The Cost of War

The numbers are overwhelming when it comes to the costs of war. A documentary titled ” The Cost of War” shown  on Press TV really brought reality back to me. Although I know that wars are not intended for what they tell us for, they are solely for the benefit of profits.

Just a few figures: Out of roughly 160 countries, only 10 to 12 of them are not involved in any wars. The US has never won a war since the Second World War. Last year alone, the US has spent over 10 Trillion dollars on military expenditures. The War on Terror has cost the US between 1 and 5 Trillion dollars depending on who you ask.

The question Americans should be asking their new government is this: Is the US a safer place because of these wars?

Is the world a safer place because of these so called wars? When did we start calling an escalation in violence a war? An occupation of a foreign country is an occupation. It’s not a war. A war is when one country attacks another. The offense and defense process is called a “WAR”. Everything that is happening in the Middle East is now called a War; yet nobody wants to use the terms occupation, usurpation, outright murder, genocide and the killing of a civilization  using depleted Uranium. No, it’s a war and that way we can all justify why so much death is happening on our planet.

Nothing moves forward unless there is Peace. Peace in today’s reality means no shelling, no guns going off and no bombs dropping. This is not true Peace. Peace is defined as everyone getting along with each other. Peace is about not thinking about war. Peace is about letting go of our differences, about leaving each other alone, about not interfering with other countries. Peace is about waking up in the morning and feeling the planet is at peace.

The term Peace is just as illusive as truth. We have changed the terminology between war and occupation, war and invasion. When you invade a country, you become the aggressor. It is not a war. The war happens between civilians because the breakdown of society begins. A mole enters the population, invents a story or cause for fighting and then the entire country starts attacking each other. Some will say that this is called a ” Civil War”. A war is a war. A lie is a lie. What difference does it make is Hillary Clinton’s famous excuse. Does it matter how they died? We came, we killed, he died.

This is not a war. This is outright murder. War is murder. Murder is war against another human. Murder is murder. Does it matter how we murder? Killing by gun, killing by knife, killing with depleted uranium is all MURDER. War is war. Does it matter who started the war or why a war was started? War is war.

If we want to move forward, we have to ensure Peace. Nothing changes or moves forward without Peace. What good is prosperity when there is war? This means that someone is fighting, someone is killing, defending and profiting. This is not true Peace. If we want a better world we have to stop the killing. What difference is war from killing? What difference is killing from murder? What difference does it make how someone dies? It’s murder.

Often my partner and I have heated arguments about the war in Croatia. On both sides that is Croatia and Serbia there was murder. A soldier protecting his country and killing another human is murder. My partner excuses murder by defending your country. I don’t agree with that. We can’t excuse murder in different ways. If you kill another human being you have committed a murder. You can call it defense, self-defense, killing your enemy, but in the end, you have taken another life. Once I complete this last sentence, my partner always says: ” I don’t want to talk about this anymore”. We stop the discussion because after 12 years together, we have not been to compromise on this issue.

He will ask me: If they don’t defend their country, they will kill everyone. Yes, perhaps it would have happened, but even after the war ended when you count the number of dead on both sides, I don’t think the number would change. Nobody wins in a war and yet if someone attacks me, I would probably defend myself to the death. Would I? I think that I would not, but in that moment of trauma and fighting for your life, I don’t think we even think about that. I don’t think that I would stop in the middle of being killed and think: ” Hmmm, this is not a good idea to kill this person, so I will just stand here and let them kill me”. It’s a hot issue and one that can be debated on both sides by justifying it but the truth is, taking another life is interfering with the natural process of why we came here. We are a violent planet. I have read somewhere that we are considered the Guantanamo of the Universe. This is a death and killing planet. Is it possible that we created this reality to finally end the killing and to bring peace?

