abused, that alone was enough reason for suicide, drug addiction and living as a victim. I stand for V – victory.

I can’t relate to fear, it’s unjustified. It’s fearing something  you don’t know. It’s something we create in this mind that controls the body. They know how to manipulate us into the fear mode. This is why I truly believe the brain/mind was altered at some point and it doesn’t work for our benefit whatsoever.

It’s one thing to walk barefooted and look down afraid you might step on something sharp that might cause you pain, but where is the logic in being afraid of using Cannabis Oil while you’re dying from Cancer?

This is the terminal madness I often write about, the madness that we may have solutions to free ourselves yet people afraid of an inconvenience or don’t feel the solution might work. You are terminally mad if you think this way.

I’m not saying it will work, I’m saying: “Let’s try it, we have nothing to lose”. This reality makes no sense to me, to fear the fear itself is past the point of no return. You have accepted your slave status, fine, I get it, but I don’t feel that you matured or grown to know that we’re not alone, we’re all connected. We’re all plugged into the Magnetic Field and then we’re all connected with each other. It’s called Collective Consciousness.

All that exists, all living beings are plugged into the Magnetic Field of this planet, if you’re not willing to shed the fear and try something then you don’t give a shit about the rest of humanity. Your selfish fears have enslaved you in your own mind, just like the magnetic field has separated us from other realities, from Creator.

What will it take for you to act? An earthquake? An EMP attack? A killshot event/CME?Fema camps? Loss of income? Isn’t it human like to act only when you’re left with nothing? Do we only come together when tragedies strike?

There is no human evolution, there never was. We are de-evolving/descending as a human race. Technology is evolving and has now taken over our mind/brains. We’re like a drug addict looking for our next fix, selfish and unconcerned about our collective unified consciousness. This will be our demise, you will fail your assignment here and will have to return here until you finally figure it out. Take your time Old Soul; time doesn’t exist but the realities you create do exist and no experience or reality can be left in the negative state. We keep coming back until we change the polarity because nothing negative stays negative, it’s part of the learning experience.

In order for us to evolve into higher beings, we create the problem, then find the solution. We’re now in that phase of seeking solutions to neutralize this negative experience. If we don’t succeed, it means we have not yet remembered why we came here so  we will keep returning.

Mother Gaia called out for help Eons ago and we are here because we answered her call. Many wanted to help, only a few were chosen. You and I were chosen because we were old souls, ancient explorers and because the assignment was difficult, only we could pull it off.

A simple solution of ” starving the financial system” could be enough to end this terminal madness yet humans are looking for excuses for it to fail. How do we know it will fail if we don’t try? Your part is to make this post go viral and hope that someone will a lot of exposure/followers will take this on, all we can do is give it a try.

Stock up for a week, take out your cash, stop using your debit cards and if  you’re really courageous, close your bank account, that’s all that is required. If it doesn’t work, we go back to living as a slave race. That’s it. At least we can say that we tried and since it’s never been tried before, don’t tell me it’s not going to work, you don’t know that.

I dare you to try.

23 thoughts on “Starving the War Machine – Let’s Try This Again

    • I would love to be the one to do this but I don’t get enough exposure on this blog. Someone who has thousands of followers either on a blog or YouTube needs to do this, along with all Social Media. I don’t do social media, meaning, I don’t chat or communicate. I keep FB only to post photos and keep in touch with my kids in Canada. I can help, I can assist, I can be interviewed and talk about it, but I don’t have the exposure to get the message out and start the movement. I have a huge home to care for, a very ill husband, my TCM clinic and organic garden. You see, I bailed out of the system a long time ago. I don’t have an active bank account and don’t use any types of bank or loyalty cards so I can talk about being free but as for starting and setting a date someone well known with a lot of exposure can only pull this off.


  1. Fabulous piece Ines…I started doing this and advising others to do so when the Wrathschilds’ closed down my last website, the second of two, in a ten year span this has occurred to…for saying things like this.

