2017 is 1 – The Power Year

There are two entities that to this day continue to inspire me. I’m not a follower so I don’t like to hook up with anyone or anything that will lead me because from the time I have known of myself, I have been a rebellious person never able to conform to any law/rule/regulation. Even my father could not hold me down, I ran away from home when I was 16 and never looked back.

These two entities I speak of are Kryon and Seth. According to Kryon, he’s never been a human and never had a 3D experience. According to Seth, he’s had thousands of incarnations on earth. Their past or experiences are not the reason why I admire their teachings. I admire them because they cause me think, to contemplate, to question everything I think I know.  In the previous post I shared a Video from Kryon and wrote that I had not completed listening to it. I did and further on, I will be writing based on Kryon’s inspirations.


In the early 90’s, internet was not yet accessible to everyday people, if you wanted to learn something you went to a library or book store. I often visited this New Age book store. It’s contents were “Esoteric” and this is where I started my journey, and this is where I purchased my first KRYON book. I will never forget the green brilliance of it’s cover and it begged me to take it home. After reading the book, I moved on to other topics and authors, but here we are today, in 2017 and Kryon continues to inspire me.

We’re used to a system where we sit at the feet of an instructor or teacher or guru and we may take notes, and the teacher says: “Here is what to do: A, B,C, and D. Write them down and then we can practice it.”

That is all done away with now. Now, instead the teacher will say: “Here is the information to expect through your intuitive self, if you choose to listen”.

And that will be it. It’s all changing. It’s being placed upon us to start a process that we haven’t done before, but the promise is that the process is going to be explained.

There is a confluence of energies starting to occur here on Earth through the grids, enhanced by these time capsules that Kryon talks about and the portals that are opening and literally changing consciousness. the frequency that you tune to, Old Soul. The moment you open this door and say: “I’ll try”.The help will flood in.


Light-workers need to stop spinning in the conspiracy theories. Those who are attracted to conspiracy theories are normally Light-workers and Old Souls. There are a number of reasons why and the interesting thing is that the conspiracies  they champion in and invest in are often correct.

When I started this blog 3 years ago, it’s intent was to expose the frauds, fake gurus, the so called truth seekers and those seeking money donations but using them for different reasons. If you go back to the beginning, you will see yourself that ALL my predictions/assessments/opinions and research were true. In other words, I too was filled and attached to uncovering the conspiracy theories. I felt at the time that I was doing a service to humanity, that the less frauds out there were, the faster humanity would wake up. Over time, I got bored with it. I simply didn’t feel that I was making an impact and that it was not my job to wake others up. Each one of us must do that on our own terms and ways. Each one of us have a built in clock with an alarm when we have chosen to wake up.

Light-workers should stop it and they probably don’t want to hear this because it’s their life’s work. They have drawers filled with printed articles, bookmarked websites, full file folders about what they’re interested in and all they want to do is get this information out so that others can know what the government is doing to them, what the drug companies are doing to them, or what this or that group is doing, etc. And what they see in this is that this is their champion self helping the planet. It isn’t helping the planet. But they don’t want to hear it.

If you’re one of those that is spending all your time on a cause or a conspiracy issue that you know is happening on this planet and you want to help correct it; I have a question for you: “How is that going to help peace on Earth?”

It isn’t.

You may be correct and you may inform, you may get people to hold signs for you and you may feel really good about that. How is that helping Old Soul with peace on Earth?
The answer is: It isn’t.  But it’s the best you had in the old energy.

Can you put that away now and turn inward and look at yourself? How do other people look at you? Do they want to be around you or with you? And you may say: “Well, not really, they don’t because I got all these things to talk about”.

You’re not helping with the New Earth.

These conspiracies that you talk about and are as real as they might be, they are going to take care of themselves. When enough human beings in a new energy find out about these things you have been trying to tell them about, they’re going to correct it.

Are you going to wait until the next lifetime to awaken or are you just going to keep going and spinning. It’s not helping anybody. Not really. How is this helping Peace on Earth?

Go ahead and continue proving your conspiracies but how is that helping peace on Earth?

When you have the ability to use your Akash, do you really, honestly see the fingerprint of the gods? Turn to the new frequency, turn into yourself and find out who you are because this is where you belong. Although this information here I am writing about is inspired by Kryon, I have written about this many times in the past.

To the New Agers: Stop being weird. Who wants to be with you when you’re an outcast and act funny? Is this what you want to show the world? Your unbalance? I ask you this: What master do you know that did that? The masters of the planet had balance. We all wanted to be with them. Being weird is your New Age birthright? This is what you do and you’re proud of it?
How is that helping peace on Earth?

Start balancing yourself and step out of the weirdness. Why don’t you show people the love of Creator in your life instead of the strangeness you believe in? How are you going to help peace on Earth by being strange? But you have answers: We meditate, we use compassion and help this and that area, we pray for rain and mass meditations and we do all these things”.
That’s not going to help peace on Earth.

So, the next step is about energy. It’s all about energy that you don’t understand. In the mode that you have come from which is survival, you have used your brain.