How do we bring peace when we don’t know what Peace looks like? All of our history points and shows that civilizations have been at war against each other. I don’t remember ever reading about a time or civilization where there lived a peaceful society. How do we define Peace when we’ve never experienced it? Who defines Peace? How do we get to become a peaceful civilization when we allow our governments, shadow governments and those 1% to produce and sell weapons? Are we contributing to their business? Do you have weapons in your home? One will argue it is necessary to protect your home. Sure if you live in America.

Croatians don’t own guns unless they need it for work or are hunters. Our murder rate is one of the lowest in the world. In fact, when a murder/killing happens, it’s on the news all day long, it’s a big deal when someone is killed for whatever reason.

We have gone too far now, it’s too late to turn back and turn our weapons in because the world has become very violent. It would be suicide in fact to live in the US and not have a gun for self defense. I’m not picking on the US; but it is true that the US has the highest prison population in the world. As for the highest murder rates, I don’t know because currently over 100 countries are warring with someone and for me, murder is murder. Murder is killing your enemy. What difference does it make?

The only difference we can make is to insist on Peace. Jobs, better health care, prosperity and all the good things  in life can’t last and don’t have any meaning if we don’t have Peace. We are at the point where someone may decide to attack a country, create the chaos and attack it. That simple. How do I know it won’t happen to Croatia? What good is my prosperity if I have to live in fear that my country will be attacked by a rogue state?

Are Americans any safer today than they were 50 years ago? I don’t think so, yet their government spends trillions on dollars on foreign wars. The same amount of money it spends is the same amount of profits the military complex makes. For every dollar the governments spends, arms manufacturers make 2 dollars in selling arms.

We want Peace? How? Where do we start? How do we justify killing another human or civilization for that matter by calling it a war? We are at war with ourselves. We are warring over religion, culture, immigration, color of skin and beliefs. We are at war with each other. We need to stop this war against each other. We need to come together. We need to all agree that we want Peace. We need a plan on how to have Peace. Without Peace we are all just plain and simple murderers and supporters of murder. So long as we sit back in our comfortable chairs and blame our governments for wars, we are co-conspirators like it or not. So long as we don’t stand for Peace, we are at war with each other.

Wake up people, it’s time to stop blaming the world for our problems. We have done nothing about Peace except complain that it doesn’t exist.


One thought on “The Cost of War

  1. …I’ve thought about this thorny issue, a great deal. Monetizing war…was the first really big mistake. Peoples, on ‘both’ sides, were then, entrenched into a money/usury system which requires..’profits’…& ‘debt’ accumulation.

    So those peoples, became then became insecure…the feeding ground of frenzied fiscal sharks! If the ‘warmongers’ profit margin thrives on insecurity…they are NOT the people to be in charge of a country’s …progress…towards Peace. It is NOT ‘in their interests’ and that’s the point!

    Just imagine…if we all just STOPPED USING MONEY…if there was a global agreement that we could barter or trade…and I am NOT referring to the ‘digital One World currency’ known as ‘Shitcoin’…er…um…Bitcoin. The planet herself…asks for nothing…yet provides EVERY RAW MATERIAL required for life to exist in comfort and security

    …these warmongering bastards…are not ‘elite’…they are middle-men…every one of them…academics, scholars, ‘guiding lights’, gurus, diplomats (PALEEESE), politicians and monarchies…change that…and you will have made a huge breakthrough.

    These Soulless (and I mean that), maniacal ‘entitlement mentality’ creeps…make a profit from DEATH & CARNAGE…but the ‘people’ still choose between two of these, so called, ‘lesser evils’. Evil is evil…the word ‘less’ is out of should tell you all you shall ever need to know about them…despite the cute campaign ‘slogans’.

    The ‘conflict of interest’ is utterly staggering…hence all the trivia trash to keep our minds off of, what, is truly important. Great piece and I agree with almost all of it…except for one thing…you and your partner, although unable to ‘agree’…DO…seem to have found an oasis of TOLERANCE for each others’ opinion. Classy stuff…keep it up. Toodles, Annabelle xo


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