Thoughts to Ponder

A pen in my hand activates the creativity of writing in me. As a young child and probably up to the time I left home at 16, I was often punished by being sent to my room for days/weeks at a time. I was allowed to go to bathroom, have my meals at a silent table and go to school.

In the early seventies, a record player and radio in your room was a luxury so between that and notebooks, there was only sleep and staring out the window at night for me.

Writing probably saved my life from madness as I was able to write about physical pain, anger, frustration, hatred of my father and feelings of loneliness and isolation. Writing became a part of my life and to this day, at the age of 58, I am proud to show a callous on my middle finger as I still handwrite and then type into the computer.

Although I don’t keep a daily journal, rarely a day passes that I don’t write about something. Sometimes weeks may go by that I don’t write but it’s all depending on how much time I have to sit at my desk.

There is no specific reason to write anymore, often I can write pages of dreams and what I would do with millions of euros if I won the lottery or try and figure out what is causing some physical symptoms. A pen in my hand is like a radio tuned into the Universe.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about what is going on. Sure, many people are dying/being killed. As a human it’s sad to see this but as an old soul and knowing what is to come, it’s exciting. I can see the push and pull of energies, the geopoliticing games playing out, creating problems such as ‘terrorism’and massive migration of ‘people’into Europe and then proposing solutions such as closing borders, militarizing the police in the EU, creating stricter laws, implementing police states and Marshall Law, all for the safety of it’s citizens.

This has to play out. Many times I have written about this happening.  If we lived a happy life, there would be no need to change or want change. We are creating the problems so that we will find solutions, those awakening are protesting, joining community groups, banding together in areas that are important to them or that have been impacted by the madness spreading like wildfire.

There is not one country on this planet whose citizens  are content with the way things are, if you’re living in the US or Canada, you’re not getting much from MSM thus unaware of the profound changes and horrific events and the real truth behind them.

Politics don’t interest me and never have. I have never voted in Canada or Croatia, for some reason I intuitively knew my vote was an unrecorded formality and would have no impact, democracy is just an empty word they used to hijack our minds. It’s all a game, the system is rigged and politics, like religion, education, modern medicine is a locked in system designed to enslave us, not give us democracy.

The alternative ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’continue to promote biblical prophesies, man made crop circles through hidden technology and channelers continue to spew the same shit day in and day out, month to month, year to year calling on events happening “SOON”.

If we go back to 2012, has anything really happened? Any blood moons, massive earthquakes and changes, ascensions, disclosure, new currency, release of prosperity funds, Dinar revaluation, blah, blah, oh yeah, I forgot to mention the mass arrests, American Militia taking over, I’m sure you get the drift.

Those that continue to preach any coming external changes that will save us from this prison planet are either well intentioned humans getting wrong ‘intel’ from so called higher dimensional beings, are compromised through technology, paid shills or just plain evil. All of the above came here to play out their roles, to help us figure out who we are but that’s it. Why? None of the above have any solutions or clear answers for you, none of the above know precisely that anything will happen and those that do are not empowering you.

If Nibiru is really coming our way and will cause death and destruction, what are the solutions to  survive it when most are saying that most will die? Nobody has those solutions yet Major Ed Dames is selling DVD’s on safe zones yet he doesn’t where this supposed killshot will hit so how can he charge from giving you information about safe zones?  The Zetas have a detailed out plan on how the Pole Shift will affect humanity in terms of Earth Changes, but if you ask Nancy Leader about where the safe zones are, she can’t tell you.

There is no planetary body hitting earth, mass consciousness doesn’t see it, only a small group of ‘truthseekers’ or fear mongers that insist it’s coming but don’t know where, when and how it will hit, just because it’s written that it has in the past, doesn’t mean it will in this reality. One has nothing to do with the other.

So how do we manage to live through this? I can’t give you any advice. Twelve years ago my higher self urged me to return to Croatia and lead a simple life. With no debts, life is great because I live outside the Matrix as I am not dependent on the system to survive, but I worked hard at achieving my goals, day by day, month by month I worked at realizing those goals. Being debt free, self-employed and not paying taxes, living a self-sustaining life is ideally what you want to be doing.

At best, sell your house and go into the country or place where you can at least grow some food, but who am I to give advice. My soul journey is not the same as yours, maybe you came here to play the helpless victim or kill a few thousand people, we all have different roles but you must listen to your heart/higher self/intuition and you won’t go wrong.

I questioned my intuition many times because I live on a small island 16 km long and 300 m high at it’s highest peak. If there is a pole shift, would we survive in the middle of the Adriatic Sea? I have since let that go because I must focus on my purpose, obviously there is purpose for me being here and all the different realities where I have lived through desolation, tsunamis and complete destruction, I am standing and observing in awe, watching it happen, it passes by me without touching me or my home, it must mean that I am safe here, I don’t know. I feel safe here though.

