I can’t feel what I want to feel?

While doing some research, I had Press TV in the background and I heard this woman say: “Trump is a racist and we wan’t him impeached”. How is Trump a racist? What has he done to be one? Does this mean we are now forced to like someone? Is racism now being shoved down our dead brains?

I don’t think you’re a racist if you don’t like Chinese people. While in Canada, I had an issue with East Indians. I had a big issue with them. Not all of them. Most of them. They come to the country and DO NOT adapt. The women walked around in their saris, the men were allowed to wear swords in their belts and I got pulled over by an RCMP officer that wore a turban. Does that make me a racist because I don’t like these people? I have nothing against them, I just don’t like or approve of what they do. I think that if you’re coming to a new country, you should be given a book of rules and culture handbook and told that if you want to live in the country there are certain rules and customs you have to abide by.

I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home. But I am bothered by migrants and immigrants alike now demanding their culture and religion is allowed. We can’t mix, it’s impossible.

Imagine being at a dance. There is a mix of races. What music is the DJ going to play? Is he going to play Indian music? Is he going to  play Swahili music? Is he going to play techno? Every single different person in that room will want to play his music that he/she is familiar with. First we got separated because individuality and a world with different cultures was cool. Then the invasions came and disintegrated those individual cultures and beliefs into hatred for each other. Now our countries are invaded by different cultures and races and we’re supposed to all get along?
No, it’s not possible to integrate cultures that go back centuries. It’s not racist to not like someone a different culture or race. I have the choice to like what I do and don’t like.

Racism is now the Ace card being played against us. It’s used to pitch us against each other, to create chaos and civil wars. It’s used to help remove 2/3 of the useless feeders of this planet so why not get humans to kill themselves off?

There is no such thing as racism in the sense that liking or not liking someone determines whether you’re a racist or not. Racism is violence against someone  of a different skin color or culture. I reserve the right to like or not like someone. That doesn’t make me a racist, it makes me free to choose what I like and don’t like. I don’t have to like what others like. I don’t have to like Indians because I’m told I have to.. No I don’t. That doesn’t make me a racist, it simply makes me brave and courageous to speak up about how I feel.

I have no problem with humanity. I only have a problem with people that cause harm to others. It’s  the immigration policy that needs to be fixed. Like my parents that immigrated from Croatia to Canada in the late 50’s. My parents had to go to school to learn the language. They had to pass culture tests before getting their citizenship. My parents were not allowed to abuse me. They were warned once that maybe in the old Yugoslavia you can beat your kids, but in Canada it’s called Child Abuse. My parents acclimated and accepted the new world they lived in because they had to. They would not get their citizenship if they didn’t learn and pass the tests. My father failed his driving licence exam 12 times. His English wasn’t that great, but he didn’t have an interpreter in those days. You either learn the language or you’re fucked. You will be ostracized, rejected by your community because you can’t speak the language.

I love all of humanity but I reserve the right to NOT like someone. I don’t like them because of what they do, not because of their skin color.

They are pinning us against each other folks, can’t you see that? Racism is another mind control program to instill into you that you either abide by the regime or  you will be punished for having a choice. You can call me what you like, but I am proud of the fact that I can tell you to your face that I don’t like you. Not because of what your skin color is or your religion, I may not like you because of your behavior or the fact that you are causing discomfort and harm to others. In that case, we need to let people know why we don’t like them. If we don’t tell them, how will they know to correct their mistake?

I feel sorry for the Americans. This madness that has fallen upon them is horrific. To have to think before  you open up your mouth must be horrific. To be afraid that someone might consider you to be a fascist, racist, woman hater or man hater or gay hater or religion hater. You better wake up folks…you are heading for the abyss and I can guarantee that the rest of the world is not going to come and help you or pass you a rope. You were the beacon of democracy, now you have fallen into the abyss of madness and political correctness. I love all of you Americans except those that cause harm to others. .When you cause harm to others you cause harm to yourselves because we’re all ONE.. We need to help each other and teach each other to be better humans. It’s why we came here. I don’t like “homosexuality”, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. I simply don’t agree with what others think. It’s my right to choose how I feel. I don’t dislike homosexuals. I simply don’t agree with the concept or reality that someone born a male can go through that ritual of changing their sex. They don’t need body changes to feel differently. If that’s the body you were given or you chose, why prove to me you need to do this? You need to prove to yourself that you can accept yourself for what and who you are. There is a reason why you chose that body to incarnate into. I don’t dislike you for that, I dislike the idea and concept that it’s normal and natural. What does that make me now?

If you ask me, it makes me someone who can voice their opinion without fear of what others might think of them. Can you do that?


One thought on “I can’t feel what I want to feel?

  1. Humans are literally losing themselves. Seeing/meeting a REAL person these days are rare. Its overwhelming.

    Just recently discovered your site…I really like your content and approach to the topics you discuss.


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