Michael Tellinger and Flat Earth

Michael doesn’t start talking about the Flat earth theory until the last hour of the video. I didn’t have time to listen to it entirely so I skipped a lot. I was more interested in hearing this flat earth theory. I did. Last year I posted some information about John Lamb Lash and his answer to the flat earth. I remember writing that I wasn’t sure or convinced of either though believe that anything is possible.

I can’t say that Michael has convinced me but let’s assume it’s true. What changes? Why lie to us? Who gains by lying to us? If this is true, then how do I explain leaving my home in any direction ie. going North all around the planet will bring me back home. Going South all around will bring me back home. If the earth is flat, then how is this possible? Can someone explain that to me? I can ride, fly and sail in one direction and return home, in other words, if I head out South, I will return home from the North. This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me if the earth is flat. Should I not hit a wall or fall over the edge? Anyone got an explanation that I can understand?


3 thoughts on “Michael Tellinger and Flat Earth

  1. One can not, in fact, travel around the world as you state. This is a myth, taught to us by the same people that perpetuate the globe earth. There are many videos on YouTube that explain the how & why so spend some time researching and you’ll get your answers 🙂


    • I know many videos exist on YT but it takes time to go through them all and see what is true and what is not. I am more interested to know what my readers think or what they know. I don’t write to insist that something should be the way I think, I write because I like to know what others think about the same subject. I have noticed; and forgive me if I sound insulting, but I have noticed that my American readers (not all) really are afraid to write what they think, afraid that they might be labeled something. I don’t label or disagree with anyone here because I don’t need to be right, I need to just let my readers know that I have information that can be useful. Nothing else. There is so much information out there now that it takes even more time to research because the confusion caused is intentional. Long ago before the internet, we had to buy books or go to a library. Today, we have too much information and we don’t know who is sitting behind the monitor and if they have an agenda. This is the difficult part, trying to figure out what is real and what is not.


  2. Hi Ines, once again and these are my thoughts. My own personal ‘take’ is that..if the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars et al, all of which we can see, are ROUND or SPHERICAL. It’s more about Physics.

    In my view, Physics dictates that an object, hurtling across the cosmos will have any and all extrusions and protrusions, sheared off…over time and due to that ‘time’ and also ‘speed’ of travel. Velocity and force.

    It will form a GLOBE or ‘ball’ shape…and historically the ‘Flat Earth has been USED BEFORE…to do what, precisely?? Why to DIVIDE and CONFUSE. It’s only my opinion but the more ‘urgent’ voice within me…my Intuition says…that this is so.

    That ‘voice’ also thinks that the Earth is a globe…a ball. If I’m wrong…I’m a big girl….I can deal with it…it is merely semantics after all.

    There are far more pressing issues in our society…this is a classic TIME WASTER…issue put out by hte PTSNB. WhatevertheHell it’s shape…we’re ‘on’ it and it’s SOCIETY is in trouble…NOT THE ORB!! ‘She’ will be fine…it is WE who are just passing through…cheers..Annabelle


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