Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Isn’t that what they say? What a pile of crap isn’t it? Absence gives you time to get your shit together without that other person getting in the way. If you’re missing someone or feeling sad because they are not around it’s because your love is a needy one and you’re dependent on that person to feel better.

I have been absent but only physically. My thoughts are always here in your presence somewhere. I made a decision last week to finally start my Croatian blog. You see, this blog in English was not planned at all. I started with the ” From Croatia with Love” because it was intended for my Croatian audience, but I had not yet mastered the language. Well, I finally opened the blog on mjesecina.wordpress.com and it took me 2 days to write a post because my Croatian is not mastered yet. Maybe not the basic language but when it comes to the topics I write about, it was difficult to write the first post.

The topics that I write about have been written millions of times over, there are more books out there in alternative reality then one can count, I wrote nothing different but with a twist: I write with love, honesty and a true desire to help others. I don’t make any money and don’t ever want to make money for helping someone. That is the difference between me and all those wanna be gurus out there trying to make a buck with the illusion that they are helping folks.

I have and always had an issue with those that claim to be serving humanity. I have an issue with the so called ” light workers” who moan and groan that their financial situations are bad. I have an issue with light workers feeling they are deserving payment for their hard work. Look, you can get a full time job or part time job or whatever, but your Service to others must be from the heart, otherwise its’ not a service it’s simply a career option and careers are paid for. I don’t buy this bullshit that those who serve humanity need to make a living. Of course they do, but they don’t need to charge the people they are helping, they can get a real job. Ok, I know, they spent a few months or years writing a book, I get that. I can accept books as a means of career, but the ” donation” buttons, the DVD specials and Webinars should be free.

What I wrote about so far on this blog was only a reflection of how I felt at the time, sharing the knowledge I had and giving people a different perspective on things. I never considered myself to be special or an expert at anything. This is something my partner knows really well. He knows that I won’t do anything unless it comes from the heart. If I do it any other way, it’s a favor or chore or responsibility and that’s not what I’m about. When you start living from the heart, everything comes from the heart and it’s ok to say NO when the heart doesn’t feel like giving. The heart is like everything in our body, it too has it’s overload days and it too needs time to regenerate, so if you’re not up to doing something, don’t do it. I’m fortunate to have an understanding and supportive partner which by the way is doing really well. He’s now being taken care of in one of our best specialist hospitals in Croatia and his lung issues are in remission thanks to Cannabis Oil.

He’s due to go back on May 8th to have some more tests done because he was sent there because of many blood clots forming that went on for months and the local hospital never tested him for this. Because of these clots they are not able to perform some minor invasive procedures, but even the specialist in this hospital, they were thrilled to see how well he is doing considering he should be dead statistically. His diagnosis 3 years ago was as follows: Pumonary Arterial Hypertension, COPD, Cor.pulmonale, a very weak heart, and Vit.k overproduction which causes the blood to clot abnormally thicker than normal.

I often think about not returning here, but then I never have the courage to say goodbye, something tells me I can’t let go yet and I’m sure there is a reason for this so I won’t make any promises. I’m trying to live my life in truth and with spring here, my Clinic gets really busy and of course my huge garden that needs me so when I have this urge to write, you can be sure I will.

Things are pretty crazy out there, I’m following everything and I am seeing those that said ” it’s coming” now saying it’s not. Those that screamed about Nibiru being just around corner are now saying “it’s not”. If you have been reading my blog for a few years you will see that I wrote this would happen. Nobody knows what will happen because WE determine that. We will either fight for peace or we will keep killing each other, the choice is always ours and always will be. Until people realize all the power lies within them, that the Universe lies within them and that nothing will change unless they change, things will just keep plugging along.
Yes, we might have wars and rumors of wars but damn it people, have we not had this as long as we have existed? When have we ever lived in peace? So, the bible thumpers are now changing their music too but for the life of me, I can’t believe they actually believe what’s in the bible. This makes them idiots and not credible because that book was never intended for the benefit of humanity.