    Along with some other fairly er…um..shall we just say, BLUNT pieces on everything from the ‘Poop’ in Wome to Kween Lizardbreath in Wondon and all points in between. I have also, not banked with a BANK for years. I have also NEVER owned or wanted a credit card.

    I took up your challenge, before you gave it…but I am not the ‘type’ to be locked into ‘social expectations’…many still are. It’s happening though…my friends stopped ‘banking’ and went to alternative institutions, community run ones. The BANKING, coupled with the level of global corruption…which is gargantuan in size…is no doubt furthering the ‘chaos’ they ‘want…as opposed to the CHAOS they deserve.

    I’ve shared your wonderful piece…and am off to check my tiny wee herb and vegie garden….I’m a ‘muvva’ again…about a dozen little Cherry Tomato babies have ‘arrived’…Go gently, watch closely and always carry a MASSIVE BIG ‘STICK’!! Always, Annabelle xo


    • Your comment made me laugh, it’s so nice to laugh! We can want and wish for many things, but I believe that it happens when the time is right for it to happen. We keep focused on what we want and it will manifest when enough of us want the same thing.


  2. Hi Ines, yes your idea has a lot of merit. Have you thought of going to bloggers like Laura Bruno with this scenario and seeing what they say? If you could link with several people with similar viewpoints to yours like her, you may reach many more who are sympathetic to your ideas and it could spread from there. She sometimes links to outside articles, and she has done on-line work recently helping a man save his garden project in Los Angeles. All it would take is sending her an e-mail or leaving a link and an explanation in her comments section as she reads them all. And she is just one, though she has a nice size following.

    To be honest, though, I think the universe itself might take an active hand in this. Have you seen this, from April 21?

    There were power outages in three cities at around the same time that day. Some think it was a coordinated drill that happened to coincide with ‘Operation Gotham Shield’, but there was a fairly good solar storm that day, and power was out in places all around the world at that time, not just in those places. Last year there was a very small solar storm that managed to shut down several large airports around the world, too. It is possible that the elite are using these drills as cover for natural events.

    One thing I do know is, the Earth’s magnetic field is declining fast. I saw some videos by Suspicious Observers who showed just how much it has decreased, and how even small outbursts by the sun could potentially take out the entire system around the world. I think this is pretty likely to occur, and soon, personally, and it may well be metaphysically linked with a change in consciousness/polarity as the magnetic poles shift.

    It might take this kind of outside influence to force the change to happen…but your idea would certainly be far less damaging, and would demonstrate to the universe that we have changed our consciousness enough on our own that we don’t need to suffer outside interference 🙂

    Take care!


    • Anthony, you need to stop passing the buck, and work with Laura Bruno, email her yourself…why does it have to be me? I have been doing my work here on this blog, I work in my community and feed the poor and teach them how to remove themselves from their poverty mentality. Each one of us has to take responsibility and contribute. Send the post around, share it with others, I’m sure someone will pick it up and start the process. As replied to another comment, our mass awakening is about Stopping THE money flow, it’s the heart of the beast and we have to stop feeding it. I don’t see any other solution unless we can become wizards and wiz them away.


      • Hi Ines,

        I didn’t mean to make you work against your will!! I just thought your idea was really cool and all it needed was a seed to see it flower. I could have done what you suggested and posted links to this post everywhere on the ‘net, but as an anonymous nobody without a blog or internet presence I would have been ignored. I know this from personal experience!!

        Ines, this is your idea; you have much more reach and impact than you know; and I KNEW if you made personal contact with other like-minded bloggers you’d be MUCH more likely to get responses than me – and that is *exactly* what happened! Not only that, but getting feedback from Laura, Anne, and others on your idea was invaluable. In fact, this little exercise showed precisely the power of the internet for people to link up and share ideas in a very short time – and, as well, how such a spark can be refined and improved upon to present a better message.

        THANK YOU for taking the time to message people with your idea after my remark. And yes, I can do more, and will. But for now, I totally get what Laura said about needing to take care of home first and be prepared for the system to crash without our own input, because it probably will – and those of us who prep ahead of time can help shape the chaos around us instead of having it bowl us over, as they intended.

