The Post Truth Era

According to Murad Gazdiev at RT news, we have entered the Post Truth Era. I don’t know if he coined that phrase but it sure sounds Post Apocalyptic doesn’t it?
The German version of the CIA completed a report several weeks ago that was leaked out to the media stating that Putin/Russia didn’t have anything to do with hacking into Germany’s government systems and that no smoking gun was found to prove it. This was leaked; which means that it wasn’t intended for public consumption. Actually it was, but since there was no smoking gun found, Ms. Merkel felt she could continue with her election and should she lose could then blame Putin for it.

Today, a conference held in Munich Germany made sure to emphasize how fake media is spreading, that Trump is a threat to European sovereignty and that we must be protected against false and fake news we access online.

I would agree with Murad Gazdiev that we have entered the Post Truth Era. Those of us that have spent most of our adult lives seeking truth have done well up to now. The information was out there, it was a matter of collecting the right pieces to fit the puzzle despite the trolls, the anti-truth agencies.

If you have not watched The Holographic Disclosure Series, I urge you to do so because they predicted this would happen and have been spot on about many things that have been happening the last two years; but one must wonder that if they knew about this; were they/are they part of the system and are leading us where they want us to go?

It’s become very difficult to trust any information anymore because so many groups out there are purposely diverting us from the truth and it now requires more time and scrutiny when researching anything. We simply can’t even use our discernment properly because we are being attacked at ALL levels of our existence through: spiritual, psychological, esoteric, multi-dimensional, medical and various frequency modulations through the technology that we use. Timelines are diverging and some even being subverted to change the outcome.

They still think and believe they will win this war against humanity but I know it’s not possible. I came here to win and beat the system that enslaved me and attempted to hijack my mind.

There is a channel on Youtube called ” Red Star Kachina 2017″ and it is one of the biggest propaganda machines I have come across so far on the topic of Nibiru. One only has to look at the date they subscribed (2014) and listen to the amateur astrologists, astronomers, bible thumpers and some well known researchers that without any evidence or proof scare the shit out of people.

The bible thumpers take the bible word for word and they will convince you that their god will send his wrath upon humanity and punish us because we didn’t take Christ as our savior and Nibiru is coming just like it says in the Bible. I listen for a few minutes only to hear WHO is talking and leave the same argument in each comment section:” I don’t know about you but my Creator will never do anything to hurt me. That’s some scary shit god you got there”.

The Nibiru argument is always the same too: ” Although I can’t prove Nibiru doesn’t exist, you can’t prove it does. Even if it does exist, how do you know it will cause us harm? Just because some object came down on Earth many years ago and caused great harm, it doesn’t prove anything and god can change his mind can’t he? (Gil Broussard insists that we have to go to Jerusalem to be saved). Sure, let me get my plane ticket just in case.

I know that anything is possible, I know that we/humanity have to go through some kind of tribulation/terminal madness but I also know my Creator has nothing to do with that. Like a drunk or drug addict we have to fall into the gutter before we realize and admit to ourselves that we really fucked up.

How did we fuck up so badly? It’s not by doing anything wrong as we all came here to play this game out but we screwed up by allowing the Elite/controllers to get this far, by not doing enough to stop them. The more you drink, the harder it will be to sober up and I guess we’re not drunk enough yet. This is where we are screwing up and we will eventually get there but the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to stop this madness.

If they cut off our ability to access the truth, we are really fucked. If they succeed in censoring the internet or determining what is fake and what is not, those that haven’t woken up yet never will. Maybe we planned all this too but I’m worried that we’re on the brink of losing this war and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to come back here again, it’s too hard. We are Warriors and Warriors don’t give up, but Warriors sometimes attack too late or too slow and have to pull back and regroup. I don’t know if I want to do this again and I’m concerned that my fellow humans will not wake up in time and give them the final blow to this Matrix we’re trapped in. I know this was never part of the plan and that we got trapped here.

Truth will become illusive and as each day passes we will start losing the ability to discern truth from lies because many, many well meaning folks like David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Alfred Webre, Peter Kling, Gil Broussard, Marshall Masters, L.A. Marzulli, Steve Quayle and many more have sold out. They may have started out with good intentions but they capitulated and are now dishing out the koolaid. These folks actually believe the bible to be factual and truth.

Look, it’s not even about the veracity of the information they put out. It’s about this: What have they ” done” or ” achieved” to make this world a better one? Did and does their work bring peace to this planet? What value do these folks have while selling their books, DVD’s and Lectures on Safe Zones if nothing has changed in our lives? What makes them so valuable or credible if all they do is talk about how smart they are?

If the truth does become illusive and we find it more difficult to choose what we want to know without censorship; how will these folks help humanity?

Do you know what the Controller’s  most powerful weapon is and has been? Separation.

They managed very skillfully to fragment humanity by building borders, creating countries, regions and zones. Each country developed it’s own unique culture, language, religion and values. Teaching us that individuality and uniqueness is a virtue that we should all strive for. We bought this and fell for it. In this separation, they created competition. Who will be better?

Look at us now. Look at the Americans after Trumps election victory. The country is more divided than ever. Not only is it divided but I can feel the hatred among each other. Individuality and uniqueness is now being attacked. People are afraid to speak their truth for fear of being laughed at, ridiculed, insulted and judged. People are so afraid of being unique and different now because it’s no longer politically correct to be so.

We are more divided than ever, it’s the only thing they can use against us to keep us from uniting. It’s not even about having different views and values. Your different views or opinions will separate you from what the majority is thinking, you will be insulted and hated, cars vandalized, shops looted, anarchy prevailing because people can’t accept some things and are going mad based on lies given to them.

It’s alright to have different beliefs and values, we should embrace the diversity among us, but how do we even begin to unite under such circumstances?

Muslims, Protestants and Catholics lived side by side in the old Yugoslavia for many years until the Elite sowed the seed of division and a war started. Today, Protestants, Muslims and Catholics don’t live side by side. They now live in different parts of the city in their own enclaves and each now insists their god is the true god.

The Middle East lived in harmony for centuries for the most part despite the diversity of different religions and sects. It wasn’t until 911 that everything changed because the Elite know that ‘separation’ and ‘ division’ is their last weapon of choice and if we unite, their game is over.

So you may ask: How do we unite? We unite when we’ve lost everything and have nothing left to lose. As long as we have something to hold on to, we won’t unite because we all hold on to different values and beliefs. Wars don’t unite because even after the war stops, people are still divided. One doesn’t give up Christianity and become a Muslim for Peace. Peace today merely means no gunfire or bombs dropping.

We will unite in a disaster or we all go down together in submission to them. We die and come back and try again I suppose. In floods, fires and other natural disasters; people unite. Interesting, that we don’t ask someone we are saving from a flooding river what religion they are before we take their hand. We were united by that flood.

Just some things to think about as we move into this Post Truth Era. Don’t be surprised if Truth becomes a crime but hey, I have to ask you: What are you doing to make a difference?  Can you just respect  and honor my views without judging me for them? If you judge me, you’re judging yourself and contributing to the separation.

I want to thank Murad Gazdiev for his ” Post Truth Era” report. It really gave me a lot to think about.


Much love,



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