You’re a Radio

Comment from Ines: Excellent article, it is in essence what we are and this is why I often write about creating our own reality. Our thoughts create our own reality. Period.

RAMBLE MAN – You’re a radio

Posted By: Nemesis
Date: Wednesday, 3-Aug-2016 14:09:01

2 – AUGUST 3 2016

(Short story at end)

Mostly I’m a radio dialing into the information matrix or thought matrix, and I get and you get whatever kind of station you or I dial or tune into. If you want junk-mail, think junk thoughts.

It is dark and light in the information matrix and you’ll get what you put out, like a mirror. If you have mean thoughts you dial into the mean portion of the matrix. If you have kind thoughts, that’s what you get. If you quiet your mind you have no thoughts. If you want chicken jokes, just ask, and start making up chicken jokes and in short order you’ll get more cluck jokes than you can chase down .

Prayer is automated…no god answering (he moved to Toledo, Ohio long ago) but the information matrix does answer, sometimes without asking, like warnings, or go here, do this, or do that.

The lights side of the information matrix (IM) doesn’t yell, it’s like a still small voice. It doesn’t demand (religions tend to call it spirit, the holy ghost, Jesus, God, angels, etc.). If there are such beings I tend to think their smart enough not to have answer every beck and call but rather the whole system was invented to operate automatically–cause and effect (so the old saying, “be careful what you ask or pray for). The light side of IM works for your joy, peace, happiness and pleasure, AND LEARNING, though at times you may not think what you get is all peaches, and if you think that you’re wrong.

The dark side of IM yells, hollers, screams and demands. It’s the thorny side of IM, and you may not believe it, but it works to educate you too, BY THE THINGS YOU THINK AND DO THAT CAUSE YOU PAIN AND SUFFERING, but eventually you learn to stop thinking and doing the stupid things that cause you pain.

The whole thing sounds like the old story of the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, and it is that way in the information matrix, and depending on which tune you tune into and play, you either have to face the music or you get to enjoy it.

Why does one tune attract you and another doesn’t? It all depends on who you are at any given moment, because inside you are opposites (dark and light) and it depends on whose in charge in the moment. There are opposites in everything, and it depends on if the shadow man is in charge at the moment or the light man.

(Short story)

I was laying in bed and a dark energy entered the room. My hair stood on end. I smiled and said, “I don’t know what you want, but if I can’t stop you then DO IT! Strangle me, torture me, throw me against a wall, kill me and go BOO a lot. If I can’t stop you, obviously you’re the MAN, so go for it. The dark energy left. I know why it left. If it can’t get negative energy from you, if it can’t entertain itself through you, if it gets nothing from you, it gets bored and leaves. It’s the same way here. If you’re making fun of someone and you’re unable to get a rise out of them you stop because it ain’t no fun.

You’re a radio. Be careful what you dial into because you’ll get more of the same, as sure as the sun rises and sets.



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