        I also want you to know that I completely resonate with the level of compassion, concern, and even anger you often express so well here. I FEEL your words and the truth in them. And like you and Laura, I have had visions of what is to come. In fact, it is those visions that really impelled me to respond to your post because something in me is yelling that something major is IMMINENT. And when/if that happens, there will be a large amount of people who will then be looking for information that people like you and Laura provide…if the internet is still viable. I already am getting questions about the craziness going on from people I thought were clueless, who probably thought I was insane talking about this stuff. I am sure you will be getting more of them soon, too…

        Take care,




        • You didn’t make me do anything against my will, Laura was right…the after math of such an event could cause more chaos that goes against us, but this is now food for thought…we have solutions and careful planning is important as well. I think I learned a lesson today and that is to visit a few blogs and interchange information to make the chain. I’m way out in Croatia…we could crash the banks tommorow because most people still function on cash and are very self sufficient because they have to. Very few people here don’t have a plot or some land to grow their food because of poverty. We’re an undeveloped nation, I cook meals for two hours, we don’t have instant food in our markets…people go to the outdoor market everyday and buy what they need because they don’t have enough money to buy for a week or a month. Our way of thinking is different, our culture is run by catholic cannon law…so Laura helped me understand her world and now I can combine the two and start forming the plan so when we are ready, everyone will have the list of things to do a few weeks before we choose that date. Thanks for your input Anthony, always appreciated!


          • On my blog “starving the war machine” I actually had a 10 step plan. One of them was boycotting all corporations that supported war and slave labour. To buy local companies and not big corporations. there are many things like not using loyalty cards because your name is being sold all over the world for marketing. I don’t have a bank account because I don’t work for anyone, I take cash for my work and barter. Many folks here are poor and can’t afford therapy, but they bring me a L of Olive Oil or something they produced. If the system crashed in Croatia it would be a good thing because 90% of Croatians are overdrawn on their accounts. We are a 4M population country with 5M immigrated yet we have 450,000 employed and another 500,000 war veterans. A social medical system on top of that…so we as a country have a high GDP but were welcomed into the EU because they needed another country to import their foods. If I didn’t grow my own food I would be buying lettuce from Spain, oranges from Italy, pork from Bulgaria, etc. All our farmers went bankrupt….so crashing the system would be a welcome relief. In order to crash the system, we have to integrate with the entire planet and that will take a concerted effort which I will be keeping in touch with Laura and we can start creating more links in the chain.


            • oooh i have tried to gather followers for this same idea over the years. i too believe we need to organize – enough of us – not buying a damn thing but food/survival basics. stop eating out at the chain restaurants. stop buying all of those “things” we don’t “need”. argh!! i have been blogging for over a decade. the readers on my first blog, i could count on both hands. lol i have a site now ( and will be sharing your post there. i have about 30 subscribers but i do share my original essay’s on some of the bigger ascension sites and when that happens, the readership goes up into the thousands. so i feel comfortable enough in helping you with this, knowing i can get some people interested in such a concept. you will see my e-mail address below. please keep me informed and let me know as well if the time is now to share your piece on my site. we need an action plan and obviously a date.


              • I haven’t changed my mind about this ” starving the war machine idea”, but I would urge you to read Laura Bruno’s comments first. Although I do agree with her in many points, that if we crash the system, do we have something in place? In other words, if we crash the system, everything shuts down, how do we access food and water and medicine? We have to be at a level of self sufficiency true, but if that is the case, then it can take forever. So, I’m kind of caught in between two fires because if it was up to me, I would set a date and just do it. If you’re not ready, that’s tough, we have been talking and warning people for years to get out of debt, to live simple, to have some stashed money, food and water just in case. If it was up to me, I would do it now. It’s something to think about and Laura and Ann have some really good points so let’s keep this conversation going!


