A Moment in Time

I’m very busy during sleep time and even in the snoozing stage I leave briefly now. Because I know we don’t dream, I know that I leave this body to explore because the Soul in a physical body would get bored with just one life. Maybe I don’t leave the body but become more aware of everything else that I am. My experiences that I have are physical based though it doesn’t mean I’m not more. Am I not the thought, the fleeting moment as well? If I am all that is, I should not separate me from anything, not even this desk that I am typing on. It’s part of who I am and part of this reality I created to exist in.

This deep desire and yearning to know who and what I really am becomes  stronger each day because I feel that when I get that answer; when I finally figure out my existence or at least feel confident in what I believe to be true, then everything in this reality will make sense because right now, in this moment; I’m not able to make sense of the madness and why we created it. I have an idea but I need that deep awareness and ‘knowing’ that this is so.

I feel this sense of urgency and have felt this way for several weeks now. My intuitive self is sending me these feelings, this sense of “hurry up, you don’t have much time”. Time for what? I don’t have time to finish what I came to do so that I can move on? I don’t have time before the transition happens and I should be better prepared? Not enough time to get my things in order so that those I leave behind will understand why and how I chose to live this life and why I was a ‘strange’ person? What is this sense of urgency that I’m feeling?

I’m now in a higher state of consciousness even in nap time or those morning when I wake up and don’t want to get out of bed because the bedroom is cold and I’m so toasty and warm under my down quilt. I hit the snooze button and find myself leaving the body again and sometimes catch my self returning. I wake up in that shift from higher awareness to re-entering the body and thinking: “No, no, I don’t like that thought, I don’t like where this story is going, I don’t like these negative things I see”. Perhaps I caught myself in another reality and woke up before I was fully back into this body, I can’t say for sure, but every moment I am asleep I am now elsewhere, instantly or I’m in a higher state of awareness and no longer require to be in a deep sleep state.

Thing is, while in that other experience, I’m not feeling any negativity. Animals or snakes in other experiences don’t cause me fear. In this life a snake or bear would scare me and I would want to get away from them. A reality I remember was about walking over snakes, tons of them. I was slowly moving through them, not to avoid them but to ensure I didn’t hurt any of them. As I returned back into awakening I felt disturbed because in this reality I don’t like snakes. As I thought back to that reality, I realized that I was not afraid of snakes in that reality. That most experiences in those realities, or all of them were all positive yet here in this reality, they would scare the shit out of me. For now, I can only say that is the only reality that I remember that is scary and negative. I have experienced tsunamis passing by my house, I have experiences moving with this house as an earthquake rumbles underneath me and it’s moving the house forward. I am standing at the window and looking out like I’m on some kind of adventure, without fear or trepidation. If this was happening now in this reality, I would freak out.

My point is that the moment I close my eyes and relax, thoughts and visions that are not part of this reality start passing through my mind. At times I can’t be sure if something or some entity is placing them or if I’m just crossing dimensions and everything is now starting to get mixed up. Maybe my thoughts now create quicker, or the mixing of all my realities are not coming together because of the transition nearing? I can’t be sure yet.

My journey started in the 90’s. Like most of us when just starting out; we seek humanity and it’s existences in terms of history and archaeology as if we are only descendants of humans. I questioned my god, all gods, all religions and for over 25 years believed the answers were out there somewhere, separate from me. The journey brought me back to me. The realization that all the answers were in me empowered me but I now had to figure out how to do that.

I asked for help at one point. I remember long ago being told I had 3 guides. “Hey, anyone out there watching over me and wanting to help, please help me out, help me find my way home”. Intuitively I knew this journey would lead me home, wherever that was, it was my goal in this lifetime to find that way home. I have never felt that I belonged here.

Michael came into my thoughts. I call him Michael but he doesn’t confirm that. He says his name is irrelevant and that each personality has a frequency. Only humans have names. At first I wasn’t sure if he was just a figment of my imagination, I didn’t fully accept the answers because they were answered before I would even complete the thoughts, but over time I realized that Michael was my higher self, the Soul fragment I belong to on the other side of the Veil.

I have written about this a lot in the past. An old Soul can fragment itself into multiple experiences, but one part of it always remains with Source or on the other side of the Veil; whichever way you want to think of it as. It’s that way because after our separation, we don’t know if we will remember or we may forget so there needs to be that connection just in case. It’s done this way to keep us safe should we forget like here on Earth how to get back home. This fragment of me is who I call Michael. I named it because in 1993 a very famous Psychic told me I had 3 guides. An Indian Medicine Man (I was to become a healer-I am); a literary agent ( I was to write a book-I did); and Archangel Michael (Guide to old souls). Michael doesn’t contact me, I connect with him in my thoughts and before I even have a chance to complete my thoughts, they are answered. I now understand a bit more how this works because I also use a pendulum and it will start swinging even before I have completed the question.

Once I understood this, all the little things in this reality no longer took on any importance. You know, the politics, wars, genocides, hunger, divisions in cultures, religions, languages and country borders. This madness was all our creation to experience in this reality. It’s all a game. Look around you. Can you find one or do you know even ONE person on this planet that can tell you they have fulfilled their goals and are happy with their lives? No. This is the dreamer reality. We’ve come here to dream into creation about the impossible, to experience the unthinkable in human terms.

We got so caught up in the humanity play that we forgot who we are and why we are here. Religious people or the bible thumpers of the world will tell you that their God wanted it that way and that it’s part of human suffering, it’s how they justify the bullshit of this reality but I now know Creator has nothing to do with this. We’re given free choice to do anything we want to do, not just here in this reality, but in other ones. This is a duality reality, it’s only one small experience in all the many other ones. We came here to feel the pain, suffering, duality between good and evil. It’s hard to imagine that we ARE multidimensional beings and as humans simply can’t understand WHY we would want to experience this suffering.

