We Are Fragments of Our Multidimensional Selves

As I have written in the past about our Soul or us as SOUL, we fragment into different experiences or realities. One part of the Soul always stays behind the veil just in case something goes wrong or to find our way back home. If you just do a search on my blog on “soul fragmenting” or “soul”, you will find many posts on this subject.

Kryon explains it here in the  video below starting at the 10:00 minute mark to catch the context in which he refers to about Soul. I can personally attest to this truth because I have many out of body experiences after falling asleep. In other words, I as SOUL exist in different realities. Some refer to these experiences as dreams. They are not dreams. The mind is not capable of fantasizing or imagining something that isn’t in existence already. This has been proven by scientists so it’s not debatable. Although I have not yet listened to the end of this video, I have also written that Old Souls are only capable of having multi-dimensional experiences which is logical because we need the experience to understand what is happening to us. Enjoy the video!


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