Update to my Readers

Dear Readers, visitors and trolls. Something went wrong with WP and I saw 38 comments waiting to be approved that dated back 3 months ago. Although I have a side panel where I can instantly see comments or likes or follows, it never showed this, but this morning when accidently clicking on Reader mode, the main WP menu popped up and I could see the 38 comments awaiting approval.

I have a policy on this blog that ALL comments are approved and posted. This is why once you post a comment and I approve it, it shows up automatically. There was a rare occasion that I didn’t approve/post a really nasty and stubborn Troll and the reason I didn’t is because I felt that by posting it’s nastyness, I was only giving it more energy. This blog has never been about me or what I thought. I have always tried to share my experiences and thoughts, views, opinions but never debated with anyone that disagreed with me because my reality is not yours and my truth is not yours.

There is a heat wave happening here so I am spending time in the comfort of A/C thus feeling the need to write a few things. Last night’s out of body experience was probably one of the most interesting, exciting and scaring ones I have remembered so far. I make the mistakes of not recording these out of body travels but I don’t want my cellphone close to my bed while I sleep, my bedroom is free of any frequencies though it seems that I will have to sacrifice this now because the travels are becoming more frequent, more exciting and I am remembering new ones. I estimate that I am in at least 10 to 12 different realities, thing is, once I wake up, most of the details are forgotten. This one last night is still intact and I am first going to write down what I remember and then share it with you in another post. I truly believe/know that I am a multi-dimensional being and exist in many realities, that there is no past/present/future and that everything exists within the same time/space continuum.  We are so humanized and THEY have done a great job in hijacking our minds so we can’t seem to connect to those other realities or not making an effort. I have a lot to say and write about so stay tuned.


The HEAT is ON! The FEAR program is on maximum, they are losing the battle but like I have written many times, they will attack like a wounded beast and take down with them as many as they can.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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