Sheldon Nidle Crap

The key is the new American currency. It is being printed and accounted for by the new Department of the Treasury. Really? I thought you said this in 2010, then 2011, then 2012, then 2013, then 2014, then 2015. What does NOW in your terms mean? What earth year should this happen in? 

These precious metal-backed monies signal that this hemisphere has joined the East. This money is to set up the first stages of a global revaluation that is to be the foundation for a new and fairer banking system. Prosperity requires that these safely secured funds be the stable foundation for this surface world’s prosperity. It is this prosperity that is to successfully fuel a new worldwide reality.
Sure, if you say so dude. Can’t wait. 

Many amazing inventions, long sequestered by the ancient regime, are to be released for numerous revolutions in healing and in a worldview that is no longer appropriate for humanity.
Doesn’t “ancient regime” sound a bit like our current regime? A regime? Our desire is to aid this growth by at times letting you know how best to expand these new technologies. Our expertise and guidance can permit you to attain your desires quickly. The main purpose here is to help you to discover how the universe really works and, in learning its amazing electrical origins, to alter how you perceive your reality…
Your expertise and guidance? What exactly is your expertise and guidance other than sending these types of messages for years and years?  What does SOON mean to you folks in different dimensions and realities? Maybe soon for us can be tomorrow, or next week or next month, but for your soon to happen it could mean milleniums.

Pay attention to the last sentence.  They want to help, teach and ALTER how you perceive reality. That’s some scary shit!



2 thoughts on “Sheldon Nidle Crap

  1. Sheldon Nidle has been peddling the same crap for years. It’s the same type of nonsense Benjamin Fulford has been writing about for years – same shit different day. It does eventually become apparent though who these people work for. It appears Fulford is a Rothschilds plant in order to encourage us to give permission for a newer revived slavery debt system and I’m pretty sure Nidle is the same. We don’t want the same shit wrapped in shiny new paper. If people are stupid enough to believe that crap then stupid is as stupid does. The people who comment on Fulford’s site is a case in point. The only reason I ever actually read his stuff is to see if there are clues as to what he is really into. It’s obvious, he has contempt for Russia and Putin. Putin kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia years ago, and it’s on the Russian Federation Coat of Arms of the Federation slaying the dragon – Putin means business and not the same ole same ole wrapped up in new shiny paper. Putin is the only true Statesman this planet has and the same can be said for the likes of Lavrov and others. It is quite clear these people are of a higher order of being than the Western warmongering psychopaths sitting in the WH and intend to change the status quo.


    • I agree with you, but lately; I have really wondered about Putin and what is real intentions are. If someone accused me of everything everyday, I don’t know how I could just laugh and take it in without some kind of retribution. I don’t believe in revenge, and I do want to believe that Putin is on the good side, but the seeds of confusion are so many that I am not even sure who is on whose side anymore!


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