Fear is all it takes

The information below is very important. Although I found this post from a source that is being channelled, that doesn’t mean it is disinformation. It doesn’t mean it’s correct either, this is why I am always reluctant to call someone ‘a channeler’ because although it’s true that we do act as channels for information, it’s that much more important to be sceptical about the information and not the person. The information below rings true to me so I have chosen to repost for you to read.
I have written many posts relating to the post below. For starters, I spent a lot of time writing about our journey here, why we are here and that we all agreed to be actors in a play. Notice I write ” a play” because this reality is not the only play we are acting in. I have always been a supporter of self empowerment and not waiting for an external source/savior to get us out of this mess we created. Yes, we created this mess. Although we may not yet know why we did this, it would only be logical that in order for us to want change, we have to give it a reason for change.
Change is something we do once we decide we want to change. I think that most of us are stuck in that question: ” What do I do?”  It’s difficult to know what to do if you don’t even know why you are here or what your purpose is here.
More and more I am convinced that we have more than one reality we experience, and that we are stuck in this 3D prison planet programmed to believe that someone else did this to us and that we now have to wait for something to bail us out. I personally no longer believe in that, I haven’t for a long time. Rather than focusing on the external stimuli; I spend more time connecting with my intuitive self. Very difficult to do because this body we occupy comes with a brain and Ego that wants to thwart our efforts to find out that the entire Universe resides within us. All efforts have been made, that includes genetically creating a human body that doesn’t serve the human or soul occupying it but the masters that will control it’s brain. We are like a motherboard being installed into a computer. The motherboard is life for the computer but it needs the microchip and other components for the computer to work.
The soul occupies a body that has been genetically altered to reject soul and accept the programming. In other words, the body suit was designed in such a way that the brain would take control over us (souls) and that the brain would then thwart any efforts to allow us to connect to our higher and intuitive selves. It’s been a long journey for me to connect and dissasociate with the brain as a controlling function yet at the same time using it’s features to exist in this reality.
The game we are playing is dangerous, the game that we are playing is fatal because these bodies that we occupy currently will soon be out of date and will not be able to stand the new earth and frequencies.
Focus on the intutive self, connect to your higher self, leave the little stuff such as wars and whispers of wars aside, they have no value or meaning, they are simply programs to keep you from raising your frequencies; fear is all it takes.
“Protecting yourself from forces, energy, entities, or even physical beings is a trap. It is a trap for several reasons. You are not and you never have been victims of anything or anyone. Nothing exists outside of you, and everything is your creation…
You have all had experiences with people, with energy, with beings who are holding a lower frequency. So what do you do about it? As we have said, you are under no obligation to continue playing with these beings in any way. So what you want to do then is to get out of their frequency range, to hold the highest frequency you possibly can, shine your light as brightly as you possibly can, and know that they will not be able to touch you or harm you in any way as you maintain that high frequency.
Do so because they help you decide what frequency you want to hold, not because you need a layer of protection against them. We promise you, this is all you need.”

Article: The Myth of Protection ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling


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