A Week in a Nutshell or Is it a Nut House?

Sorry for not writing more but once I explain everything I have had to go through you will understand. I’m proud of myself for passing the test of time, for accepting death for what it is: Life. As you know my mom passed away 2 weeks ago. My partner is in ICU because of embolisms and I’m waiting for the veterinarian to put my beloved dog Max to sleep. He’s had his share of suffering with epilepsy and I promised him I would not let him suffer.

Humans can’t deal with death, we have been programmed and conditioned to  believe that death is the end of the road. Our parting is difficult because we believe that once they stop breathing, it’s over, life is difficult without them. I have dealt with death in the last few weeks and I must say that I have done well.

Max has been with me for 11 years. He’s been an example of what we humans should be. Oh if only we could be like them 10%, we would be better at being humans. Max forgave me even when I got mad at him, he never stopped looking at me with love even when he knew I was about to blow up because he peed on the floor or couldn’t wait until morning to go outside and I had to clean up his poop. I have never heard my dog growl at me or anyone for that matter. Even when his tail was pulled, when a stranger kicked him, he never showed his teeth. He taught me so much, but most of all patience and LOVE.

But this is not what I came here to write. We come and go, it’s part of the game we came here to play, life goes on here in 3D or in another dimension. I’m writing because of the terminal madness going on. For some reason, I was very attracted to Trump and his presidency and with that comes the reactions across the world and the madness happening in America. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but I’m curious what is happening to Americans? Is it the fluoridated water, anti depressants, chemtrails, poison in the water system, or is someone through frequencies destroying what common sense and logic they have? I don’t know but it’s disturbing because I know one thing for sure. Whatever they are doing, they are not doing it out of clear mind or logic, not intentionally. The Americans that I know are good people.  I don’t have words for what I feel watching America disintegrate and fall into chaos. The violence and aggression because people don’t agree with each other, the bashing and gnashing, it’s very very sad.

Unless Americans come together very soon, I’m afraid the country will just erupt in great chaos, as if poverty and unemployment is not enough, do they really need this? I know many of you reading this blog are American and I don’t mean to offend anyone. My perspective is different than yours. I live in a different culture and way of life so perhaps I’m the one that has changed and that sees things in a different light.

We here in Croatia are dealing with something totally different. Because of our lack of government leadership, because of lack of jobs, because of high death rates from Cancer, people have retreated into their shells. I live in a village of 400 people and yet I don’t see many people during the day. We come out to get our daily bread and retreat into our homes. It’s how we deal with death, lack of and disunity. These people have lost their faith in government, have lost their will to fight and struggle because they have gone through communism, wars, hardships and now a high increase in Cancer because NATO bombed Serbia during the breakup of Yugoslavia and these people are now paying that price.

What is changing is that people are actually asking what is going on. They notice that people are dying off right and left. They notice that doctors don’t know any better than to just issue drugs. They notice that the weather has changed, that chemtrails are polluting their skies. They know something is not right but are not yet ready to listen or hear the truth. Awakening is painful. You and I both went through that process of realization and it wasn’t easy. Accepting the ugly truth that our entire life is programmed to live and breath a certain way is a hard pill to swallow but we also know that after that bitterness, we are feeling lighter and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These are difficult times for everyone. There is no country or people that are not suffering because we have allowed our governments to fuck us over. Yeah, it’s a hard pill to swallow, a very toxic pill, one that will make you nauseous and vomit but it’s part of the process.

As I have written many times in the past, we are the ones that will make that change but until more people wake up, things will get worse. How worse can they get you may ask? I don’t know how worse, how worse can they get, is it not horrible already? So long as you have a roof over your head and food in your belly you will continue to hope that things will get better. They will, but don’t wait on it because it’s not coming from any direction, it’s coming from within you.

The hardest pill to swallow is the one where you realize that you are the cause of this madness because you did too little too late. Wake up old soul, we don’t have much time left. Wake up old soul, remember who you are. You are the light that came here to shine and raise the frequency of this planet and humanity. Wake up old soul, because of you I may have to come back here again and I don’t feel very happy about that. Wake up old soul, I’m almost out of pills.


9 thoughts on “A Week in a Nutshell or Is it a Nut House?

  1. Much LOVE to you at this time of loved ones departure Sis.
    As for us Americans… I think the masses are being pummeled with HAARP like frequencies via the zillions of cell towers that blight the landscape. It is like a crazy switch was flipped over here. Seriously …


    • That’s the only logical answer to this Sis, it’s like everyone just went nuts either for or against something. I believe this is all part of the breakdown or desperation of the Elite. Either way, there will be mass deaths because many of completed their work and are leaving.


  2. Well, what a difficult time for you Ines…and I empathize with you totally. We are taught a great many lies on this ‘plane’ and one of the cruelest of those is that the ‘deceased’…leave us. I beg to differ. I am and have been a deeply accurate Psychic…since I was 3…I am now 64…I’ve SEEN a thing or three squillion.

    The truest statement you will ever hear is this one: NO-ONE …LOSES A-N-Y-O-N-E!!! F-A-C-T!! They simply change ‘format’…

    I offer, my most sincere, empathy…for all of these experiences…these are hard days indeed. Your Mom is now…free of her Earthly entanglements and trauma…she’ll be assisting you…and as she passed only a fortnight ago, it will only be ‘new’ to her too. Yet, I can assure you…it will happen…or already IS happening.