                • well i used to be in the position where we had no debt, had plenty of cash and food – then health issues hit, cost of living went up far too much (most especially housing and food) and we lost our savings due to keeping my husband alive (no insurance coverage). so compassion would be needed if a date is set – as there are those of us who have been aware of this and did take the steps towards self-sufficiency but then life happened and we are struggling to rebuild again. i read what laura had to say and i agree with her points as well. it is a paradox. small organized communities who are of like-mind – each contributing what they can. i have had the idea for some time for a group of like-minded souls to pool resources, buy land and build our vision of what we all wish to see. no takers yet (i have put out the idea to my readers recently).


                  • I’m not a financial expert so it would be interesting to first find out what happens in the financial system when customers don’t deposit money or use their debits cards. The crash itself is something that has never been done before, and it could go into a civil war especially if only a portion of the population chose to do this. It can backfire. On the other hand, since we don’t have anything to lose anyways, since we are enslaved into the system and see no way out, then we go ahead. Gerald Celente always says: When you don’t have anything left to lose, there is nothing left to save. I have been living off grid for 14 years now. But I live in Croatia, a small island where I can live without cameras watching me and grow food. With no debts, I can live a carefree life, all we have to worry about is food and utilities. It’s easy for me to say that it can be done, it can, but we really don’t know what the consequences of our actions would do. At best, it would be an incredible psych ops operations because THEY would realize WE know and HAVE the solutions to take them down. Thing is, they have weapons and can easily shoot those down…yes…the idea is great and seems simple, but can we afford to risk the outcome? We have to really talk to people who are experts in the financial area and find out what happens in cases like this…what we can expect to happen..


        • I didn’t write about this as a post but I had a vision a few nights ago. usually, when I lay down to sleep it takes a while to see anything, when I’m in that state of deep relaxation the visions will come, my guide will come, but two nights ago, I just closed my eyes and saw starwars around the moon. Ships going around and firing on each other, it was really awesome. I think the galactic battles are nearing earth now but to get here they need to clear the enemies, don’t know but that’s what I saw.
          There is something imminent coming…I have been seeing tsunamis pass my house, it passes in front of my house, I’m out the window watching it in awe, without fear, without emotions, just an awe inspiring feeling of this massive wave coming across the island. John Fowls, a very long reader/follower of my blog passed away last year but we kept in touch through emails and I shared my visions with him. He was deeply connected with the Mauri (he lived in New Zealand) and told me he had the same visions that I did, we almost always saw the same things. I sure miss him.
          Also, you just have to send my blog link…I had traffic increased 10 fold in the last 24 hours 🙂 Thanks for all the work that you do too!


          • I’m sorry you lost your friend. Having someone on the same wavelength who confirms what you are experiencing is awesome, and a great sanity check to boot. I’ve not met anyone who sees what I see, but then the things I see always seem to be the ‘worst of the worst’ – but they never happen! It’s kinda like, if I tune into the lowest wavelength and see something, it won’t happen. I’ll pat myself on the back for that 😉

            But just in case we might be seeing something in common, here’s a smattering of what I have seen:

            – massive freeway congestion, with total gridlock of thousands of cars so bad that people leave their cars behind to escape something that is coming;

            – a freeway here in Sacramento, California very close to where I live where cars have been stalled and pushed into a pile by bulldozers to totally close the roadway down so no one can go past;

            – close to the same freeway, on a highway interchange leading to interstate 80 which leads into San Francisco I have seen a pile-up of cars and trucks, with one large blue 18-wheel semi jackknifed to block all lanes that had been blasted with tank cannon rounds;

            – I personally found myself in a fenced-off compound (like a FEMA camp) standing in a long line of people, with several other similar lines to either side of me, and everyone in every line was wearing a yellow/black radiation tag like what one would wear who works in a nuclear power plant to check their radiation exposure. That vision ended with someone in line recognizing me and coming up to talk to me and he was wearing a smile, so it wasn’t all bad.

            – Tsunamis like what you have described, except every single time I am observing thm from above, like I am protected somehow, and the water that comes my way is somehow pushed aside.

            – Before the Charlie Hebdo attack a couple years ago, I saw a joker like on a playing card with the strange multi-pointed, multi-colored caps with balls on the points mock me with laughter. I have seen that a few times now.

