Survival-ism In The Post Truth Era

I watched a movie on HBO a few nights ago and have since then been deeply immersed in the theme of the movie. I have HBO to Go on my tablet for free so I can go to bed and watch pretty well anything I like. My partner only watches violent movies and so we rarely sit together in the evening to watch anything. Also, I’m not a movie watcher. It’s very difficult for me to just sit there and do nothing but “record” the movie.

The movie Survivalist got me thinking about a lot of things. Most post apocalyptic movies such as “Alone”and others end up the same way. There is nothing left, everything is destroyed, the survivors kill each other to survive.

In this movie, the survivalist found himself deep in the forest where he made a shack to live in and used the surrounding area close to his shack to grow food. He had a few traps to catch wild game but basically, he was able to sustain himself. At night, when the sun went down, he would go into his shack, close down the windows with wood and then lit a lamp and fire so that it could not be seen from the outside. In the morning, before going outside he would wash, get dressed and then slowly open the boarded windows and with a rifle in his hand slowly open the door.

I thought about whether it was worth it or whether the stress of staying alive was even worth it when you didn’t know from one moment to the next if someone would invade your space and take away what little you have left, or kill you. This is where I started to think about this.

We have never, in our recorded known history  had a situation where an apocalypse caused humanity to struggle and survive. What we see in movies is based on theory or suppositions that we as humanity will get violent and kill each other for food. Why is this being programmed into us? Who benefits from this theme? Are we to assume that should shit hit the fan and we are forced to survive that we will kill each other for food or other things we need? I don’t know that I can accept that because I live in a totally opposite minded culture. My people have survived several wars, lived without food or lack of for years yet stealing food or stealing anything would be considered immoral and shameful. I can say with certainty that should we be faced with that same situation, that my people would not consider stealing, let alone killing another human to take food from them.

Without going into US history about the depression, I don’t recall hearing or reading anything about armed gangs or thugs going around killing farmers or families in order to take their food. I haven’t read anything about countries that have been struggling with famine, poverty and poor agricultural conditions to go around kill people to steal their food. I don’t know of any country where killing people for food prevails today, so how did we get to that state of mind that we just assume we will  kill each other should we be faced with a post apocalyptic event?

Is this part of the programming so that if and when an event like that would happen, we would basically do their job and kill each other off? Where did this idea or concept come from?

Although I understand that we are not the same we were 100 years ago. Not only has technology improved, the way we grow food has changed and what is most important is that most of the population that has internet or a TV in the house had become de-sensitized to death. I have sat with friends in front of the TV and watched them as they watch a very violent movie and don’t flinch on the sight of blood squirting and shooting all over the walls. I turn my head or get up because I can’t watch it knowing it’s just a movie, but what difference does it make? Studies show that children who play violent video games are more violent in real life and are less compassionate, less caring, less sensitive to bad things happening around them.

I put myself in the place of that man in the movie and asked myself how I would survive in his place? I honestly can’t say, but I do know that I would never kill anyone for food. I would kill to defend and protect myself, but I would never consciously go out looking for food and be prepared to kill for it.

I don’t know where the Experts on Survival methods and equipment get the idea that we need weapons because we will have to protect ourselves or protect our food. Where or how did they come to this conclusion that this civilization is so fucked up that we will kill for food? I don’t doubt that Americans will do that. We see this all time during protest and riots where looters ransack stores and steal material goods. They are not even hungry, they are simply stealing valuable merchandise. If they have the tendency to do this, then they will have the tendency to get violent if they need to get food.

Even fiction books that write about the end of the world or EMP’s write about the population dying within days. Those people that depend on medical equipment powered by electricity would die within hours or days. Those that need potent drugs and medications such as Insulin would die within a few days or weeks. Food would disappear from the shelves within hours and once the supplies have dwindled, they would start walking/moving around looking for food. These fiction stories don’t write about killing each other for food, but they do mention protecting their land or farms and killing those that try to attack their families or access to food.

This is a very philosophical subject and different cultures will look at this in different ways. For now, I don’t see my people becoming killers to get access to food, but then I don’t have small children and as a mother I would probably do anything necessary to feed them. I can’t say that I would kill to get food, but I can say that I would do anything to protect my children and ensure they don’t die from starvation.

It’s just a sad, very sad state of humanity if we actually consider murder for food. One may say that we have to do whatever it takes to survive. I say, I’m going to leave this body sooner or later so why take another life? Why kill for a scrap of food because that scrap of food will only last a certain while and I will be without again. Is killing another human for food moral or even fair knowing we’re just occupying these bodies to have this experience>

I don’t have answers to our problems. I don’t know how we became what we are. I don’t know why we get violent when we are trying to protect and defend ourselves and our families. But I do know this: From the time we have been recording history, even ancient history shows that humans never lived in peace. Never. Perhaps that’s why we don’t know how to obtain peace now, because we don’t know what Peace means. It’s not imprinted in our DNA. We are genetically designed to kill for whatever reason and able to justify it. And we consider ourselves a civilized society? Maybe we’re not worthy of Peace or life itself because we have allowed this destruction of our humanity and no longer even feel true love for each other. Do we even know what love is? I don’t think so. Love doesn’t kill. Love doesn’t necessitate any type of violence. We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves worthy of Ascension or transition into a higher frequency. We have a long way to go before we gain the understanding of what Peace really means and how to achieve it.

We are like pit bulls that have been trained to fight other pit bulls as a sport. If you bring one of these pit bulls home with you, it will take years before this dog understands he no longer has to fight or kill to stay alive. We literally have to teach them love by loving them and in time they start to understand what love is. This is what humanity is right now. A pit bull in a ring, looking at this opponent and the only thing that is on his mind is survival. Whatever it takes to stay alive. But once he’s done and won the fight, he’s got wounds to heal, he’s alone in his pen or cage, he knows nothing else. He waits for his next fight, he doesn’t think about whether he will win or not. He just fights to the death because he knows nothing better and he has no choice.

We have a choice. We’ve always had a choice. In order to bring peace, we need to first have peace within ourselves. We need to stop competing with each other and start finding ways to end these wars. We have been at war from the start. I think we were bred and genetically altered to want to fight and kill. It has to be that way because I know that my Creator didn’t want me to be this way. I have never killed anyone, but I can’t promise I never would either. I can’t even promise that I would not kill for food. That means, it’s in my DNA if I’m even thinking about it.

I don’t think I’m going to watch Survivor type movies anymore because I don’t want to get any more ideas. I’m ashamed that I can’t promise to myself I would never kill.



Your thoughts are welcome!

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