The reality is that we create it. They input us with frequencies, ideas, fears and false hopes and we create this with our thoughts, thus, create what they want. Until we realize this, they will keep fucking with us. They don’t fuck with me, I figured this out a long time ago and I’m well protected within my aura energy field. Oh yes, the archons come along every once in a while to see if my energy field has weakened but one THOUGHT and they’re gone. They are really afraid of me and in one of my sleep states I saw myself as a creator of galaxies and the number 9 always shows up, so perhaps they know me from another dimension but I can sense their fear and disdain for themselves for fearing me. I don’t need anyone to tell me what will come or won’t come.

I am fully prepared to take responsibility for whatever it is that we have done to make this reality. I have some stocks of food and medicine, doing the best I can and living in the moment. This is all we can do while this transition takes place. It will take place, it’s just a matter of ‘ time’ meaning ‘when’ we decide to make the final move.

Here in Europe things are just as mad as in the Western parts, it’s no different here than in the US when it comes to stability. We don’t blame Putin here for everything though, we blame the EU for all our troubles. Imagine this: We are a country so wealthy that we can actually close down the borders and produce everything we need. I now have to buy meat from Germany or Bulgaria, lettuce from Spain, oranges from Italy while our farmers have gone bankrupt. So, like I said, it’s no different here but I think that us Europeans are a bit smarter and not so easy to fool. Europe is an old institution and it’s core is the Vatican so with so many wars and invasions, we have developed hard skin and don’t fool or believe too easily.

Mr. Trump isn’t going to make it. I said before he was elected that if they don’t assassinate him then he’s no different than the others but he’s playing a good game. I see a lot of violence coming your way, I also see some kind of natural disaster with lots of smoke and ash, these are visions I have had in my sleep. Just be prepared.

You’re always in my thoughts and you need to know that whatever you are doing now is what you should be doing. But if you’re accepting their game or going along with it, you will not be able to get out of it so let go of the fear and the frustration of knowing what is going on, just live this moment, live it from the heart and live it like you may not have another human day tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

  1. Thank you for your thoughts Ines.. Glad your hubby is doing better.. And I hope he continues that way too..
    Lovely to see this post in the reader this evening too.. And know you are well..
    Agree with lots of what you have said.. Giving from the heart costs nothing..
    And I am with you on my own intuitive side on the future outcomes of this world.. I feel a mass exodus via natural sources . And big changes to lives..

    I keep growing our own veggies.. hope your own veggie growing is still thriving too..
    Take care. and good luck with your other blog..
    Hugs and Many Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤


    • Thank you for that Sue. yes, my garden is doing great. This is my 4th year of permaculture and hugel kultur and it’s now showing all the hard work I put into it. Recycling back into mother earth is basically the principles I use. No insects, no disease at all while my neighbors are never making it to the end of the season from pests and disease. I can now be in two places…English and Croatian. I lived like this my entire life, always in two places and my heart always split. I’m writing a short story about what really happens when families immigrate to foreign countries, the things we don’t talk about. I’m still split in half because my kids are in Canada, but the great news is that my son and his wife are moving here to live with me and that was my last wish, always worrying what would happen to me when I got older and who would care for me.

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  2. What a lovely piece, great to see you back, however briefly, Ines…an echo of much of what I am experiencing too. I, like you have spent years ‘at this’ work and never..evah…’put out a begging bowl’…life provides!

    So pleased that your partner is improving …indeed…in leaps and bounds, from the sounds of it. Great stuff.

    I wish you and all of yours…and everyone else…nothing but the best…there is some ‘shite’ about to ‘hit the fan’ but it’s all been ‘scripted’ or ‘ordered in advance’…I throw NO ENERGY at it.

    The so called ‘light workers’ and ‘Nibiru nobs’ will have to admit they’re wrong…but not to ‘ME’…personally. I always knew they were…flogging manure…’messy merchandise’ mate!!! Eeeew!!

    Enjoy your beautiful country in her Springtime..stay groovy, productive and BELONGING TO NO BUGGER! That…is ‘key’…oh and BTW…your ‘Archon dream’??? Featuring the number ‘9’…??

