Got Your Seat-belts Fastened?

I won’t say ” I told you so” but I will. Once in a while I can take credit for being on the ball. I can now literally go back to all the opinions and thoughts I have had over the years about the gurus, the astrologers, the Ascension nutters, and see that I was correct about every one of them. You see, I don’t do much research on them, it takes me a few hours just to listen to them and I seemingly fit the pieces together. Bottom line is, I FEEL them and know whether they are forthcoming or not.

The truth is, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. There is NO god that determines our destiny. We determine it through our mind and projecting our thoughts to create reality. For eons we have been creating the reality THEY want us to create. It should be obvious to you by now that we have created this reality. Whether we did it through ignorance or disbelief or whatever, we created it. The video below is just another person who thought the same about Marshall Masters. I have mentioned him many times in the Nibiru scam. Turns out I was right about him too, not because this person below said so, but because Nibiru has been arriving over 12 years now and there is still no sign of it. Why?

Not enough of us believed it so we didn’t create that reality.

I want to thank many of you for taking time to read this blog and to send me incredible messages. I really can’t tell you how I know things. Often I know them but the EGO and MIND argue with me because they don’t want me to KNOW. We do this all the time. You know, the first response you have about something? But you change your mind and do or say something else. Later you find out your first instinct was correct and you should have followed it?

Well, it takes many years to trust instinct/higher self. We are programmed and conditioned to think and feel a certain way, so when something comes along that doesn’t fit into that paradigm, the EGO will argue with us. You see, the EGO doesn’t want us to know the truth because once we figure it out, the EGO no longer has a job. Remember, when you came into your body, when you incarnated here, the brain/EGO was part of the bodysuit. You basically entered into an empty computer and wired it through thought, programming, tradition, culture,education and whatever else you used to fill your mind with information. The Mind/Ego is not who you are, it’s the machine computer you use to drive your body and your life here in this reality.

To accept truth, to feel truth, to find truth you have to disengage from the EGO and from the mind because they are/were not designed to make you evolve into a better human being. They were designed to keep you entrapped. This is why the brain/mind can’t predict or know ahead of time. It can’t do much other than record and save it and remember, analyze etc.

The reality that we are currently experiencing is designed to devolve us. All forces, all energies are now in full throttle working to keep us from accessing the truth. You see, once you access the truth, it’s game over for them. Ignore the madness right now because you will only drive yourself into sleepless nights, anti-depressants or too much weed. There’s not much we can do right now other than STOP recording their events and STOP reacting to their reality. The endgame is here and trust me, it’s not Nibiru, it’s not the Anti Christ, it’s not ascension and it’s not anything created by us in terms of how and where we are going to next. We came here to play the game, we came here to raise the frequencies, we came here to break the matrix open. Unfortunately, our game was interrupted and dark forces took over but it’s all temporary although it’s been millions of years of us incarnating here. What’s time when you’re endless?

Don’t fret over the events right now. It’s ugly. From a human perspective we’re still savages killing each other yet at the same time praying to God for help. The Terminal Madness that I often write about is here, it’s the endgame for them. They know this.

Don’t you notice the sun is blocked?  I have been out working in my garden, in the sunshine for 2 weeks now and I have not tanned. Whatever you do, don’t wear sunscreen. Because of certain rays being filtered out, the sunscreen will just burn into your skin and cause cancer. Sunscreen was never designed to keep you safe. Have you ever thought about it? We’re told we could get cancer from the sun and to wear sunscreen. So, we cream up with these horrific toxic chemicals that the sun burns into our bodies. We get cancer from the sunscreen you idiot. Have you ever thought about it? This is a perfect example of us creating their reality.

I will be writing more very shortly. Because of my back problems, I really needed to get outside and work in the garden. I don’t have any choices other than surgery so what I’m doing right now is actually even more painful, but I’m feeling better as painful as it is. I was born with Congenital Scoliosis and didn’t know it until I turned 50. Most of my adult life I avoided beaches because I could never lay on my back. I can now lay on my back in bed for 10 minutes without the pain thumping through  my entire body. Grounding has been great as well.

Don’t fret, don’t worry, we fucked it up really bad but remember this: We are powerful creators. What we do we can undo. What we haven’t done, we can do. What we think is impossible is possible. You just have to believe it. Don’t you believe your own power? Have you ever tried using it?

The video below is just something I came across accidentally today and thought it was interesting. Marshall Masters is just another con man like the ascension gurus, like the Nibiru bullshitters and like everyone else proclaiming they know what is going to happen in the future. There is no FUTURE. It doesn’t exist so how can they or anyone know? What is real is NOW, this moment. Slowly, they are all falling by the wayside as their predictions never amount to anything.

I’m here, just having fun outside in garden and oh, hey, I got some great new Cannabis Seedlings going for my next batch of Cannabis Oil. Will write a great post on them next and share some photos with you.

I love you all, you’re all doing the right thing. Remember, power doesn’t come from outside. It comes from within. You arrived with it here in this reality. Learn how to use it. You old soul.


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