The Destruction of Culture and Tradition

For those born in the U.S, Canada and Australia, understanding multiculturalism is impossible because it doesn’t exist. It’s a word just as “Democracy”;  that is a definition of something but is not implemented for whatever reasons. They are illusions for us believe in and put our faith into, something outside of ourselves.

I was privileged to be born in a communist country and immigrate to Canada because it gave me a deep understanding and knowledge of tradition and culture. Let’s not compare 100 to 200 years of culture and tradition in the above mentioned countries to Middle East and Europe. These cultures have existed for thousands of years therefore, what is being done today is really the destruction of these cultures, not the mixing of it.

Let me explain further: Extremism, Islamism, Muslim extremism, Buddhism, Fundamentalism, and all  religious/cultural ‘ism’s’ are by definition belief systems or religions. Different views, religions, ideologies whatever; cannot meld into one. It has never worked and never will. It is difficult for the reader that is born in the New World Countries to understand that cultures and religions that go back thousands of years cannot be mixed with modern culture that we know today.

My views on accepting a burqa in modern society, a person that has entered a country with this religion or belief system should be not accepted unless they are willing to remove it and accept the current culture of the country that it has chosen to live in. I have no issues with any religion, faith system, culture or tradition but we have to understand that we can’t force someone who knows nothing else but Muslimism to remove their head scarf just because the society they live in don’t like it. To them it is like taking off our clothes and exposing our naked bodies. We must understand this.

I believe, and I think it worked well when my parents immigrated to Canada in 1960 that there were certain conditions that needed to be fulfilled prior to being given citizenship. My parents were expected to learn English although in those days they were also given translators until they learned to communicate in English. My parents didn’t have a choice as to where they would live, upon entering Canada, they were sent to a small town that needed workers to build the northern railroads, but the positive side of this is that both my parents had no problem in finding work. My parents had to accept the customs and social structure of Canada, although we came from a Catholic based country and did not have issues with strange clothing or customs, remember that Canada, Australia and U.S. were in the first 100 years populated by Europeans in majority while a minority came from China and the Middle East.

What is going on in Europe today is not an immigration problem. It is a planned out, intentional plan to destroy ALL cultures and to create one new culture/religion or a one size fits all. How this will end, will depend on humanity. This plan as explained by the RIP Max Spiers and Michael Prince is to disrupt the entire system through forced immigration and create this very atmosphere of intolerance and racism. In essence, as I have written many times before, they are writing the script and we are creating it through our thoughts and belief systems. The plan is to get us to start killing each other via racism and intolerance; if we fall into this ideology we will surely perish and that is their plan. Instead of spending millions in killing us using different weapons, they are using us to do it to ourselves.

My point to all of this is that different cultures and religions cannot coexist with each other unless they are made equal. What do I mean by that? While living in Canada, I had issues with Hindu policemen. They were allowed to wear their turbans instead of a Police issued hat/helmet. I had an issue with that. I had an issue being pulled over by a cop wearing a turban. I had an issue that Indians from India were allowed to wear their swords because of their religion. Had I been in power, I would have created immigration laws as follows: You are welcome to come and live here, but you must accept the current culture. Your private religion, culture and traditions can be practised in the home, but once outside in society, you have to look like everyone else. If this happened, there would be no problem because we would respect immigrants for accepting our current culture and traditions.

My region in Eastern Balkans has a long history of occupations, specifically the Ottoman Empire where the Turks came through this region. Not only did they kidnap young children to serve their empire, but they invaded and occupied our lands. Many soldiers stayed behind and started new lives.  This goes back to the 15th century, therefore, over 500 years of history. In our current language; we use Turkish words, our traditional foods are based on Turkish traditions. I am a mix of Turk and Iranian (Persian) ancestry, but if I put on a Burqa right now, I would be stigmatized, ridiculed, laughed at and more than likely ostracized because of the deeply embedded traditions and culture here. Muslims live in separate regions or parts of cities, although today we don’t have issued with those that look and dress normal, we still have a problem with accepting their ancient cultural traditions. It is human to be that way not because we don’t like their culture but because we are afraid of losing ours and this is what is happening in Europe. People are not hating the immigrants for their belief systems or religions but are afraid that they will lose theirs which is just as old; centuries.

What our handlers are doing now is intentionally mixing us to create wars amongst each other, by creating names/definitions, using them in media yet not explaining or educating them. Muslims are not bad people, Islam is not a bad religion; it does not promote murder. the Quran promotes love and peace and nowhere does it say we should kill infidels, but the media doesn’t tell us this because they don’t want us to know. They want us to believe it’s all the same shit so that we can start these wars amongst each other.

Why should I give up something I believe in? Who is to determine what is a good religion or not? If my religion is breaking laws, fine, arrest me and charge me with a crime, but we must all understand that religion is a process created to separate us; now it wants to unite us into one big religion called “slavery” and to harvest our energies more easily.

Multiculturalism does not and will not work. Our cultures are deeply embedded here in Europe as they are in the Middle East. We can’t force democracy on countries that have lived for thousands of years under their own religions and cultures. Who is to say that Democracy is better? Look us our democracies and see what it has done for us. NOTHING. They forced democracy upon the Middle East to destroy it, destroy cultures, traditions, history, artifacts, archeology that points to our ancient ancestors, that is actually truth about who we are and where we came from.

Shoving democracy down a non-democratic system is like shoving modern medicine into Alternative Medicine. Alternative Medicine is the original version, but we are being forced into modern quackery because there is profit to be made.

As we awaken, as we start adding 2+2, they are desperately creating agendas to keep us fighting and killing each other. Why are you silent? Don’t you see that your silence is actually making things worse?

Think about it.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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