The American Paradigm Shift is Here

I have always been a-political whatever that means. It means that I don’t read on it, don’t care for it and don’t watch TV. That said, politics rules this reality; in more simpler terms: The politicians decide who will live and prosper and who will be done away with because they are useless feeders. The only time I consider political moves or events is when it affects this reality and the planet that we live on.

Honestly, if I had a choice, I would not have voted for either candidate, but had I no choice but to vote, it would have been Trump. Why? I think most people today and the analysts have the same standpoint that I do and that is that he may not be such a warmonger. Thing is, we can’t trust anyone no matter who they claim to be and that includes Trump.

We had a similar situation here in Croatia 2 years ago. In fact, the aftermath took those 2 years of political turmoil where the country voted again 2 months ago for a new government. Tim Oreskovic lived in Toronto Canada most of his life and was a top executive in a pharmaceutical company. He wasn’t voted in but because I don’t know political lingo, he was ‘inserted’ into the party and from there, everything went downhill.

Like Trump, he was an outsider, he claimed to be a-political, he couldn’t speak the Croatian language fluently but he had management experience and what else do you do in Government then manage its functions? While I believed he could do something, I also knew he would not succeed because the old farts from past communism, fascism, wars, etc., simply would lose their positions and like Clinton, lose power in their crony way of doing business.

I think that you Americans are faced with not only turmoil, but a very serious unknown factor because even if Trump keeps his promises, it’s not up to him, he needs support within the senate/congress to pass bills or laws. At least that is my understanding of how things work in America.

What I don’t understand is this: Perhaps the masses didn’t know or hear about the alternative parties, but they were on the ballots. Why didn’t Americans then choose one of the alternative parties instead? Isn’t that the unknown as well?

I am wishing you all so much luck because I feel that your journey has just started. You may ask why I am so interested in this election? Because, we/Croatia are puppets of the US government, so called allies and members of the European Union. We all know that our policies and economies are ruled by the Cabal through the EU, therefore, this election does and will affect our way of life.

You may not know this, but when NATO bombed Serbia at the beginning of the war of independence, not sure of exact date, but I believe it was in the 90’s, depleted uranium was used and has since affected millions of people. Like Iraq and other Middle East regions, babies are still being born deformed, a huge epidemic of thyroid disorders. Studies have shown that there has been a 65% increase in various cancers in this balkan region. So, yes I am interested in that sense who wins the elections because the way that Europe sees the US government is this way: If the Cabal wants something, they will create political instability and bomb the crap out of you. It can happen to us, it can happen to anyone that rejects US policy. The EU was set up by the US so that it didn’t have to bargain with each european country individually, this way it would ” control” the centralized power. The EU is nothing but a puppet state of the US/Cabal. We all know this. Croatia has some of the most highly intelligent people on this planet, we are 4th in Europe in terms of quality of medical profession and are highly desired in the EU. A doctor can leave Croatia today and start a job tomorrow in any EU country they want. We are strong in sports, in art, in music, for a small country of 4 million + people, we do have a lot of talent.

We too are tired of this political shit, but you Americans have started the ball to roll. Way back when I wrote you a letter personally asking you to do something because we all depend on you to make that first move. You made your move today. I am not saying it is good move, but you made the moves. You sent a message to the Elite that you are tired and that you want change. It’s not Trump that will give you change. It wasn’t Obama that was going to give you change, it was YOU all along.

Be prepared for difficult times, perhaps it might not be so difficult, but perhaps it might be. I don’t see Trump being allowed to be inaugurated, there is too much for the Elite to lose.

Hey, where is Hillary anyways? I am sure she got drunk last night and fired everyone that worked for her, or she may have boarded a plane out of the country. She is no longer in power and I think that she will be prosecuted because she has nobody to blackmail now, they all lost anyways.Our reality is changing, these are exciting times. Don’t fear the changes, they are necessary, be grateful, stand strong, return to being the beacon of light to the world. We are counting on you!

I wish you all luck!



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