    Numerologically speaking ‘9’ is the number of COMPLETION…clever, clever you. Be safe, be loved…and above all..BE YOURSELF…itis an elegant sufficiency my dear. Always Annabelle xo


    • Thank you, you always leave such great comments. I was just about to shut down and go to sleep and then realized that it would be polite to answer your comments more often. yes, that pesky number 9 is showing up all over the place, but I think it has to do with 9th dimension, I think/feel I was a 9th dimensional being before coming here, after having created this galaxy….this is what I’m picking up.
      Also, 2017 is a 9 years, completion years, should be very exciting! Love you!


      • Hey Ines, sorry so long getting to you…(I’m a busy wee thing). Thank you so much for taking time to respond…(it’s always ok if you don’t, I am …NOT…’needy). That gig is ‘taken’.

        Now in my Numerology, work, (I am a Clairvoyant/Psychic of over 60 years duration) this is a 10 year…reducing to a ONE. 2+0+1+7=10-reduced to one digit as you are no doubt aware. Good news actually…New Beginnings, Fresh Slate….and all that it augers.

        ‘9’ is the number, that, is rather insistently, it would seem, telling you…(in my wee world)…that you are or have ‘completed’ certain important tasks…it can also be inverted to a ‘6’ to give HARMONY.

        I am not ‘New Age’ in any way, shape or format…quite the contrary, I’m old ageish’…I’m Scots although I live ‘down under’ and I actually don’t deal with the ‘9th Dimensional’ stuff…or the 4th, 5th or 6th…I do however, respect your viewpoint.

        I’ve studied it all, read it all, researched it all and I’m a very BLUNT ‘wee thing’. (Which I am fairly certain you will have ascertained by this stage, without my assistance).

        THIS IS THE DIMENSION I AM IN…and frankly, my dear Croation goddess…it could all go a total overhaul…and ‘we’ are working on that…as I type. YOU, me…and everyone else who ‘gives a toss’.

        Hope your wee garden is just blossoming and that your partner is well improved…hope too that the ‘nines’ give you some Peace in your sleep my Cherub…ya NEED yer rest ‘hen…(Scottish term of endearment, regards a Female person).

        Nooh…you enjoy all that you do…it was lovely to see your work back up again…yer a grand Lassie ‘hen. Stay awesome…and so shall I…later, m’love…always, Annabelle xo


  3. Hello Inis my name is Rosanna. I wanted to take this moment and introduce myself. Its pretty late here in Netherland, as Well! I felt myself wanting to say…Good night, sleep well. I will comment at a more waking hours. ❤


    • Welcome Rosanna, hope that you slept well. My best girlfriend in Canada in highschool was also from Netherlands. We called you Holland in the 70’s. Her name is Lucy Scheer and after 40 years since we graduated, we are still in touch. !


    • CBD is important, but according from what I have read, it doesn’t bond with receptors unless there is THC in the oil. The higher the THC the better the bond to the receptors or endocanabinoid receptors. I have no idea how much is in each plant, but this year I managed to get Sativa plants and this assures me a body high and relaxation rather than a head high:)
      We can now get Cannabis Oil in 2 or 5 mg doses in prescription from Oncologist but that amount won’t cure anything, it will increase appetite and help with nausea. This is what they did on purpose so that after they tried it they can claim it didn’t cure anything and it will turn them away from REAL Cannabis Oil. They never give anything without taking something in return.

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      • …just noticed this…and yes you are right…’they’ take, pretty much…EVERYTHING…so, might I suggest…be RELENTLESS…be ‘as the ocean’…think outside their ‘rules’ and the way ‘things’ are developing..that mighty force…hat enormous entity…

        The PUMMELING PRESSURE OF PISSED OFF PEOPLE POWER…shall ‘turn that tide’….you can only keep a situation in a state of ‘repressions’….for so long. Then…as if it is a NATURAL WAVE in the sea…it will come rolling over us all… ‘pound the little buggers right into the deck’.

        …and then you can do what you bleedin’ well like….Gawd know you’ve already PAID FOR THAT RIGHT!! Yeah?? Suggested with yet more LOVE…(ya can never have too much ya know) Always, Annabelle xo


        • As always Annabelle, you leave me inspired and smiling. Love your style of writing and the way you add to on to what I didn’t think about it. We are the link in the chain, even though most of them don’t realize it, we are so connected if we just stop and feel them in our presence.


