The Anthill and Humanity on the Brink

Living in the country is a privilege today. Unless you’re somewhere in Europe and inherited your ancestors land, most people today have to live in the city in order to work and survive. My island is still a natural paradise, with no bike lanes or sidewalks, we are forced to walk on the road or on the side of the road. I have to walk very carefully alongside the road because of ant hills.
What is happening in the last few weeks is a comparison to me accidentally stepping onto that anthill. Chaos ensues. I often stop and observe these ants and their endless dedication to their work. They don’t stop and greet each other, they simply leave the anthill and go about in a straight line searching for food, while the second lane serves as a delivery system.
I have seen ants in my garden, stealing my spinach seeds that are larger than the ant itself, but it relentlessly carries these seeds to wherever it has to go.
These action lines can be incredibly long, the longest I have measured is 1.5 km long. I kid you not! So one day, reluctantly, I bent down and gently with my hands smeared the entrance to the anthill. Only enough to bring some dirt into the hole entrance, having observed them for so long, I knew it would only be a matter of minutes when they would clear the entrance and proceed on. With a current drought, the soil is very dry and when I smeared the hole, it kind of fell into itself. Not a second had passed when I could see the entire delivery line panick. Even though they were not close to the hill, they heard a signal. These ants sped up quickly, some dropped their loads, while others moved out of line in panic. In 10 minutes there was utter chaos around the entrance and I could see little white eggs being carried out by larger ants. The first thing they did is save their eggs, their future.
You need to find an anthill to understand what I am writing about. The entire planet is one big anthill only the entrance wasn’t smeared, someone dropped some pesticide into that hole entrance and the end result is madness, depending on how much pesticide you have ingested, the reactions are incredible.
In only a few hours, Nice was attacked by a lone driver, driving 2 km along a closed off road section and nobody was able to stop him while he zigzagged and killed over 85 people, injured hundreds. The live videos depict ants, being sprayed with pesticides, people running in all directions, some were so far away from the event but heard the screams and started running not yet aware of what really happened.
A military coup attempt in Turkey also caused thousands of people to either run home or run to the streets.
These are the times of Terminal Madness that I write about. I wrote many times that things will get worse, much worse before they get better. Things will continue to get worse until we wake up damn it. This is what we came here for. We incarnated into this reality to take this shit no more and to do something about it, to change the paradigm.
I know at times it may seem fruitless, the endless demonstrations and protests, the subjugation of crowds, the brutality being used against those that dare to demand justice and peace, but understand that they are doing it out of fear. Their handlers are demanding that they subdue any resistance because they are seeing the awakening happening.
Though I have not written something of my own for a while, I am keenly watching world events. I am excited as I see through it all, I know what is being done and why, to me it’s all so obvious because I am leaving my body at night and remembering all that I AM, I am learning that there is no such thing as past,present or future. It is all happening in the same moment, only in different realities.
Many of you will be going through emotions watching events unfold, the madness, the brutality, the ” terrorist” bullshit that THEY created in order to keep us in fear, but you must NOT fall into that emotional roller coaster because it is HARVEST TIME.
Harvest time is when a maximum number of humans have been dumbed down, instilled with fear and lost hope, their energy is so low that the feeding frenzy starts. I know this sounds horrific, but there is no other logical explanation as to why we are being farmed like this. It’s also something that many people have a difficult time accepting because there are those that believe they are victims and that the ELITE created this. Well, if that is the case, why don’t they just throw a nuclear bomb on our cities and get rid of us? There will be nobody left to talk about it and those that are left behind will be so fearful of standing up to them, that they can be in total control. We are needed for harvesting, but they also know that the awakening must happen, so like a cornered beast, it will lash out with every last bit of energy it has in order to take down as many as it can.
Democracy, terrorism and multiculturalism have all been ‘words’ impregnated into our psyche  to believe they actually exist, truth is none of them exist in reality. We are all so unique, so different, living in different cultures and traditions that it is not possible to mix everyone together. The only way that can be successful is by erasing from us all past traditions, cultures and thought processes. In my small country of Croatia, before it was part of the former Yugoslavia with 6 republics, multiculturalism was not a reality. Each region had it’s own language, ethnic traditions, religious beliefs that the republics were formed in order to keep each to their own. Croatia, a country of 4 million people is very unique in every region. My island of 1200 population is also different. Each village has it’s own traditions, Catholic traditions, cooking differently right down to a slang so that we know just by listening what village someone is from. Multiculturalism can never BE, remember who created the separation only now to tell us that we must live together, it’s not possible. It requires giving up the old and accepting the new for everyone.
What we are seeing now is the explosion of evil, its last ditch effort to openly call war upon humanity. Remember that your thoughts created your own reality. Not all Alternative websites have good intentions. They are so obsessed with finding the ELITE to blame for everything, that they twist their own stories in order to fall into their belief systems. We can all look up at the sky and see different things. Some may focus on clouds, some on the brightness of the sun, some may look for the moon, it’s all a matter of perception and our beliefs.
If you are in fear, if you think that the world is coming to an end, you are ripe for this harvest. The only way to stop this is to remove any thoughts of negativity from your minds. Pretend that nothing is going on outside our reality, focus on  YOU, listen to music, meditate on things you want not what you don’t want.
So far, I have not been wrong about past and current events, that doesn’t mean I am right  at this moment, but if you look at what is going on, those that turn towards prosperity and freedom are now being bombed, rammed with trucks, dropped with bombs, false flag events all around us. Everything that is happening right now is false flag. A man driving a semi-truck is not a terrorist. He is a murderer, a psychopath programmed to do what he did. He is no longer alive to tell us why he did this or who or what group he belongs to, but our governments want us to believe he’s a terrorist. Sure, he’s caused terror, but our governments are causing the terror because they need our energy of fear to be harvested.
As I have written hundreds of times in the past, there is no savior, there is no magic wand, there is no disclosure or aliens coming to save us. We didn’t agree to that. We came here to reverse this process of hate, control and slavery and what is going on in the world at this moment is only the beginning. It must happen in order for people to wake up, not enough of us are awake. We are  not humans with souls, we are SOULS/SPIRITS having this human experience, therefore, there is no such thing as death. Death should be celebrated because leaving this reality will return us to our godlike state. From that state we are gods, we create, we choose new experiences and this is why many SOULS are leaving. They have done their jobs and are going back to their god state of ALL THAT IS. Having experienced this godlike state every night I fall asleep and leave my body, I know this. Until you can experience this, you will not be able to understand your power, your godlike state that you are because we are unable to experience that in this dense 3D reality.
We are in exciting times, another 2 years of this terminal madness is my prediction. And no there is no Nibiru or Planet X. There is a planetary body and bodies that the Planetary Mother is approaching and they will not cause any disasters. We are not on that timeline anymore, we need to cleanse this madness and once over the galactic plane and into the center, we will transform in a milisecond back to our lightcoded bodies of GOD state and will look back at this reality as just another experience, an exciting one, a transformatory one, a once in every opportunity as the entire Creator reality is upgraded into higher frequencies.
Although I am not writing much, I am always here and thinking of all of you. May your ‘ future’ towards the end of this madness be filled with joy, celebration and whatever else that will help you become the LIGHT that you are.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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