So, lets start talking about Intuition. This is the New Way of communicating period.  You’ve got survival and you’ve got Intuition.
The human body is designed to heal itself and live hundreds of years by combining two things: The human brain and intuitive self. Up to now it simply has not done a good job at all because what has been missing is that Intuitive Self. We have been de-programmed so to speak and have been deceived into believing that we are mere human beings with a brain yet rarely have they taught us that our intuitive self is the all knowing, creator given gift. The innate, the smart body has to be at least equal to the human brain and it isn’t. It isn’t even close. It can barely open the door.

Start studying it and the best way is with yourself. Do you have it? What is it? What does it feel like? That is the first step to learning about Intuitive self. You gotta walk before you can run.

Learn what Intuition feels like. It is illusive because it doesn’t present itself in 3D. It’s hard, it’s a learning curve. If you’ve studied for exams, then you can relate to the feelings and experience of learning something and often thinking you can never do it because it seems too difficult.

Learning and studying Intuition isn’t done the same way. As soon as you open the door and say you want to learn more about Intuition, you want to start learning what it feels like, there is going to be a hand that reaches towards the door and says: “Come on, we’ll show you”. You don’t have to do it by yourself and there’s no way I can prove it to you either. I can only share with you that I have tried it and succeeded in connecting and trusting my intuitive self.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Spontaneous Healing? You have the ability to heal yourself. It’s not a fluke or miracle. You will that to happen be it consciously or subconsciously. A quantum body intelligence doing something instantly because it can within the human body by itself, without an explanation, so dramatic that there is only one possibility “a miracle”.

Start thinking differently. What if it was about DNA? What if it was you with you? What if you were that powerful?  It’s usually developed in fear. Interesting.

You are so big. There is an entire part of you that is about to open up. When you begin the process, the hand comes forward. You will feel it. This is not a study of 1,2,3. This is called ‘pure intent’. Once you have identified what it feels like, the next thing is to capture it and practice it.

The Intuitive Self is every bit as complicated as the human brain. It requires you to be at ease, free of any external stimulants, focused on what you want to know. You can practice like I did starting with a Pendulum, playing cards and guessing what cards are coming up, feeling what the weather will be like tomorrow.

It took  me months to even trust the Pendulum; our 3D mind, our Ego and our analytical function need to break things down for them to make sense to us take over. I had to work out the struggle between Ego wanting to laugh at me for believing that shit and my Intuitive Self getting answers yet doubting the Pendulum at the same time. The pendulum, or using it for dowsing is actually the medium used to communicate with us from higher self and the Akash.

I’m sure you’ve had to make a quick choice or decision, only to later berate yourself for not going with your first choice. That was your intuitive self. Problem is that often the correct answer may not make sense or the timing may be off so we immediately question that and try to find a better answer. Later, much later we also find out and understand why our first answers, although perhaps not logical at the time, did make sense later on.

It’s time to get off the external factors and our desires to help others in waking them up. We can’t do that. We can’t make a toddler write. We can’t make a baby eat by themselves. This has been my struggle all of 2016, as you can see, I didn’t post very much, I was shifting priorities, I didn’t see myself as someone that would uncover or disclose frauds and fake gurus. It doesn’t serve any purpose because even though it’s true and correct, those that will accept the truth will and those that won’t are not ready for it. This leads us right back to our own personal evolution.

We didn’t come here to awaken up each other, we are all awake we just don’t remember yet. We came here to usher out the old and bring in the new. Do you know of anyone on this planet that has NOT experienced hardship in their lifetime? Even the wealthy have problems and traumas. Nobody is immune from this. We all chose to come here to grow and prepare for the new frequencies, the new earth, watching Gaia shed the filth she’s been covered with and keep in mind, that what happens to you is determined by the reality you create.

I’m not here in this 3D anymore. I can’t relate to anything or anyone. I find that most people are just stupid, ignorant, willfully hurting others, there is a madness epidemic because they can’t deal/absorb the new energies but in time, that very same energy will start to energize them and they will be able to expand their consciousness on their own.

You don’t need a guru to teach you what you already know. Seek the truth within. I have been writing about this for years that we need to accept responsibility for the reality we created. The state that we are in now is the state that we created for the ELITE. They used the occult knowledge, they know us better than we know ourselves and they used that knowledge to control our minds so that we could create their reality.

Stop creating their reality. Stop blaming them for the condition of the world we have created. Start thinking how you can bring peace to this planet, without peace, nothing moves forward. No aliens or Cosmic Family would in their right minds want to land here and meet us. We are barbarians in their eyes, children in the playground slinging mud at each other, beating each other over the head with plastic shovels, ripping toys away from each other, calling each other names. Who in their right mind would want to meet us in this condition we are in now?

We need to stop throwing the sand, stop blaming others and trying to figure out how to bring peace to our planet.

Why do Hypochondriacs get the actual disease they are afraid of? Because they create the disease itself. How are you presenting mastery to the world Old Soul? Is it spinning the top or is it love? Time to start shedding the old skin, the old fears and start to claim the old part of the soul that is YOU.


4 thoughts on “2017 is 1 – The Power Year

  1. I have said the same for many years about gurus.. and agree Ines

    “You don’t need a guru to teach you what you already know. Seek the truth within. I have been writing about this for years that we need to accept responsibility for the reality we created.”

    Amen.. ❤


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