  4. Well…yer not going to get a fight out of this wee ‘Gingernut’…now, are you?? Here’s how I see much of this, from the standpoint of someone who has seen the world as ‘WTF is going on here folks…this is dead wrong’ for the last 61 years! I’ve been AWAKE since I was…(wait for it)…THREE YEARS OLD! It has NOT been easy.

    I would suggest, also… that YOU, my wee Cherub have also spent some copious amounts of your valuable time doing likewise. ‘We’ get worn out…this is one helluva battle and it requires a stamina of the Heart & Soul. Note I did NOT say…’mind’. Minds are, shall we just say…a tad vulnerable..? So ‘burn out’ is a reality. Permit yourself to recover…CHILL THE HELL OUT…whenever ‘Nature’ says…ahem: ‘chill out Ines dear’. (Nature is way less cheeky than I am)

    Partially I think it’s because those MINDS OF OURS have been TRAINED to expect..’instant’ or ‘close to it’ results. (Way to screw yourself over eh Ines?) The Divine, works a very…very…long count calendar. Where we ‘humans’ have been absolutely conned into thinking that we can alter that. I have two words for humanity in this. ‘SOBER UP!

    This ‘works against us or ON US’ and was probably part of the plan to destabilize us anyhoo…whatevah eh Ines? I’ve had more people working on my downfall’ than built the pyramids…yet I remain. I have been stripped of everything, money, home, family, career, goals, and…yet I still remain. I, believe that I, and very probably YOU TOO… remain…because…DIVINITY AIN’T STOPPED WARMIN’ UP YET!!

    I had websites…they’re gone…it is I, who am not. As I say to everyone…’Absolutely everything is temporary’….’Lighten the Hell Up’…The Divine has NOT…’fallen asleep in front of the telly watching Supershite and eating macaroni cheese’ Some members of our number have. They are not God, my dear…see how lucky we can be??

    So, again, I thank you enormously for your ultra kind words…I love your writing too. Go easy on yourself…soak up the restorative factors that your beautiful island home STILL HAS! Only ‘come to the fight’…when there is one. Live your life in honour of your beliefs and wherever possible…LAUGH…GIGGLE…SMIRK…GUFFAW…SNIGGER…whatever.. LET NO-ONE TAKE YOUR J-O-Y!!

    Let Nature show you how busy she has been and you will see that…it is the only eternal force…got that?
    The Divinity, I speak of is a ‘one size fits all’…even if you don’t believe in it…(Divinity has been through this crapola before)…it’s ‘cathedral’ is wherever you are…it’s flock of ‘parishioners’…EVERYTHING…around you…

    To my own, rather…’left of centre’ and deeply happy about it, mind…it’s unlikely that Nature would continue to throw her work into an ‘abyss’…without a back-up plan. I mean, look how hard these morons have had to work to fuck it all up…no-on with ANY sense spends centuries lying and cheating…thieving, killing and distorting and she’ll just come and ‘repair herself. Note the LESSON…

    The creation process is all around you dear girl…go revel in it…only mankind…and what an utter misnomer that is…as I said…ONLY MANKIND…DOES FRUSTRATION AND DEFEAT. Which is usually in line with the expectations that we may very well have been utterly CONNED INTO. Trust …that the force that MADE ALL THIS…is well up to the task of ‘dismissing them’. It’s that manUNKIND..who hired all these twerps, flattered all the vain and wealthy, gave away…ALL THAT WAS INTRINSCALY GOOD…for a counterfeit token.

    Ergo…I totally believe that this entire ‘game’ is an individual battle. God…is doing an audit. You can’t just ‘scrape by’ with…’but I went to church’…we now KNOW what CHURCHES are about. You are accountable for…just, lovely YOU. You cannot ‘do’ another’s ‘homework’…just be the YOU, tht that Divinity had sufficient confidence in, that they sent her here to us all. (Cheers by the way)

    Thank you again for your response…nooh…and I say this with a great deal of LOVE…’Bugger aff and have a totally brilliant day ya dear, Lassie…time’s a wastin’…there’s FUN…still to be had my darling pal. Later, lovely one…always Annabelle xo


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