Make this Viral – Join Russia and Boycott Olympics

Russia unofficially has been banned from participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics because of failing drug tests. This is not about Russia being the good or bad guy, this is about fairness and justice as Russia’s athletes are not the only ones that have been tested and have failed drug tests. If there is going to be a ban on athletes, then all countries should be banned.

This is our opportunity, regardless what we think of Russia or Russian people, to stand together and say : If Russia is banned, then we will not participate either. Either all athletes should be banned or none. There is no separate rules for Russia. This has never been done before where an Entire Country’s Athletes has been banned from participating, so please, send this along to everyone and let’s stand together. Let’s stand up and say NO MORE, we either all participate or none of us will participate. This can change the paradigm of everything about to happen, if we stand up now, maybe, just maybe we can stop the train from derailing into the abyss.

Let’s stand strong and stand united. We either ALL participate or NONE. It’s all or nothing, let’s let Russian athletes that despite of politics, we should separate sports from politics and geopolitical games. Let us Unite, let us show the Russians that they too have the right to participate.




Your thoughts are welcome!

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