Love and Peace to All Americans

Congratulations America, you have a new President. Something stinks. I wrote a few weeks ago that if he was part of the system he would be allowed to become President  and if not he would not make it to inauguration. I watched the event live on RT News and watched very carefully body language of those high up such as Hillary Clinton, Obama and Michelle, former senators etc., and I have to tell you that they all look like they are playing the same game to me. I watched Hillary very close and her body language told me this: Man, we pulled it off and they couldn’t figure it out. They all looked like close friends and if they were acting, they sure kept their guard well because I didn’t see any drop of facial features.

I had to say it, but I think that Trump is part of the Elite but they were going downhill very fast and so they had to create another ‘savior’ who would slowly bring them up again but only to divert their attention.
I hope I am wrong because I really want America to be the beacon of freedom we in Europe looked up to. The Beacon of Light that my ancestors and many Europeans dreamed to immigrate to. After all, most of you are descendants from Europe and carry old genetic lines. I hope for the sake of the world that Trump will be the good guy and restore balance and peace on this planet. I hope but I don’t feel it.

It is so sad to see what the people and the media have done to this election, to the pre-inauguration Wolf Blitzer talking about ‘if’ Trump was assassinated that Obama would then appoint a new President. He’s messing with minds and wants folks to carry that thought so that we can create that reality. Although I didn’t even think he would make to the Presidency, I am sad to say that he’s not your savior. Let’s hope I’m wrong and my intuition fucked with me this time!

Love and peace to all!



4 thoughts on “Love and Peace to All Americans

  1. No, you are right Ines. I don’t know if you follow the writings of Brandon Smith (, but he has said that Trump is controlled opposition and he provided a lot of material to give weight to his beliefs. Trump’s been put into office to basically preside over the bankruptcy of America and to hand over our country’s assets to the United Nations to ‘pay off our debts’. Looking at his past, he is pretty adept at bankruptcies.

    So, I think we may see some (planned) false flag proceedings that Trump supposedly ‘comes out on top of’ that will make him more palatable to the public, same as what happened with Putin (Chechen apartment bombings) as he took power.

    And I (and Smith) expect that America will suffer a major stock market crash in the near future, to be blamed on Trump in order to hide those REALLY responsible. Trump has been put where he is to protect the guilty, and to take the blame for the depression to come. But don’t feel bad for him; he’s getting paid well for his ‘service’ to the elite.


    • I was hoping to be wrong and that Trump was too good to be true, but I also know that he would not have been allowed to move forward if he went against the establishment. Time will tell.


    • I don’t listen to the pundits and other views. Sure I listen to what they have to say but I don’t follow anyone’s beliefs or opinions. I live through intuition now and work really hard at listening to it, so that was really just what I was feeling the last 18 months and believe it or not, I was watching the Inauguration with great anticipation that something would happen. Then I realized that if Hillary was there and the rest of the gang that nothing was planned otherwise they would not be there.


    • As for the market crash, pundits have been warning about that for years. How can you crash an artificial market, one that moves based on media opinions, new presidents and announcements rather than company earnings? Cash is just printed when needed and I don’t foresee the crash, if it does crash, we are in for trouble and I don’t mean financially, it means that either Nibiru is true or something big is about to hit us. The crash is a disguise or harbinger for something else.


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