Saying Goodbye

It’s not been an easy decision, having to go through this once before, my responsibilities and commitments are dear to me, but that said, it’s time to say goodbye.

I learned over the past few months that working in the community, in my own community actually produced results. Helping others in the sharing of love and care has changed my energies as well. I lived in Canada most of my life and returned to Croatia in 2004, but I had continued to think and write in English, so really, my audience has been English and I have not touched on my Croatian people at all. There are many good people out there that are doing that work, working on a global scale and helping humanity, I want to focus on what I should be doing and that is helping my local community.

These people are traumatized from wars, Catholic religion, cheap imports filled with carcinogens, GMO food imports, and all the other typical bombardments that humanity is currently receiving. My work in the community has produced so much good work, so much satisfaction, so much joy and so many new friends that it just seems natural that I keep going that way. Although I will not close the blog, I will visit once in a while if I have that need to do so, but it’s time to be in the real world and do some real work.

Thank you, all of you for visiting and reading, for sending caring emails when I don’t post for extended periods of time, but just know that I am following my path and it feels good, very good. We all have a path to follow, you have yours, if you haven’t found it, find it fast because we are now in the center/momentum of either total extinction or moving up into higher frequencies.

Remember, nobody is going to do this for you, there is no saviour, only you. Yes, we have help, but it’s assistance, it’s not saving us from what we have created here. If we don’t prevail soon, we will enter extinction and some natural disasters will just set us back thousands of years. We always have a choice, you have a choice, you choose to grow or choose to leave this reality and keep returning here until you have figured it out.

I wish you all everything that you desire, but before change comes “defining” what it is that you want and then creating that reality. You have to be clear in your desires, mumbling through life hoping someone else will do the work for you is not going to cut it, not in this lifetime or this reality. This is our time now, we either make it or break it. We can do this, I know I can do my part, but you have to do yours as well. I love you endlessly.

I want to be a part of that new reality and I feel that posting posts is not my mission, I feel that the light I shine must now be shared with others in the physical reality. We all need to find our purpose here, the lessons we came to learn and the changes we agreed to make before entering this reality.

Stay well my friends and see you on the other side!

13 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Always appreciated your viewpoints on myriad of different topics. While I feel like I was relatively awake/aware before stumbling on your blog, you have definitely helped me view things through a more discerning lens. In the early hours of my awakening I fell into a lot of the traps many of us find ourselves in during this process, and though I climbed out of said holes prior to finding you, you have provided insight that has been invaluable to my growth, and for that I thank you. I wish you the best going forward, and hope to see a new post from time to time when I check in here. Much love, bly

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  2. I’m sad to hear this but, of course, do what is in your heart. I will certainly miss reading your take on things. Your writings have also helped me immensely in trusting my instincts about so many “seers” / “channels” whose predictions and energy readings have not rung true. Many thanks for all you have posted and your insightful analyses.


    • Saying goodbye was a way of relieving me of the pressure to keep writing and posting, in other words, I was always feeling obligated to keep posting something even when I didn’t want to or feel like it. I am always around somewhere but now I can post and not post because it’s not expected of me. I know some may say: ” we never expected anything”, that’s fine, but I feel that if you are doing something and people like what you do then it’s an obligation to continue with it. Just the way I see it….I will keep posting but not very often and maybe return in the winter time. Who knows.


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