The Power of Nature


This is a view of my garden from the solarium before clearing out winter greens. This is where I spend time grieving, growing and creating. It is where I feel the ultimate power of creation when I can plant a seed and watch it break ground and come up for sunshine.

These strawberries live in forest mulch. If you look closely you will see pine needles. I drive a few km into a dense pine forest and collect the surface mulch. Normally these strawberries are half the size. The power of nature is clear. Observe nature and duplicate it in your garden. I learned this from the Back to Eden documentary. When asked how his crops grow so big and healthy, he said that he observed nature. Have you ever walked around in nature and found uncovered soil? Nope. To understand this photo you need to know that I live on an island similar to Hawaii. It’s volcanic rock. My ancestors had to remove layers of boulders, rocks and stones to find soil to plant crops in. Soil is a commodity here and I’m probably the only one on this island that produces it’s own soil/compost.

I asked myself a few weeks ago: “Why spend time typing about what I’m thinking and hoping that it might change the world?” I then realized that the world to change is mine and that by being an example I can only then gain credibility. Words are just words. What do philosophers do? They share their thoughts. That’s all philosophy is. We’re all philosophers but how many of us can grow their own food? You will see the composter in the background. It takes a lot of work to grow organic food. The soil is food for the insects and worms that produce humus, so everyday I have to collect leaves, sticks, food scraps to feed the composter to feed the soil to feed me organically. This is my fifth year and this year I’m learning how to save my own seeds. Last year I spent months ordering heirloom seeds so I can do this.

The fruit of my labor. This photo was taken 4 years ago when I first started raised bed gardening but this is my creation. To grow your own food is to feel the power of creation. You plant the seed and watch your lifeline come up for sunshine, how awesome is that? But this is just an analogy to who we are. We are creators of everything. Just as we plant the seed for the plant to grow, we must plant the seed of THOUGHT and Visualize that what we want to have or happen. It’s all within our power if you will just accept this reality.


You are the flower of life. You were created by a male and female energy. You came into this world through a process called love. If I care for and nurture these flowers, they will give me healthy and nutritious beans. Without food we die. If you can’t grow your own food you will surely die because everything, almost everything we purchase in markets and stores has been tainted by substances that cause cancer. You don’t need a big garden, in fact you don’t even need a garden. You can grow in containers.

In a 5 ft square space you can grow all your needs in a season. If you have balconies, 5 gal. containers will do. Plants are forgiving, just give them sunshine, water, nutrients and a lot of love, they will produce. If you feel that you’re losing control of your life, find a place where you can garden. Most suburbs or cities have community gardens where you can learn how to garden. You either love it or hate it, but in the end, you’re faced with a choice of eating healthy and being the creator of your own destiny or being the victim and relying on others to feed you.


I’m the one in white t-shirt. This was our olive harvest last year. We make 100% pure olive oil, not the extra virgin dead oil. Extra virgin means there is no oleic acid in the oil which is a key factor in healing.. Extra virgin oil means “dead” oil. Very few people know what the meaning is. The Oleic acid is removed because olive oil will go rancid after a period of time, so the key nutrient is removed to deliver dead oil to the market. According to Wikipedia: “Oleic acid is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in various animal and vegetable fats and oils. It is an odorless, colorless oil, although commercial samples may be yellowish.  The term “oleic” means related to, or derived from, olive oil which is predominantly composed of oleic acid.” So, remove the oleic acid and you have dead oil. Another deception that extra virgin olive oil is good for you.

Growing your own food means freedom. I’m not totally free yet, need to add some fruit trees but organic grown foods take time to learn. The seeds you have access to in your world may not grow in my world. Most of the time they lie on the seed packets because the reality is, they don’t want you to grow your own food. To create food is to be empowered.


My home in the countryside. This is where I live and create. This pile of rocks is all over the island. This is how the ancients built walls by clearing out looking for soil. I find seashells and different undersea animal fossils in my soil. It’s proof that my island was once a seabed and later became a volcanic island.



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