Everyone on this planet is an old Soul. Only an old Soul can exist in this horrific reality that we all created. We came here to put an end to this construct we were placed in. As I wrote before, somewhere along the way we got trapped in this evil system. We’ve incarnated hundreds if not thousands of times to raise the frequency of this planet and help Gaia get us out of here.

I no longer get angry and frustrated at the madness around me because the madder we get, the closer we are to going home. I wrote many times that it will get much worse before it can get better. You don’t go the doctor when you’re temperature is 37C, but if it lasts a few days and gets higher, you will go to the doctor. Well, humanity is the same way. It will try and hold on to the old and hope for better times, but once it becomes hungry for a few days, it will no longer sit around waiting, it will ACT.

Those that give out “future” events such as the anti-Christ arriving, biblical prophesies, the arrival of Nibiru or Planet X, a Pole shift, massive earthquakes etc., are not aware of who they are. They don’t understand or don’t want to believe that past, present and future all exist in the same paradigm and that whatever happens to humanity is of our doing and creation. If enough people believe that Planet X will cause havoc on this planet, then it will!

Marshall Masters, Steve Quayle and pals are pounding humanity with this scenario yet at the same time, tell you like Gil Broussard does (bible thumper) they don’t know when it will arrive. Well, if you don’t know when it will arrive then you don’t know where it’s positioned in the solar system or you can’t prove that it does exist. If it does exist, it doesn’t mean it’s going to cause havoc just because you read that in the bible!

Point is that these folks that are trying to predict our future are bible thumping idiots who believe our Creator will punish us for being bad.

You dear reader know that  the bible or at least most parts of it were not written or translated to benefit humanity but rather hijack and enslave our minds into believing we are pitiful humans that can’t think for ourselves and need GOD to guide us and then punish us for being bad.

I am a light being, I know this but I still don’t know what it all entails and how many parts of me exist that I am not yet aware of. Are my thoughts and messages from higher self? For now I believe they are because they don’t cause me any harm. Although I don’t yet fully comprehend the entirety of who I am, I know I’m on the right path because Michael nods in agreement.

I also feel this urgency but have to yet to figure what that means. The last time this happened to me was in 2004 when I had and felt this urgency to move back to Croatia. I have prepared with food and water, bug out bags, extra pet foods, you know, if something catastrophic does happen we will have the best chances since most people here live day by day. I have made Colloidal Silver and stocked up on natural remedies, that’s the best we can do not knowing really what or if anything will happen here. It’s a comfort and security though knowing that should something happen, we can survive for some time.

The shift/transition will happen in a twinkle of an eye. Death happens the same way, you leave your body and enter into a weightless/devoid of time and space place where you rest for a while and then choose your next experience.

If you’re still attached to your wordly views and grievances about the world then you haven’t yet reached ‘enlightenment’. You don’t need to go off grid, it’s a matter of simply switching your mind set from human to the immortal and eternal Soul that you are. That my friends takes many years because here we deal with our minds being hijacked and manipulated on a daily basis. It’s a struggle to want to exist in both worlds at the same time.

We continue having the human experience, but once you figure out who you are and why you are here, the shift in consciousness happens and you detach from the material and toxic emotions that keep us enslaved into this human reality.

You are the light, we are the light. We came here to shine that light and reward ourselves with the great shift/transition into higher consciousness. The biggest reward for me was realizing who I was and how powerful I can be when I put my human mind to it. This terminal madness is the final phase to mass awakening. I know it may sound crazy to some, but I died and when to heaven (NDE) and returned home so it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

I look around me and laugh at the madness, we are so fucking creative, we can create even madness if it has purpose for our being here. So, while you are here, make the best of it.


5 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. Hello Ines,
    This post was great! I think from a collective standpoint we are finally feeling this sense of urgency of sorts, like we know we are waiting for something but we don’t know what it is. At least it’s somewhat how I feel. It’s difficult to describe in words. Personally I am finding myself also escaping in thought and wanting to know more why we are here, or understanding our overall purpose of being here, how did we get here. You know those big life questions. I encountered this QHHT transcript and it was insightful. I could resonate with the context of it and it also gave a different perspective. Take a peek at it, if you wish.



  2. QHHT has always intrigued me but I don’t think I ever encountered a message that seemed so relevant until I encountered this transcription. Even Suzanne and Ron Head didn’t provide this much clarity in their sessions. Anyhow here is a snippet from the transcription for this particular session:

    G: We’re waiting for something.
    A: You’re waiting for something. What are you waiting for?
    G: Something that doesn’t happen very often.
    A: Can you tell me what it’s all about?
    G: Evolution.
    A: Evolution.
    G: Of humanity.
    A: Now you say it hasn’t … it doesn’t happen very often. When was the last time that it happened?
    G: A long time ago.
    A: What happened then?
    G: A gathering.
    A: Tell me more.
    G: Many are coming to participate.
    A: What are they participating in?
    G: Evolution.
    A: Evolution. Can you describe to me …
    G: Of mankind.
    A: Can you describe to me what this evolution entails? What does it mean by evolution when we talk about mankind? Is it physical, emotional, mental evolution, spiritual?
    G: It’s both. Man is being forced to evolve whether he’s ready or not.
    A: How is this happening?
    G: It’s past time.
    A: It’s past time?
    G: Man was meant to evolve sooner.
    A: So why were they held back?
    G: Distractions.
    A: What kind of destructions?
    G: Distractions.
    A: Oh, distractions. I see. What are we being distracted by right now?
    G: Our ego. Greed.

    The session goes on to describe other topics. 🙂 Take Care. ❤


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