    The petty and the mighty ‘stuff’ of this world…STAYS HERE…and Spirits are many things…but ‘petty’ is not one of them.

    Max…bless him…has ‘decided’ to go…he ‘knows’ what is going on, Dogs, like all, of the animal kingdom can see…and I mean SEE…Spiritual entities and events. They are ‘smart’ on a whole other level…and know MUCH! You’ve had a wonderful ‘journey’ together…honour that…which is what you seem to be doing. (Guidance perhaps?) brilliant stuff on your part.

    I send all that is helpful for your partners situation too…and again…huge chunks of empathy. Our world has been DELIBERATELY poisoned by the morons who think ‘they run things’…I beg to differ. Q:What ‘brand’ of idiot…drills holes in their OWN ship??A: The Captain of a ship of FOOLS!

    I don’t refer to ‘Trump’ specifically but he’s a part of it all…and anyone STILL keeping faith with that electoral system that props ‘the Fools’ up…needs to, frankly, ‘put more water with it’…these ‘people’ in the so called ‘elite’ (don’t make me barf) are making ‘mugs’ of everyone and lining their own and Israels’ pockets…in the process. Deal with it…then let it go…

    This, timing, is called an Apocalypse which is a revealing…a tearing away of illusions…and what is occurring may well be the SHOCK & AWE that ‘things’ are not as ‘bad’ as people thought. They are WORSE! If that is ‘elite’ leadership…no wonder I’m a Hermit. There is nothing whatever ‘elite’ about it, that is a con! A big CON!

    All while they play ‘God’ to the servile, peasant, role which they cast for us…and which many have thought…’If I can just get enough money, power, stuff, fame…whatevah… I’ll be good enough’. Nope…this…is a myth…without the mountain of ‘servile Souls’ to stand upon…’whom’ do they…’rule’??? We…need to HAVE NO RULERS!!

    But let that all go Ines…for now. America is in ‘Hell’ but the ‘door’ isn’t shut yet, in my view…TIME is, however…running short for those who have beLIEved that ‘Home of the brave, the land of the free’ BS…who are ironically, ALL being BOUGHT by that same so called ‘elite’…to fight each other…when it’s that so called 1% that need a real ‘kick in the head’…I only hope the People wake up in time. The word Trump…means a TRICK!

    So, you just…slow down…LISTEN to that amazing Intuition of yours..and also, very possibly, your Mum…give your partner and Max a great deal of LOVE and just concentrate on the fact that at this timing…what you need is PEACE…it is found within…not…without. Much Love, deep condolences and much spiritual strength comes to you from ‘wee me’…and it comes to you and yours…always Annabelle xo

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  3. …a total pleasure, an unmitigated honour and frankly…WHAT WE SHOULD ALL BE DOING…for each other, all the time.

    Besides, my Treasure, ‘this’ is my ‘field’ I am, a myriad of things, including a Grief Counsellor dedicated to empowerment and reconnection. ‘Helplessness’ is someone else’s gig. I flatly don’t buy into it….

    Do you think that perhaps your ‘Mum’ (with assistance from the obvious Spiritual forces which would direct such a thing) could have feasibly ‘blown our paths’ to overlap…so that you might RECEIVE THESE WORDS..precisely at this timing??

    Words, which were to encompass several challenges for her ‘little girl’…your Mum, ‘Max’…and your partner…hhhhhmmmnnnn???? Why, ‘anyone’ would think she is still…MOTHERING YOU…wouldn’t they?? Hmn?

    I take little credit…I don’t need the ‘ego stroking’ I speak from my Heart and I have few ‘filters’. I am, in ia word..BLUNT!! In reality, I am also simply doing what I was intended and Intuitively directed to do…you know…like YOU DO!!

    Just, take things, as they come. Try not to look too far ahead. Go gently…and do what you need to cope just remember my dear…NO-ONE LOSES A-N-Y-O-N-E!! Much Love and a great deal of Empathy, always Annabelle xoxo


  4. Peace Love and Light

    Dear Sistar, Hang on. The sleepers will awaken. We are in a dream. Do not feel sorry for anyone. Things are exactly how they should be, or dare I say even better. I am saying all this because I believe in Ascension and the infinite NOW. That there are infinite other parallel universes with many dimensions. It’s only when we look at life from the perspective of separation from our environment do we really experience pain, suffering and death. I think I have had enough of this separation, as do many others.

    I wish you clarity, abundance, happiness and or whatever it is that you and your people need to overcome the separation we all feel at some point after we come into this world.

    Love to you and all;



    • Thank you for your wonderful thoughts. I agree with all that you have written. We need to stop thinking as humans and start thinking as eternal souls.

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  5. …just touching base. I’ve ‘swung by’ several times and clearly…you are clearly busy and ‘otherwise occupied’. Totally ‘get it’.

    So, this is as noted above…just a ‘thinking of you’ type message. I’m absolutely certain too, that I am not ‘alone’ in this stance.

    Just wanted to say…keeping you and yours, in my thoughts, prayers and meditations…go gently, (but always have a big ‘stick’ handy kiddo always Annabelle xo


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