World events are telling you where we are in this madness, remember that you are a very powerful soul, that you along with the rest of us created this reality, it had to be done in order to awaken the masses. It’s not humanity we want to save, it’s our Planetary Mother that we must save from destruction, nuclear wars etc. This planet is a living library containing a diversity of animals, plants and other living beings. It was set up as a place where all cosmic people could visit and learn from it’s living beings. We are royalty and don’t need saving, we need to wake up and stop the destruction of our home and mother. You and I will continue to incarnate here but if Gaia is destroyed, it will take billions of years to restart a new library, therefore, Gaia cloned herself just in case we had to evacuate because we failed.

We are like the Starship Enterprise, entering holographic chambers to have different experiences. Have faith that you are in the right place and doing what you should be doing but if you’re waiting for something to happen without your participation, you are then resigned to suffering the same fate that event/entity will suffer because they/it doesn’t determine your reality, you do. How do you know you are doing the right thing? If you are happy with your current reality, then that is what you should be doing and where you should be.

Perhaps you feel helpless? That could mean you’re materially dependent on something to survive. If you’re still in the Matrix then perhaps it’s what you came here to do, if you feel great about where you are, then that is where you need to be.

I have written many times that things must get worse,we will experience the NWO, we may be forced into vaccinations, we may be greeted by aliens claiming to be our creators/gods, we may become victims of a large scale nuclear war, anything is possible, but remember that we created for that to happen.

We are creating THEIR reality right now, we bought into their lies and propaganda. They use symbols, signs, religion, politics and whatever other means in order to make us think what they want and therefore create the reality they want. We create their reality by feeding into their lies and propaganda. I know of a few bloggers that had to stop blogging because they were being attacked and suffering greatly. Why? They posted nothing but wars, death and destruction, they gave energy to their lies and it only backfired on them. You get what you give.

We don’t need disclosure, we already know the truth. They will never disclose the truth. So what if our governments admit that there is life outside our planet and they have been communicating with some of them? What will change? They have technology that can kill millions of people through cellphones and cell towers now. You really think protesting will change anything?

Stop buying their shit, stop using bank cards or banks for that matter, stop buying Starbucks products, Walmart products, stop feeding the machine, stop fearing the unknown because it doesn’t exist. Everything is known to us, you just need to remember it.

Stop thinking as a human, stop supporting blogs that write about wars, destruction, exopolitics, bad politicians, stop supporting anything that doesn’t empower you old soul.

You would not be here if you weren’t an old soul, at least a few million years old and at least a few thousands incarnations. There are some of us that have never incarnated into a human body, they are the wayshowers, they don’t get stuck on emotions, right and wrong, they see what they see as they see it. Manage your thoughts, watch what you think and say, become the observer, stop feeding the war machine, you don’t need all that shit that is frying your brain. Be the Light that you are, turn up that flame and be a light in this madness, if your pilot light goes out, you come back and start all over again.

Just be who you are supposed to be, an old wise soul that qualified to come here at this time, this incredible and exciting time and shine the light so that others can find you, so that we can all connect and become the big bang of transformation. See yourself as a lighthouse for stranded and lost ships.

I can feel it coming, it’s only a matter of humanity figuring it out and I know it’s happening in this reality, how great is that? Are you even aware of what you are about to witness? Your participation is required, change your thoughts and you will help change this reality.

There is no victim, there is no bad buy/geneticist that altered our DNA and made us into lower dimensional beings, that’s all bullshit, we deactivated those DNA strands because we didn’t believe how powerful we were, our thoughts re-arranged the DNA. Do some study on Epigenetics and it will make more sense to you. We are not victims of anything, we always had choices, we always had knowledge hidden within us, we simply got sidetracked by the lies and deception and started believing what someone else was telling us.

Do you think the would go through this much trouble to stop us if we were not so special? They are throwing the kitchen sinks as us, we are so resilient, so powerful, and once they figure out that we KNOW, it’s game over.

I speak from the heart, it’s what I am feeling and experiencing. I’m not sure if I’m in 3D or higher anymore, I keep fluctuating back and forth. I catch myself thinking: ” I miss my home, I want to go home”. Although I don’t know where it is exactly, obviously me, the soul is yearning for it, it means time is finally ending and we are feeling that home is getting closer. I speak with my heart, and I have not yet been wrong about anything in the last 2 years, which doesn’t mean I’m right, but I have made a real effort to connect to my higher self as much as possible and although at times some decisions don’t seem to be logic or common sense, I listen to them and later see that they were the right decisions and choices I just don’t have the ability to foresee the timeline ahead of me.

This madness will continue and with a vengance, they are so afraid of us waking up that they will do whatever they can to kill off as many of us and or make us sick. Don’t fall for the trap, live your life with grace, proudly stand tall for what you represent, believe in your inner power and strength, be patient, all things are planned out carefully, you will see this soon and laugh about it. Have no fear, it is your worse nemesis, fear is their weapon, and your demise. Look them straight in the eyes with love and they will run. Our frequency is rising, they are allergic to it and are now in the final throws of their suffering and own making. We have already won.


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