We’re Almost There, I can Feel It

I have never thought about what I am thinking about right now. As the world we live in or the reality we are creating gets crazier, I feel more happier, more at ease, more grateful for everything I have. Although gratitude is something I feel all the time, it’s especially present for me each moment that I take a breath.

I tried to analyze this feeling, trying to understand WHY I would feel so positive regardless of what is going on. It was less than 2 years ago when I wrote a blog titled ” Starving the War Machine and the reason I started it was because I was furious as to what was going on in Palestine at the time. 700 children alone died  in that bombing spree. I believed that by posting photos of dead children and encouraging readers to close their bank accounts that we could crash their system. It’s kind of like telling someone to drink more water because dehydration is bad for the body. ” I don’t like water and it’s difficult to drink so much”. Here, this answer is basically saying, I will choose to stay ill because drinking something such as water is too much of a hassle.

When my friends or guests come to visit me, they like to peek over the balcony window and look into my garden. ” Aren’t you afraid of the police for growing Cannabis?” Each time I am asked that question, I freeze because I can’t believe someone is actually asking me this: ” Why don’t you just let your partner die because if you get caught growing Cannabis you could go to jail?”

Well, the blog didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. Actually the events didn’t happen. People simply found too many reasons for avoiding closing their bank accounts or god forbid not buy anything that was not necessary. Can you imagine if only 20% of western countries stop buying anything other than food and necessities, it would crash the system. Something so simple as just not using your debit card would crash the banks because they don’t have the cash on hand to give you when you walk up to the teller.

As madness becomes chronic/terminal, I’m feeling better. Could it be that I already know it’s supposed to be this way? It’s not that I’m happy people are suffering, it’s not that I am elated that our skies are becoming permanent chem trail clouds. But I’m feeling this incredible excitement that it is getting worse.

Is it possible that my intuitive innate self just knows what the end game will be or knows it’s the end and I can go home? If it’s true what I was feeling as a young child, standing by my window in my bedroom, looking upwards towards the skies and yelling for someone to come and get me. ” Why did you leave me here? I don’t want to be here anymore”. This would mean that I had some memory of why I came to Earth or why I was born into this reality.

Perhaps this innate memory, this knowing that the end is near and I get to go home is giving me this feeling of gratitude and joy. It sure sounds silly doesn’t it? I mean, the world is in a mess of trouble and yet I’m celebrating my happiness. It’s this innate sense of strong intuition that I feel which leads me to where I am today. I don’t need to research someone to figure out if they are honest or not. I simply feel this. Problem is that the innate me and the mind conflict and both have different purpose in this reality. The mind itself is not intended to guide me towards my true and real goal. The mind is intended to conflict me with my innate self, higher self and try to disconnect me from it.

A few weeks ago I wrote about this. When we incarnate into our bodies, or body suits, the mind/brain is part of the suit. We as Souls or Spirit beings simply take hold of this body suit. The mind is the computer that runs the body, our innate self or intuition is what guides us. This is why I always say that we must live from the heart, not from the mind. The mind was designed to record and remember, analyse and collect all sounds, sights, tastes, smells and events, nothing else.

Could it be that I’m integrating them? I don’t think so. When I leave this body I’m not taking the brain/mind with me. That piece of shit hasn’t served me well at all. All it’s done for me is helped me remember things and allowed me to get educated, get a good paying job and remember my kids birthdays. I/ME/SOUL/SELF has served for the greater good through having this earthly experience.

And so this is what it boils down to. Acceptance. I have accepted that I am not my body. I am spiritual, eternal, beautiful and created in love. My only purpose in all of this eternity is to experience and become better, higher, grander, to become like my creator, multidimensional and to serve. Acceptance whether we accept good or bad, it matters not. Once we accept, we become and we don’t judge because acceptance means that we know. We live in a duality and we keep taking sides, but in Acceptance, there is no side, there is only acceptance.

I’m feeling really good these days, I’m feeling almost guilty, the brain/mind is feeling guilty and shoving that on my innate self because this reality is falling apart and yet I’m feeling good. The bad side of this acceptance and joy is that I can’t relate to this reality anymore. I’m finding it very difficult to socialize especially when I’m asked if I’m afraid of growing cannabis because it might save my partners life and mine for that matter. I should have fear because that fear should hold me back from healing? What reality am I living in anyways? This is not my reality, I’m no longer part of this play, I’m simply hovering over you all and watching the final score and I’m so happy it’s close.

In your reality, the game has just started. We have a lot more to go through, people are simply not awake yet and I’m afraid the shit they are doing to us might not ever get us there, yet I know we can’t be stopped. They are the cornered animal, wounded and are not going to give up until they use their last breath, last bite to try and free themselves. We will not allow that, but many will leave this reality, many will be wounded trying to keep the animal cornered, only a few will attempt to kill it.

Stay strong, stay real, stay on the side of service to others and we will be laughing about this in our next reality. This was a tough cookie, it took us millions of years to raise this frequency and save our mother Gaia, but she’s impatient, she’s tired, wounded, poked and prodded and her lungs are congested. I see her, she’s down but she’s just collecting her energy to take her last final curtain.

Imagine that, something that could crash the system/matrix in a matter of days. Something so simple as not using debit cards and not spending money on anything unless it’s for keeping us alive for a week. Imagine that, people simply find excuses for NOT doing it. Yet, just doing this would end this very quickly. Money is our God, we are slaves to it and money is their weakness. All we have to do is stop spending it for a few days and it’s done. Something so simple, risk free, yet the gains are freedom, the touchdown, the gold medal. That’s all it takes and yet most would prefer to stay dehydrated.

Stay tuned!



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