            – Several times I have seen meteor showers screaming through the skies, but each time I am in a safe place while they hit the Earth.

            There are lots more and as I remember them I will share them. The overall feeling I get from them all, though? Yes, tough times are coming, and they may very well be deadly…but in the long run, it’s all for the good. The controllers are not long for this world. I just hope that they don’t take much more of it with them when they go…

            Take care Ines, I wish you and your partner well and God bless him for allowing himself to use cannabis oil as at least he recognizes that dying from cancer is worse than *potentially* going to jail for using it!!




            • I call them visions when I’m conscious, but I also see things in dreamtime. I wrote about this a few times but not in great detail. I’m pretty sure now that I exist in multidimensional realities. In other words, I”m not just here in this reality. In dreamtime, I leave my body and or my consciousness state changes and I’m able to tap into my other realities. I don’t believe in symbolism, the brain is not capable of creating anything, it simply records and stores. The brain is the computer that manages the functions of this body, memory is required so that we can talk, walk and do things for those that adapted our bodies so that we can serve them. I wasn’t sure at first about those ‘dreams’ until something kept repeating itself. I would be in a ‘dream’ and someone I was with in those dreams would tell me to hurry up and pee and come back. I would wake up, go to the bathroom while reliving that reality and saying to myself “Hurry up so you can get back”.
              None of the other realities have anything negative/duality/good or bad experiences. In other words, I don’t feel or experience anything negative. I have walked through a forest walking over snakes and just walked on like nothing was wrong, I could look down, see the snakes and think “Oh, wow, lots of snakes”.
              This reality is the only reality that is duality, negative positive, good bad, etc.
              Dreams are not possible, in other words, once we fall asleep, our brains don’t make things up, don’t collect our memories and then scramble them to make a film for us to watch in dreaming state, the brain can’t do anything with our memories, the brain can’t take our memories and memories of feelings and then organize it into some kind of story. Often people say “You know, I was thinking about so and so today and then I dreamed them last night”. Yes, they may have dreamed them last night but it’s not a dream, it’s another reality. We incarnate together with our soul family and soul group therefore, we exist in many different realities with the same souls.
              Ask anyone if the person they dreamed about looked the same as here in this reality? They will most likely tell you they weren’t sure or that they just knew it was them but didn’t look like them.

              Your visions could be extensions/movies of another reality. We can’t predict the future, it doesn’t “literally” exist because we create it as we go along. Yes, there is a future but we can’t predict it because the future can change based on our actions. There are only possibilities of different outcomes.

              The future is already passed, as there is no such thing as time other than the matrix here, so, future is already written/decided, but it’s always a possibility because we have free will and can change the future by changing our actions.

              I have studied and contemplated this for many years. When I first started my journey, it was after having an NDE, this lead me to ask a question: “If god can create all living beings and things on this planet that keep regenerating lifetime after lifetime, why would he just create humans to live one pitiful existence? This question led me to study religion for years, seeking the real god. The switch happened 10 later while I was battling cancer and got me into a small bookstore where I instinctively picked up Nishiren Daishonen Buddhism. It changed my world, my perspective and gave me this hope that I’m not here for one fucked up lifetime that someone made my life a living hell by abusing me and raping me. What kind of God will allow something like that to happen to a child and then give him the rest of his lifetime to suffer because of it?
              These were the hard questions I kept asking until I made sense of everything.
              Although I don’t proclaim to call myself a Buddhist, I live that philosophy which has enriched my life beyond measure and since then, never experienced anything bad happen to me that which I didn’t do to myself.

              My partner has a lung condition called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, he almost died twice using modern medicine as his method until he turned to me for help. He made that choice. People will say “Oh you poor thing, your life must be difficult having a sick partner”. No, it’s not difficult. My partner created that reality to experience for whatever reason, my life has not become less quality because of this illness. I have learned what “real” love is. If you love someone, set them free. If they come back then you know it’s love, if they don’t come back, then they never loved you. Why live with someone you have to manipulate to be with you? So, taking responsibility for our actions, understanding that each of us is here to learn something creates this ‘excitement’because it’s kind of like planting a mix of different lettuce varieties without knowing what they are and then waiting for them to grow to see what lettuce variety they are. I have unmarked rows of plants because life isn’t so black and white, it should be exciting and interesting even when times are difficult for others. My life doesn’t stop being grand just because someone I love chose a different path. I’m writing this with my morning coffee, it’s when I”m most creative!


  3. Thank you for emailing me Ines, and Anthony, thanks for the suggestion. While I personally spent many, many years starving the war machine and then trying to get our community set up so that it could survive the kind of financial chaos Ines is championing, I have found that a) most people are not interested in self-sufficiency or even resilience; b) this sort of widespread chaos is exactly what the PTB are hoping for; and c) it takes money to get things in place as a safety net. This is not an excuse. I have poured thousands of dollars into rehabbing land and creating a food forest, which I’m turning over to 5 other people when we move. I also use these gardens to make bumper crop food donations to local food banks, feed neighbors, friends and impoverished people I encounter. I address the issues in the most practical ways I find, which includes doing my best to get local communities to do what you, Ines, and I and others are personally doing: taking responsibility for ourselves, growing our own foods, using plants to heal, focusing on energetic as well as community resilience.

    In America, we are nowhere near the level of resilience where I could in good conscience recommend people try to crash the financial system in a week. Right now there are not enough safety nets in place. We are moving to a city that has many more of these nets in place — several public food forests, many, many community gardens, an ethic of “Community Capitalism,” where those who do have money voluntarily funnel it back into local projects that support people and the earth. I forget where you live, Ines, but the level of poverty and dependence on welfare of some sort is off the charts right now in the US. Even the so-called “Middle Class” is living paycheck to paycheck or going into debt.

    After nearly a decade of starving the system, I eventually realized that it takes money to plant food forests, create community gardens and turn lawns into farms. I barter for lots of things — literally tons of things if you count four years of free wood mulch to enrich the soil here — but it has still taken money for garden tools, purchasing more mature fruit trees that can produce in 1 year instead of 4-5 years, and getting unusual perennial vegetables that will produce for decades. It has taken money to make this yard so incredibly beautiful that people who otherwise had no interest in gardening have torn up their own lawns to grow flowers and food, or have joined community gardens because they feel so inspired. A rag tag yard would not have done that, because while some people are motivated by pain, others are motivated by beauty, joy and love. Isn’t that what we’re aiming for in the New Earth? As Anthony says, the trauma and chaos may arrive anyway. No need to summon it faster than the “elites” already are. If you really want to make a change, imho, if you’re already self-sufficient, then radiate that outwards by getting gardens into your community, teaching your community how to heal themselves with herbs, how to use energy to shift their opportunities and health.

    Once we’ve done this at a critical mass level, then I think your idea of crashing the system could have merit in that the system could easily become obsolete. We are nowhere near that point yet, although I continue to plant fruit and nut trees, turn gardens over to new people and plant more. I know others doing the same thing. First things first. People will do pretty much ANYTHING if they see their children starve. Research the connection between high food prices (or no food on the shelves) and revolutions. I agree we need a change, but not all change is good. If we don’t want the “elite” swooping in with their “Solution” to the Problem and Reaction, then we had better have solutions already in place and easily replicated. Otherwise that revolution will just usher in a new level of slavery and/or the eugenicists dream of massive population cull. If people really want to take action, then get the new food system in place for your local community if you already have it in place for yourself. See the Ron Finley project or Will Allen for details on how this is the real revolution.

    I feel your heart is in the right place — and again, I don’t recall where you live. In the US, though, the masses are not ready for the next French Revolution, even though we’re being prepped for them, guillotines and all. A true, positive, lasting, sovereign change will involve a new kind of safety that preemptively makes the system obsolete before recklessly crashing it. Since the “elite” plan to crash it anyway, we might as well prepare for the best, which also allows us to prepare for the worst. No brainer, imho.

    Peace and love to you,


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